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May 23, 2017

Summer white blouses
Ruffles Blouses
Keeping things kind of short and sweet today, because yesterday was a shit show crazy day! And I think I am still trying to wrap my head around it. All four kids had well check ups, the boys had to get all the necessary paperwork done for school, and the girls had to get shots. The kids were doing amazing, amazing, and trust me I don't think I ever say that about my own children. Even our new pediatrician said "they deserve a treat for being so cooperative and polite". I was having one of those proud mom moments, until the shot round came around. The girls the ones getting the shots did awesome. But the boys lost their minds over who knows what (still trying to figure it out) and the next thing you know four kids are going in different directions. I pick up Odette, throw Pierce under my other arm and get everyone to the car. I probably looked like a psycho, but when my kids are acting like animals I act like an animal trainer. 

I thought we might redeem ourselves at swim lessons, because who doesn't love going swimming? But the second the kids dipped their toes in......thunder and lightning and the pool closed down. I'll let you just imagine what happy campers they were from there. 
Cute Summer Outfits
Summer trends- Ruffles Blouses
blouse: anthropologie (on sale! size down) // jeans: levi's // shoes: target // belt: j.crew (old, love this one) // clutch: j.crew

BUT! Today is a new day, and there is always coffee, and then wine if need be. One thing that you can't really go wrong with is a white blouse. I found this one at Anthropologie and just loved the feminine ruffles, and the overall simple silhouette. Paired with some fun accessories and you have a pretty easy summer outfit. Perfect for Memorial Day weekend! 
Savannah style bloggers
Savannah bloggers- outfits

weekend at the waterfront

May 22, 2017

Georgia Queen, Savannah
Oh, it's so hard to see the weekend go! But I guess it just gives us something to look forward to right? And when you are playing tourist in your new city, there are so many weekends in the future to look forward to. Since Chris really hasn't had a chance to explore downtown Savannah, we decided to hangout there. 
Waterfront, River Street, Savannah, GA
The kids were excited to get down to the waterfront, and I was excited to go shopping. Being the rookie people that we are, and coming from a smallish town in Georgia, we really weren't anticipating the parking madness that we endured. I mean, parking garages full, lots of parking tickets being given, and then there was just us in our mini van like.....maybe we just grab a coffee and go home? Ha! The kids were promised boats, so we had to deliver. 
We started out at the River Street Market, and just kind of walked from there. The kids loved seeing all the different vendors, and basically drinking every different lemonade that was offered. The heat was ON!!! And we were a bunch of sweaty messes. Chris kept saying "I feel like no one else is sweating. What is wrong with us?". Like I said, rookies. 
Savannah River Street Market
Besides the sweat shower that I had happening on my person, I could have spent hours outside looking at all the handmade crafts, and eating off all the food trucks. But, after two hours of walking, Ace's face kind of says it all in that picture above. The kids were getting tired and hungry. Which played into my shopping hand perfectly. We grabbed them yet another lemonade and some hot dogs, and headed to some air conditioned stores to seek refuge.....and let mama get her shop on. The girls fell asleep in the stroller, the boys were content hangin with dad, and I was like a kid in a candy store. 

Pass me a few more weekend like this! 

How was your weekend? What did you do? 

business casual

May 19, 2017

Cool and casual
Well hello beautiful! And by beautiful, I mean Friday!! This week wore me out. In a good way I think. As our first official week of summer break we packed it in, and we packed it in good! Every day there was something, maybe multiple things. But I am just loving our new little town with all of its small town charm and activities. Chris said "you guys were non-stop this week, you mom-ed it hard!" 

You bet your ass I did, now pass the wine, it's cheat night!!
Summer stripe outfits
Blogger Streetstyle
shirt: banana republic (old, similar) // pants: loft (old, love these) // shoes: puma 

But in this role of Director of In House Operations.....in some circles I think it is called a stay at home mom, I am not always required to be in anything more than jeans. So I like to switch it up a bit. Throw in some comfy pants, a button up, and well sneakers because lets not get too crazy. 
Summer casual
Cute casual outfits
When I was unpacking and putting my closet together, I came across these three neglected pieces (I think I have only worn these pants once) and pulled them to my clothing rack because I knew I wanted to wear this casually cool look. I'm put together, but it is still easy to go from our school tour, to the playground, to Target. 

So what are your big plans for the weekend? I can't wait to have Chris home so we can do some more exploring, and I might actually be able to stop and take it all in :) 

Have a great Friday!

the one beauty product you need to buy this summer!

May 17, 2017

I always love a good beauty round up, and there are a few products that I definitely want to share with you all, but today I want to focus on one. That's a little easier sometimes right? Rather than shove five things down your virtual throat and you be like....how much would all this cost? Besides this product deserves it's own post. 

You all know that I am a freak about soft skin....it carries over to my lips as well. I am a huge fan of lip scrubs, this one is a favorite. Followed by my ride or die lip balm. But, during this move my lips were just SO bad. I wasn't drinking enough water, I could barely find my toothbrush, let alone a damn lip scrub. So they got so dry and flaky. Also known as gross. 
Beauty Staple- Fresh Lip Treatment Wand
So one night I decided to order this lip treatment wand. Best decision I have made in a long time. This stuff is magic. It is basically a two in one kind of thing. The wand has a little applicator, but this is no ordinary applicator, no no. 
Beauty Staple- Fresh Lip Treatment Wand
It has this little buffer/massage/genius tip. Tiny little lip scrubbers to work with the moisturizing balm! I mean! Come on!! 

I have been using it non-stop. Seriously, every time I go into my bathroom I stop and do a quick little lip massage. It's amazing. And after the first couple times I used it my lips were hydrated and plump. Bonus is, it can double as a nice gloss for the day. I have already ordered another one because I cannot go without. 

You need this

You're welcome. 


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