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Jan 20, 2017

The look of these two like, what up Friday? Can't say I don't feel the same. Friday just feels good. I remember before I had kids in school I would think, Friday really doesn't look any different than my Monday-Sunday. But now, there is just something about knowing that tomorrow I do not have to wake up four kids, get them dressed, brush their teeth, do their hair, oh ya feed them, and load them in the car. Usually with two or more protesting along the way. I guess that's what makes the weekend so sweet. And I can also act like I hear nothing and let Chris jump in. ha! 

Anyway, allow me to share what am loving on the world wide web. 

-A huge congrats to my blog friend Grace and the announcement of her sixth baby! Six, yes, and she makes it all look so fun and wonderful and put together.....the list goes on.  

-Kait laid out some great tips on shopping for home decor, and I totally love her colorful island vibe in her new house. 

-Speaking of home decor, Laurie posted such a cool DIY for some massive wall letters that you need to see! 

-I am also loving this cauliflower salad that Rachel posted, that would be super easy to make whole30!

-I came across this short article online about what they don't tell you about becoming a parent. I found it totally interesting, and think there is some truth to it as well. 

-I kind of took a break from reading the last couple weeks (shame on me) but I just ordered these two books (here and here) and I can't wait for them to get here. Thank you Amazon Prime. 

-I have been obsessed with Tailwind lately! If you haven't heard of it, go check it out. It is basically the biggest time saver for all your Pinterest needs. Seriously! You can schedule all your blog pins, and much more in just one sitting. I went ahead and signed up for the whole year because it is just that fun! It took me a minute to get the hang of it, but now I am just pinning left and right. If you want to help grow your blog, and up your traffic I totally suggest signing up!

-On a shopping front, I am loving these new arrivals all under $100 -- these pants, this patterned tunic, this super cute fringe sweatshirt, and these spring trendy slides!

-This jumpsuit came in the mail this week, and if the temps stay on their current path I will be pulling it out sooner rather than later. But it is so soft and comfy! 

And with that I say IT'S THE FREAKIN WEEKEND AND I'M ABOUT TO HAVE ME SOME WINE! (i live for a cheat day) 

Over and out!


Jan 19, 2017

Print mixing- gingham
This short week has me like, how is it already Thursday? But I am excited that it is because I haven't seen Chris all week. He started another school or course or whatever, and tomorrow can't come fast enough. It's not that I had a hard week solo, I actually do pretty well when it is just me and I have my own little routine going with the kids' schedules. But you know, you just want them around. This is just week one of many more solo weeks, so I am trying not to dwell on it. I did find another binge worthy show on Netflix, The Travelers. Have you seen it? There is only one season but it is really good! I don't even like sci-fi that much, but this one has a great storyline. 
Print mixing- gingham
blazer: banana republic // top: old navy (from last summer) // pants: tobi c/o
shoes: splendid // bag: cult gaia // earrings: marciano 

I wore this outfit to a dinner party last weekend, and I am thinking this will be one of the last times I wear any kind of layers. It has been in the high 70's low 80's all week and we switched back into shorts. I can't keep up. Not that I am complaining of a little warmth, but I did just purchase some new sweaters so I am hoping the temps dip it low! 
How to style gingham prints
I have also really been into statement earrings lately. I kind of gave up on jewelry when Odette was going through her grabby phase, but now she is somewhat over it and wants to be miss independent so I figure a little sparkle here and there won't hurt. And earrings seem to be the easiest piece to wear. These and these are on my list! 
Gingham plaid
Well, I would continue this but Avalon just came downstairs and said that little dinosaurs woke her up. So that's my cue. 

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drugstore concealers

Jan 18, 2017

Best Drugstore Concealers
Oh, add this to a topic I could talk forever about. Concealer. Truth be told, I didn't think concealer was necessary for the longest time. Largely in part to the fact that I didn't know how to use it. I don't really have dark circles, so I always felt like my foundation did a pretty good job at coverage. But when I started using concealer as a highlighter my eyes really opened...get it? Concealer...undereyes...opened....

Okay, lets move on. 

