weekend steals & deals

Jan 15, 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, I must admit I am a little tired after yesterday's all day long festivities, but I am here to rally. Particularly when it comes to shopping! There are some serious deals going on this weekend. I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to shop things just because they were on sale. But many items that I had my eye on are being included, so that deserves a pass...right? And I had to make an exception for the Target home sale! I forced Chris to stop on our way home from Ace's party yesterday (thankfully half the children were sleeping), but everything I wanted was sold out in store. So online to the rescue! I also couldn't pass up the Asos sale because they are doing up to $75 off your entire order. 

Anyway, here are some of my sale picks and items I purchased! 

more sales:

target home up to 25% off
asos up to 75% off
j.crew up to 70% off sale 
old navy up to 50% off site wide 
banana republic 40% off regular priced items, 50% off sale 
gap 40% off your purchase, includes the winter sale items (serious deals for the kids!!!!)

5 thoughts on a friday

Jan 13, 2017

Hell yes, Friday I love you!! I love you even more because Chris has off. He has a four day weekend and I can barely contain my excitement! I feel a nap in my future. But lets jump right in to five of my random thoughts....
-This was the only picture taken yesterday at Chris' graduation (he graduated the captains career course). Wait, that isn't true. Ace snapped one of Chris and I but you can't see our faces. Anyway it was a very chaotic 90 minutes of my life. I have attended way too many graduations, ceremonies, and whatever other functions Chris asks me to come out of hiding for (I am not active in the army community) in the 11 years we have been together. But yesterday might take the cake in craziness. The one and only speaker for the graduation decided to give an hour long speech, accompanied with thirty powerpoint slides. I have never seen this done at a graduation before. His mic volume didn't seem to project to the back of the auditorium, which is my safe zone with four kids. I need to be near an exit! So for sixty minutes it was quite the task to get my kids to sit, when they kept looking at me like "what is he talking about?". I will say that I think my kids lasted the longest. I also have the most children, and the oldest children out of Chris' entire graduating class (instructors included). There were about ten newborns and lots of panicked new moms whipping out their boobs to try and make it through the ceremony. I've been there. I totally get it. I on the other hand was whipping out lollipops like Willy Wonka! The kids made it long enough in thier seats to see Chris accept his awards and get his certificate. And then we booked it to a vacant hallway outside the audatorium for a few games of tag while we waited. They rushed through the rest of the graduates and set everyone free. You could see the relief on all the moms faces who were standing in the back doing the bounce, sway, rock motion with their sweet babes. We grabbed Chris and said "where did you park?" then split the kids in half and said see ya at home! 

-Tomorrow we have Ace's birthday party at a little arcade/bowling place here is Columbus, and I am slighting nervous about keeping track of my kids and ten of his friends. I know some parents are staying, but I feel like it should be appropriate to have wine served at these establishments. 

- I got a few questions from Wednesday's post on where I like to sell my clothes. I like Poshmark, and Thredup. I feel like I get the best prices for my clothes, and really all the hassle is taken out. Poshmark you do a little more work because you list your own clothes and then have to ship them (all you have to do is print the shipping label), but for the items that I had in my closet that still had tags on them, I felt like that is a good place. 

-A couple weeks ago I shattered my brand new iPhone screen. I think I had the phone a couple weeks, maybe? And no I didn't have a case on it. I know, shame on me. But the phone has now been replaced and I know I should have one of those crazy bullet proof box phone case things that Chris has, but I always gravitate towards cute, not practical. I love this sushi phone case. I happen to be a pinot girl myself, but this merlot phone case is super cute! In honor of us staying in Georgia for the next few years, this peach case might be cute too!

-Originally we were supposed to be moving next week, but the Army was like...ehh since we have you here we will send you to a few more schools. So Chris has this weekend off and then it is back into the craziness for the next couple months. I guess that gives me time to brush up on my solo parenting skills.

And take a nap this weekend. I am definitely taking a nap!

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, party hard!

dawn to dusk eye palette

Jan 12, 2017

Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I love an easy smokey eye, I don't think I can stress the easy part enough. I mean, I love the look of a glamorous amazingly blended ombre smokey eye. But, reality is I am usually doing a smokey eye with at least two children in the bathroom with me and the likelihood of me being bumped or pulled or something flying through the air is very high! So I tend to stick to simpler neutral tones that don't have to be applied with a steady hand. And can be worn from day to night. 
Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I am a neutral eye shadow hoarder! And mainly of the palette variety. I need another eye shadow palette like I need a whole in the head, but for this look I used a new one by Stowaway. This is not sponsored. I like that this palette is small, but has all the colors you could need. The idea behind the brand is to make travel size products, not huge containers. And who can say no to a little more counter space?
Stowaway Smokey Eye Tutorial
I used the Dawn to Dusk palette, and tried my best to outline how I used the colors above. I doubled majored in psychology and counseling, not graphic design so I apologize for my novice attempt. Hopefully you get the idea. 
Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I have also been using Jouer lip creme's non-stop lately. I have wanted to try them for awhile now, but again, I need no more lipsticks. I decided to get a couple to try out and they are fantastic! I really feel like I have tried every liquid or cream lipstick on the market (except for the Kylie lip things, I haven't had the desire to try those) and these are now ranking at the top of my list!
Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I kept the rest of my makeup routine pretty much the same, and will link everything I used below!

logo tee in the winter

Jan 11, 2017

Streetstyle- Adidas tee
Middle of the week! Insert happy dance here....

I feel like I am finally getting back into the groove this week. Has it taken anyone else this long? Holiday hangover threw me for a loop last week and I was just all over the place. My mood was less than stellar as well, and I have had to sincerely apologize to my children and Chris for my lack of decorum. But I am back to my obnoxious crazy self this week and all is good....or better. 
Layer a tee for winter
I mentioned in a post last week how I am tackling getting organized this month. I am still in closet mode. I am not joking when I tell you I am probably getting rid of 65% of my closet. I know. I really, really, really, want to start fresh. Since moving to Georgia I have really cut down on my spending. I don't know what Alaska did to me, but man, I clearly just sat in front of my computer and bought shit.  Whether I liked it or not because I was looking at some items in my closet like....how did you get here? Are you lost? 
2017 Outfit Trends
I know it sounds so stupid and simple, but I really just want to get to the point that I am only buying things that I truly love. Not just like, not oh I can make it work, not it's on sale so why not? But love. I have already seen my impulse shopping habits at work. Now, I will browse and add to cart, then I will just walk away. When I look at the cart again I'm like....ehh....no. 
Styling a tee in winter
Adidas tee- J. Crew Turtleneck- Nordstrom Coats
Hi, my name is Kelsey and I have been a shopaholic since 1987. It really truly is embarrassing. But, new year, old me, with a few updates. This outfit is made up of some of my truly favorite things, and many pieces you have seen me remix. I layered my favorite turtleneck with a tee, and it became Georgia winter friendly. This coat I think I wore once in Alaska, so shame on me. Anyone remember back in the blogging day when style bloggers would do those 30 day challenges? I am not on that scale, or even on a capsule wardrobe type thing, I just want to be more mindful about what I am buying. More quality, less trendy pieces. So adult of me right? Only took almost thirty years. But this is not a resolution, so don't hold me to this if I fail next month. Okay?

Shop the post:


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