Just call us fairgoers

Aug 31, 2013

I said come rain or shine we were going to the fair, and well it rained...But this time we were prepared, unlike the blueberry picking. We invested in some new rain jackets for everyone in preparation for our fair extravaganza. We take outings such as this very seriously if you can't tell :)
And the fair calls for much more then a stroller to get the kids around, you need to break out the wagon for this! It actually turned out to be better then the stroller for getting the boys in and out. But then we saw people with these "chariot like" strollers. Have you seen those? They put every stroller to shame, the husband is convinced we are now inadequate parents for not having one of these. He has already been to REI to check them out...ridiculous! I have 4 strollers in my garage right now that we do not even use. Buuuut anyway... 
The first stop was this reptile cave. They had more snakes, lizards, and alligators in one place then I have ever seen. This was like a little boys dream. Pierce referred to everything as a "ninosaur" which made Ace utterly upset since he just had to correct him every time. It was hard to convince them to leave this creepy little place but we enticed them with fair food. 

As one could expect the funnel cake was amazing, and the kids had their first taste of cotton candy which they did not like. Pierce could not figure out what it was so he just kept throwing it out of the wagon. Ace tried it and said "what is this? how do I chew?" I can't complain, had they eaten that whole bag of air puffed sugar things might have gotten really bad. 
The rides came next, and the kids road every ride that they met the height requirement for. Dad had to assist in some of the bigger rides, which he doesn't really care for. But since he was not blessed with producing milk he really had no choice. Avalon did not like the fair too much, it could have been the rain, or the cold, or the loud noises coming from every direction. Eventually she fell asleep and the fun kept on going. 
After doing all we thought we could do we attempted to leave which did not sit well with Ace who decided that he needed to live at the fair with the racing pigs. He started to freak out...which led to uncontrollable earth shattering screams. And what should have been a 7 minute walk to the car felt like a lifetime. As the husband was pulling our death metal lead singer in the making, I did my best to follow a safe distance behind and blend in with the crowd starring at this child who was acting like he just found out Santa was actually yours truly!! I mean this would not be a normal family outing if someone didn't have a meltdown.

And if you made it to the end of this post good for you!! You just looked through a ridiculous amount of pictures. To be honest I could have broken this shin dig up but I could not fathom reliving the dramatic episode that took place considering I am still have nightmares.

Thank you Alaska State Fair for some grand memories...see you next year :)


  1. I love your very vivid description of leaving the fair with your "death metal lead singer". I definitely got a good laugh at that. Oh, and that funnel cake looks amazing.

    1. Haha!! The sounds that were coming from this child were like nothing I have ever heard!!

  2. MMMM Funnel cake!

    hahaaha ohh the meltdowns!



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