Weekend Mom Uniform

Sep 29, 2013

Kid tested...mommy approved! This is the outfit I have pretty much lived in the past couple weekends. It happens to all be from Target. Have you been to Target lately? Well go, go right now. Normally when I go shopping I do not have time to look around, we play the how fast can we get in and out before someone has a meltdown game. But I had some time to kill after I dropped Ace off at school and Avalon was sleeping, and Pierce is so laid back that I thought shopping was in order. I had plenty of time to wonder around :)

So this is my mom uniform for weekend errands. Gray sweater, great for hiding spit up. Comfy jeans, and these are reversible!!! They can switch to a camo print if need be. These boots are super comfortable and give you magic athletic ability to be able to chase after a toddler in a parking lot. Throw on a necklace to make it look like you give a damn. And go home and pour yourself a glass of vino. These glasses disguise the amount inside, which could be a blessing or a curse. Drink responsibly!

*This is in no way shape or form a sponsored post. I am actually a Target addict. But hey if Target wants to throw a giftcard at me I will take it, I have diapers and wipes to buy soon. Target did you read that? Are you picking up what I am putting down? 

The Treehouse Is Taking On Water!

Sep 23, 2013

So it would only be normal for this family to have some kind of craziness always going on. I do not think we go a week without something happening in this house that makes me think we are on the show Punk'd. I think I have developed a tick by constantly looking for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of the bushes and say GOTCHA! But alas...that is never the case. So here is the latest bunch of hoopla:
This is the treehouse, what we used to refer to as our dream house! Well we will not be living in this beautiful house tucked away in the mountains. No, no, no, the treehouse has some major roof issues that we have just recently been made aware of. With the insane amount of rain we have been having the treehouse sprung a leak, or a couple leaks. This was due to a crappy roof repair the owner had done. After trying to get this problem resolved immediately we were at a loss when no one was doing anything. A little back story about this house, we picked this house out while we lived in Georgia and prayed that it would still be here when we made the 2 week drive to Alaska. The owner did not want to let us sign a lease until we had seen it in person. Well the second we drove into Anchorage we found our way to the house, signed checks, picked up keys, and boom... dream house was ours for the next couple years. But that is no longer the case. The roof needs major repairs and I am not about to put my family through that much construction during the winter months in the tundra. So we opted out. Which means we needed to find a new house and fast because the husband leaves for a little bit in a few weeks. 

So I found a new house...it in no way can compare to my beloved treehouse. But it does not leak! I will not stay up at night wondering if there will be a mold issue. Only problem is, is the husband has very limited time to help move. Also since this is a voluntary move there is no government help with this one. And I hate moving! Well I hate moving ourselves, we haven't packed or lifted furniture in years. But here I sit in the new house surrounded by a whole tornado of my own belongings. 

Once again just moving in couldn't go smoothly with three kids. The day I showed up to pick up the keys, turned into quite the welcome to the neighborhood. 

Say What??

Sep 19, 2013

Well I have talked about the frustration that I experience with this toddler shenanigans...but I have to say that through all of this I think this has to be the funniest years. Two and three year old boys are characters!! Ace and Pierce definitely have their own personalities, but they have some great comedic timing whether they know it or not...
Here are just some of the one liners that had me laughing so hard this week:

Ace asked if we could pull out the paint at about 7:45 pm:
Ace: Mom can we paint circles?
Me: It's almost bed time so how about tomorrow?
Ace: WHAT WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME MOM!!! (storms off to his room)

After I walked down the stairs:
Ace: hey mom where were you?
Me: Upstairs
Ace: You go potty?
Me: Yep
Ace: Oh good girl...you want tickers or tandy?
Pierce has a love for phones so he is constantly "talking" to someone. 

Pierce: Hey pizza man
-Clearly no answer
Pierce: Uh I get peteroni and teese? wit dip
-Still no answer
Pierce: otay see ya

Pierce also has a great love for going to the bathroom and telling anyone that will listen.

Me: Oh Pierce you stink!
Pierce: ya I did poopy
Me: ok let's change you.
Pierce: otay nasty poop mom it like a nountain!
Clearly I am a bad influence on Ace.

Ace: Hey mom whatcha doin?
Me: Nothing, whats up?
Ace: Oh noting wanna go to the bucks? (referring to Starbucks)

While we were cleaning out closets this week and making piles of stuff to donate.

Me: I am not these don't fit anymore so we are going to donate them. 
Me: You can help me if you want and then we will go drop them off for other kids. 
Ace: Oh good then they can throw them away.
Pierce is sure that his birthday is all year long, or at least it is someone's birthday in the house. 

After we went for ice cream the other night.
Pierce: Oh mama I like ite cweam!
Me: Here you go.
Pierce: oooo tank you, Happy birdday to me happy birdday to me happy birdday to mama dada pierce adavlon mama dada pierce mama dada meeeeeeeeee. Happy birdday to me!!!!!! 

OK maybe you had to be there...but they all were funny! 

My Outing Must Haves

Sep 17, 2013

Learning how to go out with three young kids is a challenge! When I first started venturing out with all of them, alone, (it took me a while to get the courage) I ended up forgetting so many things. Now I have a few staples that I leave in my diaper bag or my car at all times!! Hopefully this helps some other mamas out there. 

