friday favorites: beauty edition

Feb 24, 2017

New Beauty Products To Try
I haven't talked beauty products in a little bit. Not that I haven't tried anything....I just haven't been wowed by too much. Except these five! I have probably been using all five of these since December, so much so that I just replaced a couple, and I think they will be staying in my beauty routine for awhile. 

Carol's Daughter Leave-In Conditioner- This is my second bottle of this stuff since December! I use it every time I wash my hair, and on all the kids. I am pretty sure Chris has been sneaking a spray or two because his head smelled like it the other day. It isn't a heavy conditioner at all, which is why I like it. I use this hair oil once a week to really give my ends some love, but it is heavy! And I usually have to wash my hair the next day if I want to style it. But this spray leave-in conditioner is light and does the job. Plus it makes Avalon's insanely long hair super easy to brush. 

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream- I posted this on snapchat about a month ago and got a few comments like "is this butt cream?" and it can totally be used for a smooth bottom purpose. But, I use it on my whole body. If you have been reading this blog for awhile then you know I am an OCD freak about soft skin. I need baby soft skin from head to toe at all times, and this cream is amazing. I noticed a difference after only a couple uses. It is very softening, and it soaks in quickly while leaving your skin moisturized. And it smells like a tropical vacation. 

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre- I have seen this moisturizer on just about every Hollywood makeup artists must have list, but it just recently has been sold in the US. And what better store to be sold at than Target? I can say that it definitely lives up to the hype. I LOVE this stuff. Probably one of the best moisturizers I have tried in a long time. It feels so good on your skin, and a little goes a long way. It has a nice subtle clean scent as well. I have combination skin, and this does not make me oily at all! And it wears nice under foundation too. So unlock your inner Parisian beauty guru the next time you go to the mother ship. 
Makeup Must Haves
RCMA No-Color Powder- This is another secret of makeup artists that I just had to try. I have watched countless YouTube videos of beauty bloggers raving about the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, so I tried it a few months ago and it just did not work the same way for me. I wanted to love it so bad. I tried it with different foundations and concelalers, and every time it left my face looking dry and flaking. It just seemed to settle into my pores. I thought, of course this would happen to me of all people. So I returned it. Then I came across the RCMA powder. My first thoughts were, the packaging is a little unimpressive, and at $12 how great can it be? Don't judge a book....or a makeup bottle. This powder is legit! It is so great for setting your concealer or even baking your makeup if you want to go that route. I have even set my whole face with it, and it gives your makeup such an airbrushed finish. This little bottle will probably last me a lifetime. 

Jeffree Star Skin Frost- I love a highlighter! As in sometimes I think I even go overboard with the highlight, but I just can't stop. I will put a little here, then a little there, then a little more here, and next thing you know I am looking like some kind of glitter mermaid image off Pinterest. I stumbled across this highlighter in the color King Tut, and it gives a GLOW!!! I am obsessed. I just ordered the  color Ice Cold, and I cannot wait for it to arrive. This one has a gold color to it which I think will be perfect for summer. I apply it with a fan brush right above my cheek bones, and I instantly feel an added boost of glam. Maybe that is dramatic, but sometimes mama needs the drama! 

Okay, I think that is it. Oh I did get bangs yesterday so there's that too. 

Happy Friday!

faux fur + braids

Feb 23, 2017

Fish tail braids
We've all been there, three or maybe four day hair and you just don't know what to do with it. I always opt for some sort of twists, or braids, or of course the ever so trusty top knot. And I guess if I am really desperate, a hat. 
Faux fur and denim
Faux fur and denim outfits
denim jacket: thread and supply (similar here) // shirt: j.crew // jeans: asos (old) 
fur stole: anthropologie (old) // shoes: zara 

As the temps are heating up just a little, I am really trying to push the limits of my layers. I completely forgot about this faux fur stole that I bought from Anthropologie last year. As much as I like it as a winter piece, I thought it would be fun to add a little flare to my favorite double denim combo. It's not groundbreaking....I know. 
Faux fur and denim
Fish tail braids
A little short and sweet post for today. Nothing too exciting going on around these parts. Although I am getting my hair done today (it's about damn time) and I am ready for a change. 

Hope you guys are all having a great week!

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a day at the georgia aquarium

Feb 22, 2017

I am back to bring you tales from momland and a butt load of iphone photos, because I am a real professional like that. 

