1,550 feet of Boardwalk

Jul 19, 2013

So you think the Jersey shore has a famous boardwalk? Think again...South Anchorage has a boardwalk of its own. Except it is called Potters Marsh, and you will not find sand and a beach, but you will be greeted with a muggy smell and a whole lot of birds! The Jersey shore may have fist pumping Italians running around but if you are looking for a good time go to Potters Marsh and hang out with the avid bird watchers/ photographers, who just love toddlers running around them while they try to get that perfect shot! We decided to check this place out one night before the husband left, in an attempt to have the boys let out some energy. My apologies to all those people with very expensive cameras that my kids photobombed so many times.
Just like everything else in Alaska it is gorgeous during the summer! It was so fun to watch the boys run around on this boardwalk.  The baby slept the whole time, the joys of having a 2 month old! I will miss this stage. 
It turns out that Ace is the only smart one of this group. As we were walking he said "I need to stop" I said what's wrong? He said "mom I just need a snack ok". Here are the rest of us hungry, and the kid had snacks all along!! Did he share? No way. I wonder what else he keeps in that backpack...
Oh Alaska, we have a love/hate relationship with each other. I have loved you these last few months, but I know it will fade once I have to shovel my car out of the driveway. I also am loving that it only takes us an hour to get out of the house with these warm temps...Shorts in Alaska, who knew! Come winter we will be back to our average of 2 hours, well make that 3 hours, I have no idea how to breastfeed with 20 layers on. 



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