when only neutrals will do

Aug 16, 2017

Glorious middle of the week, day! This week has been a little coo coo for coco puffs. Monday I wanted to get the girls outside kind of early and have Avalon do some fun preschool things with chalk. They both had fun being able to occupy their own territories of the driveway. Once that all came to an end and as I was picking up the chalk, Odette decided to take herself inside and lock Avalon and I out. 

I looked like a complete psycho as I am trying to talk her into unlocking the door. All she was saying back was, "I no lock the door mama, you did". No no....

I frantically ran around checking windows and doors and realized that I do not know the keypad combo to the garage (I have since reset it). Caspian was inside freaking out because I was trying to essentially break in and he was like, wait a minute, aren't I supposed to lose my mind when I hear these kinds of noises? It was crazy. My phone was inside as well so there was no help there. Avalon was getting nervous as I was saying things like "I'll just break a window". But then.....I remembered that I had opened the living room window the other night and was just hoping that I forgot to lock it. After ripping the screen to find out, we were in luck! We crawled through and all was well. Except when Chris got home and was like, what the hell? Those mama bear instincts....
Then yesterday I lived in rookie mom land as I was unloading the dishwasher. The girls were playing in the playroom and I kept thinking....they are playing so nice, I don't hear any fighting, this is just wonderful. Dumb ass. 

I walk in and Odette in laying on top of the work bench covered in marker thanks to Dr. Selfish aka Avalon. No really, she calls herself doctor selfish and it is hilarious. Avalon looks at me and says "Odette is really sick mom, I don't think I can help her". Oh honey....you have done enough. 

Clearly Odette didn't mind one bit. I am sure she was just so excited to play with Avalon. 
tee // jeans // denim jacket // shoes // hat: zara (old)

Moving on to this outfit and how incredibly mom friendly it is not....but I don't care. I love an all white outfit, no matter what I end up sitting in. This outfit for the most part is just so easy and causal, but keeping everything neutral makes me feel just a tad bit more put together. I would totally throw on a nude heel and call this a date night #ootn. 

You know...if those things happened in my life. 

back to basics

Aug 14, 2017

Hashtag basic outfit! But it was the perfect weekend outfit when all I wanted to do was relax....and grab a coffee or two. 

I think we all needed a weekend of just lounging. Chris had to work on Saturday, and when I asked the kids what they wanted to do they said "nothing". Ha! I was okay with that since I had a weeks worth of laundry to do. 
top: forever 21 // jeans: zara // shoes: zara // bag: cult gaia // sunglasses: perverse

I was also on a mission to down size the toys in this house. I just did this before we moved, but I still feel overwhelmed with the amount of toys in the playroom and all the kids' rooms. So I went to town! Completely rearranged the girl's room and only left toys in there that they play with all the time, and then moved the rest to the playroom. I tried to give the boy's room a more "school" feel, organizing their desks and computer area, and trying to eliminate the baskets of toys and organize their bookcase. 
With Chris home all last week, trying to knock out home projects, and I had appointments to go to, I didn't start preschool activities with Avalon, so I am excited to dig into that with her this week. She is always so anxious to see what the boys did at school, that I am sure she will love to tell them all about her "school work" as well. It is seriously so cute to see them all back together after a day of school. They say things like "I missed you today" and "you're my best friend". It is short lived......but I really try and soak it up! 

How was your weekend? 

friday favorites

Aug 11, 2017

Oh my goodness, Friday!! I am always excited for a Friday but even more so with back to school. School starts quite a bit earlier this year than it did at the last school and we are all dreading the sound of the alarm clock. I like getting up much earlier than the kids to make my coffee in a quiet house, go walk the dogs, and just have some time before the non-stop movement begins, but my insomnia is not a fan of the 5:00 am wake up. Especially since Chris and I are still on our Vikings binge watching journey! But I thought I would share some of my favorites from this week. 
-First up is this Milk Makeup Blur Foundation. I have mentioned it on my instagram, but really this needs to be shared elsewhere. I love trying new foundations, probably as much as I love testing out mascaras. And I am super picky when it comes to foundation! This is a very full coverage foundation, thus the name Blur. It completely blurs out anything in its path. And I also love that it dries matte. I am mixing these two shades right now, but I know when we aren't outdoors as much the lighter one will match my skin perfectly. Totally recommend if you are looking for a full coverage foundation. Oh, and these were sent to me but I was in no way obligated to share. 

-Now that my bathroom is completely painted white I am so motivated to jazz it up! Because we are always moving and renting houses, I never really want to put in a lot of effort (sad but true). But this house just had so many crazy paint colors that I couldn't deal. I just ordered this print in a poster size for our bathroom, along with this set of candle holders to go near our tub. 

-I have been really drawn to clothing items that can easily transition to fall, even though I am sure we are nowhere near fall, and I would never wish away warm weather.....but I love a good wear it now and later piece. This ruffle one shoulder top is perfect, along with this linen jumpsuit that I can't stop thinking about. And both pieces are 40% off!

-Okay, this one is HUGE for all my beauty junkies!!! Did you see that Sephora is doing a "weekly wow" sale? Limited time and limited products, but those items are 50% off!! If you have been coveting a makeup palette or two, go check it out like....now!

-And, all around the computer screen we have: this incredibly fun summer cocktail from Kait. Mary Elaine is one of many amazing women I have been introduced to here in Savannah, and she is just the sweetest soul with a blog to match! I have to admit that I find people's skin care routines fascinating, I am just a beauty fanatic, so when Courtney posted her skin are products this week I was like.....well maybe I need to try something new? 

That's all I got, friends! I hope you all have a great Friday. 

a mid-week kind of outfit

Aug 9, 2017

Well, we are in it this week. Back in the swing of things where the early mornings are completely unpredictable in terms of people's moods, and in a house with six people that all have varying degrees of morning happiness, it's been interesting. So my outfits have been leaning more towards whatever is clean on the chair in my room. Because I only have a few minutes for myself before I need to double, triple check to make sure Odette didn't remove anything from the boys' lunch, or that everyone has shoes on, and the dogs aren't following us out the door. 
It has been so amazing having Chris home this week while we all transition back into a school routine. The boys are loving the fact that Chris walks them to their classrooms, and is in the car at pick up. It is a rare treat that we are not taking for granted. Particularly me because he has been knocking things off my house to-do list and it is wonderful. 
chambray shirt // jeans // shoes: zara // hat

Yesterday after drop off in the morning we headed to Home Depot with the girls, and Chris kept commenting on how taking two kids out is so easy it almost make you want more (as if somehow we completely forgot that we in fact do have, more). Parents are stupid. But we did probably look like a couple of psychos because we had phantom child syndrome. Constantly looking around for kids that were not even there, seeing as how the girls were in the cart. Any swift movement around us and we were like, what was that? Where are the girls? .......still in the cart. 

But that after school reunion when those sweet little boys flash us the biggest smile when walking to the car? 



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