So Monday Chris and I woke up kind of early thanks to Caspian jumping on the bed to get our attention that he needed to go outside. As we made our coffee we looked at each other and said "what do you want to do today?" I said we could take the kids to the aquarium. I didn't really have any plan, just an idea. Chris said "yes!! I'll go get them up". And that was that. I quickly purchased tickets online. Packed a ton of snacks and drinks. Grabbed extra clothes for everyone. Loaded the car up. Cut up a melon and strawberries to give the kids as they questioned why we were waking them up. 
The aquarium of course!! When we lived in Columbus a few years ago we had a little staycation in Atlanta. It was just Ace and Pierce back then, and they were so little. We took them to the aquarium and it was disastrous. Ace ran around like a psycho (he was almost two at that time) Pierce was only five or six months old, and he slept in the stroller the whole time. When it was time to leave Ace screamed at the top of his lungs from the exit all the way back to our hotel, which was a few blocks away. We walked of course, and people in their cars thought some kind of torture tactics were being used on this child. No, no, just spent two hours at the aquarium, nothing to see here. 
Georgia Aquarium
So I started to get some flashbacks, or maybe hot flashes? Who knows. As we went in, I handed Chris the print out of our tickets and he said "Kelsey!! Thirty dollars per person!! We better find more than fucking Nemo in here". I about died laughing. It's all about the experience right? That is what I have to keep telling myself. 
Georgia Aquarium
The place was packed! But I remember it being so cool, that even though I had to deploy some Disneyland like tactics, you know the dip and weave and rush around the slow people kind of thing, it would be worth it for the kids. My children were not shy about getting up close to the glass. And we are not your model aquarium goers. There were plenty of signs that said "do not climb on the rocks" yet here we are.....climbing. First rule of parenting, tire out the children by any means necessary. 
Georgia Aquarium
There really is so much to see, and it is so interactive for the kids that there were endless things to do. If only these little people didn't move so quickly passed things. As we were crawling out of some tunnel that the kids had me crawl through, Chris was on the other side like "I just saw kids on a leash! On a leash!! Why don't you have these things? We could walk them instead of run after them". Can I get an eye roll emoji please?

Back to the kids. They did every single activity offered. They saw every show. And Avalon walked out of the dolphin show crying. Tears of joy my friends! She is obsessed with dolphins, and this was basically the greatest day of her life. Sadly we were told to put our phones away during the shows, and they were not messing around with that. As I tried to sneak my phone out to get a video of Avalon watching the dolphins, a very large lady appeared before me and shook her head. Sorry, again, I am not so good with the rules things.  
After three hours our children were ready to leave willingly. Through the gift shop. See what they did there? I mean why would you do that to a parent. That entry fee wasn't enough? Now I have to spend $60 on stuffed animals in order to get to my car? 

But it was a fun little day trip. The aquarium is amazing, and if you ever find yourself in the Atlanta area I would say carve out some time to go. 

Fun for all ages (maybe). Tiring for sure!! All my children were alseep before we got out of the parking garage, and Chris and I were mapping out the closest coffee shop. 

weekend culottes

Feb 21, 2017

Blogger Style- Culottes
Spring style outfits
Whew! What a long weekend. And a good one at that! How was yours? What did you do? We basically fell off the clean eating wagon, but it was all in the name of good food and good friends. So I am trying not to think too much about it. Although we were all hurting in the aftermath. Ace was quick to point out that he only wanted honeydew and carrots for dinner because "he just didn't feel like himself" after the pretzel and corn dog he had at the aquarium yesterday. Gotta love that kid!
Striped Culottes
Cult Gaia Bag
baseball tee: asos (old) // pants // shoes // bag

Yes, yesterday we ended up at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, but I am thinking that deserves its own post because I have many many thoughts. So before all that we went out to dinner Saturday night and I decided to pull out these striped culottes that I have been dying to wear since I bought them a few weeks ago. The temps were nice after a little rain shower. I wanted to keep them kind of simple, so I went with a trusty baseball tee. But these wide leg beauties are just destined to be paired with so many more tops in my closet. 
Spring street style
How to style culottes
Sunday night we had some friends over with their beautiful newborn twins, and it was so nice to fill the kitchen with hysterical laughs and lots of bread and cheese! Not to mention my kids can run around like the insane beings that they are, and I don't even flinch. It should also be mentioned that I held not one but two babies and my ovaries didn't make a peep, my uterus was like "nah I'm good right now". That is so surprising after having four kids in five years. But it felt good. I love all the stages that my four are in right now. Not to mention I only have one in diapers. Winner winner chicken dinner!
Blogger Style- Culottes
Cute Spring Style Outfits
So all in all, I am now staring at a sweet potato with avocado and craving some country style bread and butter. 

Let the week, clean eating, and fighting cravings begin! 

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