I have no problem paying for a great high end concealer, but I have found that some of my favorites live in the aisles of the drugstore. I switch up my makeup routine so often based on what look I am going for, so having many different concealers at my fingertips is necessary....or wanted. Here are four drugstore choices that are great buys for any of your concealer needs. 
Best Drugstore Concealers
ONE: Revlon Photoready. This is one of the newer ones I picked up, and it really surprised me. The texture is very soft and easy to apply. I got the lightest shade in this one, and it is great for a highlighter! I like that it has a more matte finish, but without being drying.

TWO: Loreal Truematch. This is another one that is kind of new to me, but very worth it to have in your makeup bag. This is the lightest color, but it actually matches my skin tone perfectly! I also like that this line has so many colors to choose from that you are sure to find something that matches yours. I like this on the days that I want that "makeup but no makeup feel". I don't want a highlight, I just want to look slightly awake and put together.

THREE: Maybelline Age Rewind. I have been incorporating this one into my makeup routine for over a year now. I never thought it would live up to the hype, but it really is great. I like that it is more hydrating, yet doesn't soak into my pores. Also with this one, this is the lightest shade and it matches my skin tone so I don't use it as a highlight, but more for a cover-up.

FOUR: Maybelline Master Conceal. Dare I say this is my favorite of the bunch? I mean they all serve their purpose, but I reach for this one almost daily (maybe more than my beloved NARS concealer)! The texture is amazing, and a little goes a loooong way! I did get the lightest shade in this one because I wanted it to highlight my under eye area. It does that and so much more. If you have been looking for an affordable concealer I would definitely suggest trying this one.

What concealer are you loving?

the calm (after) the storm

Jan 17, 2017

Pardon My French- a lifestyle blog
Alright, back into the week! How was everyone's weekend? I hope great! We sure did pack a lot into a few days. Maybe more than my house can handle because it sure took a beating, and now I am left standing in the eye of the storm like...where do I begin? What does one clean first? How many loads of laundry should I even consider, because getting it folded and put away in a timely matter is laughable, so no need to set myself up for failure right? 
Pardon My French- a lifestyle blog
Yesterday we had a pretty chill day. Everyone took their time waking up, and we headed out for some coffee and smoothies when Chris got home from the gym. On the way home the kids wanted to stop and play some baseball and soccer at our usual field. I really love days like that because all the kids just to their own thing. Odette and Avalon usually want to explore in the woods. The boys will play catch and kick the ball around for a little bit before they are off with their walkie talkies barking directions at each other. 
Pardon My French - a lifestyle blog
It was a nice way to end the weekend. Saturday we had Ace's birthday party with some of his friends. I tried to throw some videos up on snapchat, but I am always so weary of putting other peoples kids on social media. Is that just me? Like I don't want to be that mom. I also didn't bring my big camera because I figured I wouldn't even have a second to pull it out with the girls being there too. I was right. Odette was off and running from the moment we walked in. And getting her and Avalon in the same area at the same time to play the same game was impossible. Avalon wanted to do things with the boys but she was too little to play laser tag and bumper cars, which went over about as well as you can imagine. But, I was pretty impressed with the staff that helped with the party. They were totally on top of getting the kids from one area to the next, and handing out pizza, and moving right on into the cake. It was wonderful. (we had it at stars and strikes if you are in the columbus area, totally recommend for kids parties). 
Pardon My French - mom blog- lifestyle
Pardon My French - mom blog- lifestyle
The weekend gods were shining down on me because after that party we had a dinner party to go to with some friends from Chris' class and some of the instructors, and the girls granted me a nice car nap. We ran home got everyone cleaned up, ran the dogs outside, and back out we went. 
Pardon My French - lifestyle blog - motherhood
Sunday, as much as I should have been cleaning and prepping food for the week, I didn't. We took a family nap in the afternoon. 

But! Chris and I did watch a few good movies this weekend. I blame all the late afternoon coffees. We watched The Accountant with Ben Affleck. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it was pretty good! We also watched Deepwater Horizon, which brings you right back to 2010 and seeing all those news stories. But what an incredible story! And finally we watched The Dressmaker. What a movie! Now I want to read the book. Kate Winslet is so great in this movie, and the fashion is unmatched.....along with the dark undertone. But all great movies in my opinion. Have you seen any of them? 

...........and this post jumped all over the place, but that's a pretty accurate depiction of my brain right now!


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