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Mar 23, 2017

Denim Outfits
Well, halfway through spring break and I can't help but feel like it isn't too exciting for the kids. I mean, we have done the usual things. But when Chris' school date changed, it changed our spring break plans. I am trying not to dwell on it because I think the kids are still young enough to be excited over the little things. Park dates with a donut pick up. Library story time and art projects. And a little bounce house action in the playroom. It has also given me a chance to pull out the storage tubs from the attic and start the packing process. Yesterday I packed away all the fall/winter stuff, so I am hoping these warm temps just keep climbing! 
Denim Streetstyle
Denim on denim outfits
denim jacket: thread & supply // jeans: one teaspoon // shoes: zara // hat: target 

The weather here is in that, it's too warm for more than one layer, but I still want to wear a denim jacket stage. So once again I am doing without the shirt underneath and just using the buttons for their intended purpose. I am constantly looking for new ways to wear some of the tried and true items in my closet. And truth be told, I actually have to stop myself from wearing head to toe denim on a daily basis. This blog could very well turn into "all the ways to wear denim, everyday". 
Denim Jackets for Spring
Spring Denim Outfits
I will try my best to refrain, but just in case you are sick of all the denim, it's an addiction. Not to mention it is just so easy! 

Well, I hope everyones week is going well! 

Over and out. 

my favorite affordable sunglasses

Mar 22, 2017

Best Sunglasses Under $100

Truly, one of the accessories I could not live without are sunglasses. And I need options. Some bigger for the days that I can't be bothered to even do my eyebrows. Or days where sunglasses just complete my outfit. Or take away the accessory portion of it all, and I just need some eye protection. While I definitely like a designer pair or two, the majority of my sunglasses are well under $100. I do love a classic Ray-ban, but after sitting on my third pair a few weeks ago, Chris has declared I should only stick to gas station finds! 

So today I thought I would bring you some of my very favorite affordable brands, that are also perfectly on trend! Most of these can be found at Nordstrom, which I love. The brands I really like, that even feel and look like designer are, Perverse, Spitfire, Le Specs, and even the BP brand at Nordstrom. There are so many styles to choose from but below are some of my current favorites! 

gingham love

Mar 21, 2017

Gingham Blazer- Banana Republic
Well, yesterday was day one of spring break and we all survived! It is surprising because Chris just happened to go back to work yesterday as well, after a little over a month of being off. I miss him at home already! I took advantage of every single hour he was home. He is seriously a much better stay at home mom than I will ever be. Mainly because he can't stop moving. He wakes up at an ungodly hour and runs like 12 miles, then is home cutting up fruit and cooking eggs for the kids. Shuffling them around to get them dressed and teeth brushed and hair done, and I am like....hold on please I have about six more sips of coffee. 
Gingham Outfits
How to style a gingham blazer
gingham blazer: banana republic (available in black) // jeans: old // shoes: who what wear 

But, I did get a ton done yesterday with him at work. I realized that Chris is quite the distraction for me. So, floors have been mopped, dogs got washed, all bathrooms were cleaned, six loads of laundry were washed AND put away. Maybe I was getting it all done to pass the time. The kids had a field day in the backyard with some gardening tools that we got them over the weekend, so everyone was happy! 
Gingham Blazer
Gingham Blogger Style
And what is not to be happy about with the official start of spring? I for one am very excited. Also excited about gingham coming in hot for this year! I love a good gingham print, and this blazer is one of my favorite pieces. I decided to take a leopard belt from a pair of pants and mix the prints. A little print mixing never hurt nobody! I also did without a shirt and just let the blazer take it's place. 

What does spring look like outside your door? 

killer weekend

Mar 20, 2017

Who saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend? That is how Avalon and I kicked off the weekend, and it was a great way to start. Avalon is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. Which means everyone in this house is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast! We all know every word of the original movie, every song, and when to anticipate Avalon telling us all to "stop singing, it's her turn". So the live action movie had big shoes to fill in my book. Not to mention, the original is just such an amazing movie. Growing up I wasn't a Beauty and the Beast kind of girl, Ninja Turtles were more my speed. But I distinctly remember my little sister running around in a yellow ball gown for a good two years. My excitement for the movie stemmed from Avalon, and the fact that this was our first one on one movie date!! I soaked it all in with her. From her x-large bucket of popcorn that I knew she would never come close to eating, but just seeing her carry it to her seat was enough for me. The three potty breaks that she needed to take. The fact that she stood up singing the songs during the movie made me melt. I will say the movie was good, nothing can come close to the original.....Avalon agrees. But it is definitely one to see. 

The weather really started to clear up, so Saturday we ran some errands and started getting to work on cleaning up the backyard. We have had tons of rain in the last month, and everything just started growing overnight. Weeds shot up everywhere, and the dogs thought it would be okay to eat some. Not such a good idea they found out.... 

I also killed a rattlesnake in my driveway, which will remain etched into my memory. But, I almost stepped on it and lost my mind. To the witness of my neighbor, who after seeing me carry a machete out of my garage, now thinks I am the psycho that lives next door. He is half right, but I am the psycho that has one less snake to worry about. The "snake wrangler" guy who came to our house last year when we killed a copperhead (poisonous snakes are becoming a thing for us) let us know that it was a timber rattlesnake after we sent him a picture. I am just glad it was me who found it and not one of the kids, or my goofy dogs who for sure would have been bitten. 

But that is about as exciting as it gets around here. 

How was your weekend? 


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