Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Jul 15, 2013

The Army lovingly gave us a few days of leave a couple weeks ago which was wonderful! We all really needed some Dad time especially these crazy little boys, because lets face it mom     doesn't cut when it comes to things with wheels and a motor. We had heard about this transportation museum out in the valley and the boys waited all winter for the snow to clear so we could go see it. 
If you have little boys in Alaska, this is the place to go!! There are a few trains that you can go inside and climb on. The lady told us to stay off of some of the "older" looking things because well "they just might fall apart". I can tell you right now our family likes to learn the hard way, and when Dad is involved everything is a YES he is the lead singer in this boy band. 
From the looks of it the place it is a glorified junk yard, but once you start looking around they have some pretty great things. Not pictured are planes, and coast guard helicopters that the boys attempted to get into, but got yelled at :) The baby and I had to make a quick escape for the car when it started raining, but not before snapping a few more pictures. 
Ace had the best time being our tour guide, this was his dream come true! Pierce really could have cared less, he was just happy Ace was nice enough to let him tag along. The husband really enjoyed himself as well, every Dad cannot wait for their little boy to get to the I love cars and truck phase. 
The old commuter bus was my favorite! It was a great hiding spot from the rain, and mom and dad needed a few minutes to catch their breath. It is always refreshing to have the husband spend a few days in a row with all the kids because it never fails that he will say "I do not know how you do this everyday" well yes my love it takes a crazy person! These are the moments that I am constantly waiting for, since moving to Alaska life has been nonstop. And when the Army is in control, the mission dictates. It is times like these that make for a very happy, non screaming, clean and showered mama!


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