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Apr 21, 2017

Happiest of Fridays friends! This week....long? Exhausting? Never-ending? All of the above? How was it for you? I felt like we just had one thing on top of another. Which is to be expected I suppose when you are moving. Just trying to cram any and all appointments in. Safe to say I am ready for my alarm to not go off tomorrow morning. But how about some pictures from my camera roll this week? Truly I got nothin else for you! 
-These two. Completely inseparable. Chris has been off for the most part this week, and there is just no one more excited than Odette. Chris was actually mentioning the other day that through all of our children at this age he has spent the most time with Odette, and it is so sad but true. This last year has been stressful on all of us with Chris in and out of courses, but when he is off he is off. There is no worry of the phone ringing or him getting called in for this or that. And Odette is just so attached now. I love it. 

-Pierce got his new cast on this week, and man was that a process. But can I just say that modern technology is amazing. Amazing! All the different machines that were used to see the bone, and then determine the best way to let it heal....without surgery. It was so cool to see, in a very I never want to be back here doing this again kind of way. Pierce was so good while they were casting his hand. It was not easy because he had to keep his three fingers bent at a certain angle, while holding his wrist at the right angle as well. So after it all, he requested a stop at Starbucks for chocolate milk and chips. No way in hell I was saying no. 

-Oh my baby Shameless! He literally makes my heart skip a beat, I am so in love with him. Great Danes are truly the goofiest dogs. He is part human part horse. He sits on the couch, like just takes a seat. It cracks me up, but really where else is he going to put his 120 pound body? Other than on my lap when I sit down. 

-The heat is back in the south and we are loving it! I have realized that for all of our sanity it doesn't take much effort to make everyone happy. Just a short walk after school and before dinner to get some energy out, and things run a little smoother. Just a little, but I will take it. 

-Odette is in such a funny stage right now. Getting into everything, but she has her own ideas about the world. Right now it is how she would like to eat her dinner, and who or what with. This is her current dinner routine. Invite all her friends to the table, and then eat on her horse. And for me I am long as you are eating, cowgirl up! 

-My sweet Caspian boy. My fearless protector. He scared the shit out of the UPS man the other day. So much so that yesterday when he dropped our packages off, he just left them on the edge of the patio! Ha! Caspian sounds incredibly scary, but he is a big love to us. With the heat I try and do 30 minutes of training/ playing in the morning and at night, or else I am pretty sure Caspian and Shameless would throw each other through the walls with their wrestling. Kind of like my kids. 

That's it! That's all I got. I hope I didn't bore you to death with this one!

Have a great weekend!

bringing jorts back

Apr 20, 2017

Long Denim Shorts
Oh a good pair of jorts. Now I know that the term "jorts" is typically reserved for toddlers, and men, the latter being not so cute in them, but did you ever think you would see this denim trend pop up? Denim bermudas, or the 2017 version of jorts (jean shorts). Or in Chris' opinion, "you own a lot of ugly denim trends". Ha! Don't I though? But I don't discriminate when it comes to denim, and I always like pushing my style a little out of my comfort zone. I own plenty of denim shorts, but I think I might be more in love with their longer sibling. 
How to style jorts
Denim shorts for spring
blazer: vintage tadashi // tee: vince // shorts: hm // shoes: zara // bag: gucci // sunglasses: ray-ban

I mean, this could very well be the most mom-ish outfit I have ever put on. And I dig it. So simple, yet more put together than just a tee and jeans. And most of these pieces I have had in my closet for awhile. Throwing them all on together easily took me from errands to a field day meeting at school. Field day....remember those days? 
Spring/ Summer shorts
Denim shorts outfits
It's crazy that school is so close to being over. How? I don't know if I am emotionally ready to have both my boys in school full time next year. I mean what will I do with myself with only two kids at home during the day (well, Avalon will do half days a couple days a week for pre-k)? Chris has already said many many times "do not even think about getting another dog". 

He knows me so well. 

I have a masters in creating chaos!

pops of red and kids

Apr 19, 2017

Striped Blouse Outfit
A look back to an outfit I wore over the weekend for some Easter related activities. I think I am ready for the weekend right about now. Or maybe I am not because after the weekend comes movers, and I am not sure we are fully prepared for all that. I still have my entire closet to pack. Even though the military basically takes care of all that, I like to pack everyone's closets. Especially mine. Not to mention I need to leave out a ton of clothes for everyone since we will be back and forth between Savannah and Columbus while Ace finishes school. 
Pops of Red
Mom Style
Because of Pierce's death defying stunts and recent injury, he is done with school. I mean it's only pre-k and I need to keep all eyes on this wild child! I swear, with his new cast on he thinks he is invincible. I am constantly yelling "NO don't jump off that!" "Please just sit." "Your cast is not a sword!". He always answers back "mom it's already broken!". I know!!!!
Mom Style
Cute Striped Tops
top: who what wear // jeans: zara (similar) // shoes: marciano // bag: rebecca minkoff (old)

I slipped out for some solo shopping over the weekend as well. I had lots to pick up, but decided to make a pit stop at Target to checkout the Victoria Beckham line. Nothing for women was really my style, but the kids stuff is so cute! I grabbed the girls a few things, but sizes were limited! As I was looking I spotted this striped blouse and had to get it. I love a no fuss outfit, and knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with frayed denim and red pumps. But really, the outfit possibilities are endless with a striped blouse. 
Striped Tops- Frayed Jeans
Mom Style
Here's just a little more proof that a broken hand is not phasing Pierce in the slightest. I had to laugh when they were casting him the other day and he had the team of doctors and nurses crying laughing. He is quite the ladies man and was flirting with the nurse. He said he "jumps off of things to impress the ladies" and then winked at her. I don't know where he gets this stuff, but it's pretty entertaining. If I had a dollar for every time I was told "oh you're in trouble with this one" I would have more than enough money to cover all his emergency room visits from now until he is 18. Ha! 

Art Of Fun

Apr 17, 2017

Spring Jumpsuit Styles
Hello beautiful people! How was your weekend? I hope wonderful. It felt like this weekend was packed with a little bit of everything. Food, friends, and family pretty much sums it up! It was beautiful out, which made for some prime pre Easter egg hunting. I was there for the food, and to regulate the candy comsumption. You know me....always the fun sponge. 
Cute ways to style a jumpsuit
Donald J Pliner Snake Skin Mules
I did however want to have a little more fun with my outfit. I love a jumpsuit, that is no secret. But I wanted to switch it up a little bit and layer a crisp button up underneath. I think it gives it such a different feel, while keeping it classy. Adding these amazing Donald J Pliner mules is just icing on the style cake! 

Cute Spring Outfit Ideas
Mules and slides are everywhere right now for spring and summer, and I am all about a mom friendly shoe that is uniquely bold and comfortable. That basically describes the spring collection from Donald J Pliner. Bold, colorful, modern, and incredibly crafted! I am a shoe addict. It is always so hard for me to walk away from a cute pair of shoes. I generally try and pick shoes that I can see myself wearing even when the seasons and the trends change. A bold animal print is always one of those choices for me, it will just always be chic and add a little somethin' somethin' to your outfit. 
Jumpsuits for spring
Layer a jumpsuit for spring
My number one criteria for my own personal style is, just have fun with it. It may not always be on trend. People will either love it or hate it. And most of the time I am completely overdressed. But, I have the most fun in my closet mixing and matching and just putting a little bit of effort into myself. You know, apart from my usual top knot and large sunglasses routine. 
Donald J Pliner Spring Shoes
Thank you to Donald J Pliner for partnering on this post! All opinions are of course my own. Be sure to check out more spring styles here


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