An Apple a Day...

Jul 12, 2013

...Keeps the doctor away! If only that were the case for little kids. Friday marked the first time I went to the doctor with all three kids, solo! It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but for anyone who has gone out of the house with a 3 year old, and 21 month old, and a 2 month old, knows you would have an easier time wrangling wild horses! But the kids need well check ups or so I am told. We made it from the parking lot to the office all holding hands, and smiling it was beautiful. We checked in at the front and the nice lady said, "Good morning Ace how are you?" to which he answered "no, no doctor today" I knew we were in for a treat. 
Here we sit awaiting the doctors arrival, every child is occupied, we just might make it through this outing in one piece. Until the doctor arrived and Ace wanted no part of this. I told him you have to get a check up so you can have fun at preschool, he said "no mom I don't like school you go" ok sure. Pierce left the coloring behind and demanded a snack, Avalon was awake at this point also wanting some food. 
The doctor was going over all the kids stats to which I heard none of, I guess if they were really unhealthy he would have repeated his findings? Possibly? Then he said the only word my toddlers and I recognized, SHOTS. That was the end. All hell broke loose, Pierce ran for the door, Ace was saying "ok mom time to go home, time to go home now!" I did what any upstanding parent would do, I tried bribery! Lollipop...anyone? Park, after those tiny pokes we can go play? Please, please children let's calm down before CPS is called. 

* The photos are from my trusty iPhone, I had to capture these precious moments

Clearly my bribery was not working, Pierce lost a shoe. Maybe he thought he could run faster without them. But the shots were imminent! It took just a few more nurses then expected to get the job done. The first nurse thought she had it handled but after saying, "wow strong kid" a few times she called in back up, and that was just the 2 month old! By the time she got to Ace she said "you have your hands full!" Yes...thank you! After all that I decided follow up appointments were not necessary to book today.LET"S GET OUT OF HERE. But when I do make those appointments they will be made It's moments like these that I wish I lived near the grandmothers :)


  1. Wow, you sound like supermom! How you even have time to blog is beyond me, I have only one kid and I feel strapped for time! Oh and my daughters headband is from Gymboree :)

    1. I have a very hard time sleeping... So I thought why not start a blog ;) thank you for telling me about the headband, I am going to look for some now.



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