Day Trip

Jul 11, 2013

Day trips are pretty much the only trips we can take with a newborn, so off to Girdwood, AK we went. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a great place to take toddlers, or any kid for that matter. You can get so close to the animals which is a blessing and a curse if you have a curious husband... I mean toddlers. You have the option of walking the park or driving. I opted for driving since it was pouring out but the boys choose to walk for the most part. Which means I sat in the car and breastfed a lot!! 

There is a bridge that you can walk on near the bear exhibit that was pretty awesome! All the animals at the park were rescued, which made me feel better since you can see moose and bears going to the grocery store. 

Driving around here kind of reminds you of Jurassic Park, except the dinosaurs were replaced with bears and musk ox! The boys ran back to the car saying "mama bears they eat you". 

Moose! Since moving to Alaska I have become fascinated with moose. Especially when I see them watching traffic in south Anchorage. Also seeing these pictures makes me realize my body is holding on to some baby weight for dear life...remind me to thank you Avalon. The trip was fun, and the bakery in Girdwood is amazing! They serve Shrek like pastries, I kid you not one ham and cheese croissant fed four of us. The brownies are to die for as well. Ok, Avalon I apologize for blaming the baby weight on you, clearly it is my lack of self control and that bakery!! 


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