Hiking The Falls

Jul 12, 2013

When I first heard we were getting stationed in Alaska a few things ran through my mind, what is there to do there...it's cold...I do not own clothing suitable for the tundra! So I did what anyone would do and googled things to do, I made a list of my findings. Hiking, hunting, fishing, these were the three most recurring things. I cannot say I am well versed in any of these. But the husband on the other hand was determined to make a wilderness woman out of me. 
First up, hiking! My excuse of being ridiculously pregnant came to an end, and since we live right next to this lovely tourist attraction, I gave in. 
Since my better half is a lean mean wilderness machine I volunteered him to push the jogging stroller while the baby and I brought up the rear. It is very sad when your 3 year old is running up the trail and you are trying to catch your breath. When he would say "come on mom, you so slow" My excuse was that I was taking in all the beauty! The scenery is just that, beautiful. The boys love all this outdoor time, they are soaking it all in before the winter sends us back into the dungeon!

After making it to the top we were feeling frisky and decided to hike down to the bottom of the waterfall. The mosquitos loved that we choose to do this! Side note - I thought the bugs in Georgia were bad, but Alaska you are blowing those southern bugs out of the water! Hike number 1...check. According to trip adviser we only have 325,234 more to go before we can call ourselves true Alaska residents. 


  1. Hey Kelsy! i'm so glad you came across my blog and left a comment so I could pay your site a visit! I'm excited to keep up with your Alaskan adventures! We have a few friends stationed there as well. It is BEAUTIFUL!



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