Welcome to Alaska

Jul 10, 2013

Alaska! The Last Frontier, the 49th state, the frozen North, home of Sara Palin, more importantly home to Deadliest Catch! 

Alaska, the place that we now call home. This is our fourth duty station and the coldest place I have ever been! The three months of no snow that we are currently in, also known  as spring, summer, and fall, is amazing. Alaska is breathtaking in the summer, the kiddos love the opportunity to be outside all day everyday. The 22 hours of daylight right now allows you to do so much. It also messes with your sleep schedule, I don't think I can count the number of excuses Ace has come up with to not go to bed until the sun does. I find myself negotiating bedtimes with a 3 year old, that kid is going places if he chooses a career in law! So far I am 0 for 1000, the kid just stays up. 

I am still getting used to life in Alaska, I think it will feel like home just about the time we get a 
new duty station. But that is normal in this crazy Army life! To quote my mom "life is an adventure", I hated when she would say that growing up but it has been the thing I tell myself over and over while screaming obscenities into a pillow. Welcome to our family blog...

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