Life Lately

Aug 29, 2013

  • Pierce is most definetly a hat child! He wore this one everywhere this week, the ladies at Target loved it :)
  • Ace is loving school!! As soon as he gets home he wants to hang his projects on the fridge for Dad to see. 
  • Pierce got a haircut this week, he wanted to be just like his big brother. Ace is all about the buzz cut. I happen to like Pierce with long hair, but I figured I would let him try this out. 
  • Avalon is finally big enough for her bouncer, which makes me so happy! I can actually have 15 minutes to eat or chug some coffee in the morning.
  • A little "back to school" reading for mommy! My favorite time of the year is upon us, time to break out the layers and boots. 
  • Nap time for the boys = girl time for us. I love how chunky this little girl is getting. 

-Four day weekend startsssssss....NOW!


  1. I'm loving Pierre's hat too!

  2. Avalon! What a great name!!

    Autumn is also my favourite season. I love cozy layers and the way other women dress more modestly :) ha

    1. Thank you :) Here in Alaska layers are a way of survival. haha!! At least for me, I am still not used to the cold.

  3. I knew Ace would love school..nice to have time with each of them alone!



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