Weekend Recap

Aug 19, 2013

Whenever I see a three day weekend marked on the calendar for the husband I get overly excited. This is for many reasons besides just spending time together...this means I also can jam pack our Friday with any and all appointments that I have been putting off. So Friday was just that, shuffling kids in and out of the house, switching carseats, and sending each other text messages that emphasize the stupidity that is this day. Yes, it would be so much easier if we could find a reliable babysitter but finding one in Alaska is a joke! 

Ace was the first one up, a dentist appointment which we were EARLY for so we sat in the car and took a couple selfies :) And of course when we got into the office he refused to sit in the chair and we went round and round about how the dentist is not a monster that will steal his teeth. This kid has a vivid imagination, that the dentist did not seem to find funny. I thought it was kind of comical, which was not helping the situation. Sorry doc.
Next up baby A! She was an angel as usual...she finally finished all of her antibiotics from the hospital nightmare so she received a clean bill of health! YAY.  
While I was running around like a kid taxi service, Pierce found a new "hat". And the husband cooking with those socks and sandals!!! Killing me. 
Saturday was a day for mommy, but more on that later. Sunday was dedicated to all things related to shopping!! I had quite the "things we need" list going. And this daddy daughter duo had me smiling the whole day, I love seeing them together! 

I think we literally went to every shopping center in Anchorage! Everything is so spread out in this city, and it never fails that one kid will fall asleep before we get to the next destination which will only lead to a meltdown when said child wakes up and realize the non-sleeping child was taken into the store with the adult that lost at rock, paper, scissors. One day we will find a more efficient way to run errands in this family...one day, but not this day!

I so badly wish these weekends were spent differently. I want the three days that the husband has off to be relaxing, borderline enjoyable, without all the running around and chaos. I mean that is what Monday-Friday is for...never the less, Husband it was nice seeing you for more then just a good game pat on the butt in the kitchen when you get home from work. 


  1. You are a busy lady for sure!!!! I swear your kids are adorable. :)

  2. Ohh three and four day weekends... It's been so long since we've had one!!We're always running around also, which kind sucks since he did that all week long.
    I totally know what you mean about the napping meltdowns! We pretty much have to take V back if she misses anything.

    1. Haha! You are a brave soul, I could never go back in once I have made it out with one or even two kids. If I have all three and no husband it is power shopping time. I am thinking about getting a horn on the stroller just so I stop running over people.



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