KicKee Pants Outfit: This brand is by far one of my favorite brands for baby outfits. They are so incredibly soft, they wash well, and there are so many styles to choose from. They are a little on the pricey side, but they are so worth it. 

Swaddle Blankets: Everyone and their mom loves these swaddle blankets, and in this house we are no different. Enough said.

Infant Seat Cover: If you live in a cold weather place this is an absolute must have!! Your baby stays nice and warm, and you do not have to worry about them kicking off a blanket, just zip them up and go. 

Burt's bees ointment: Avalon has super sensitive skin, and this is the only diaper cream I have found that works on her. It is an all purpose cream, which is even better. 

Manual Breast Pump: It never fails that Avalon will sleep most of the time we are out of the house, for an over producing milk cow like myself, I will most likely need to pump. This little device has helped me a many of times :)

Diaper Bag Insert: This is probably my favorite thing ever! With three kids they just don't make diaper bags big enough to hold all my crap, unless I want to carry a duffle bag. But, they do make non-diaper affiliated tote bags. I just put this bad boy in any bag and it works!

Straw cups: My boys hate "sippy cups" hate them with a passion. They will only drink out of a straw and these cups are great! Literally take and toss. They are super cheap, but work wonders!

Animal Toy Tube: Ok, this is something I always keep in my diaper bag. I only pull it out when the boys are about the lose their minds while we are out. 

Fold Up Potty Seat: So Ace is an OCD germ freak!!! He would not go to the bathroom in public before I got this seat. It comes in a little carrying bag so you aren't putting a dirty thing back into your bag. It wipes off easily, and in my opinion it is genius! 

Pyrah's You Pick Farm

Sep 16, 2013

On Saturday we found the most interesting thing to do...veggie picking! I never even knew that there were farms that allowed people to come pick their own vegetables!! For us this was awesome, we eat a lot of fresh veggies, and living in Alaska has made that a pretty expensive habit. But Pyrah's farm out in the valley is an amazing place to stock up on the freshest veggies. The husband thought this idea was weird at first..."what? we go and dig up our own veggies?" To me it sounded pretty dang amazing!! And the boys would be able to just walk around at their leisure and not disturb too many people.
This farm was beautiful!! The weather cleared up and gave us hours of sunshine and actual warmth to enjoy this family adventure. Once my husband starting walking around and filling up buckets the inner wanna be farmer came out in him and he was obsessed with picking every vegetable in sight!
The boys started out strong...picking and digging...filling up bags like it was Halloween! But that eventually faded and they figured out that eating the veggies was way more fun then picking them. They aren't ones for manual labor. 

Life Lately

Sep 12, 2013

  • When you don't see this man for almost a week, sometimes an impromptu coffee date in the car is necessary!!
  • Pierce took birthday celebrating to a whole new level. Every night after dinner he wanted a cupcake and demanded in the cutest way possible that we sing him happy birthday, and light some candles. I was happy to oblige.
  • Ace has found a new profession, a construction worker. He is obsessed! Try telling this kid he can't wear his tool belt to school...please just try.
  • Avalon is killing me in the cute department!! The looks she gives now a days, so much sass for a 3 month old. 
  • I think it has been raining in Alaska for about 2 months straight. Clearly not an issue for these boys. 
  • And for me I finally made a decision about some new rain boots...I know so detrimental to my existence. If you missed my round up of boots you can look here. These weren't on the list but it was between these and a duck boot...hunters for the win.  
  • The other morning I was awoken at 5:54 am to an odd noise downstairs, when I came down to see, there was Ace on the couch helping himself to some candy!! Breakfast of champions.
  • Ace and Avalon are bonding quite nicely lately :)
  • This is what happens when mom takes a phone call in the middle of the day! My kids start out with what sounds like an indian rain dance...and ends with something being destroyed!! Clearly my whisper yells were being ignored.

All for one and one for all

Sep 8, 2013

This weekend was full of snot, tissues, hand sanitizer, crying, whining, coughing, darth vader breathing, and a bunch of laying around. Ace came home on Thursday from school not feeling well and by Saturday all kids were sick! Yesterday morning I woke up with a soar throat, but nothing like what the kids have been going through. 
When my kids are sick they come up with the oddest requests. Pierce pretty much stayed on the couch the whole weekend. He never wanted to move, no matter where I was in the house he would yell "MAAAAA COME HOLD MY DUICE FOR MEEEEE!!!!!" Hold your juice? You cannot be serious. 
Ace had a companion who was also sick, his monster backpack. Supposedly that thing had a fever, and needed a warm blanket and yummy smoothies all weekend. Ace was just as bad as Pierce with the demands, "MOOMMM I CAN'T REACH MY CUP" "Come wipe my nose" "I have to pee will you carry me?" 
They get this all from their father who turns into a 5 year old girl when he is sick. haha!
Poor baby Avalon was so frustrated all weekend. Her nose was so stuffy she had a hard time nursing for long periods of time :(  Once she did get full enough to fall asleep she did not want to be put down. So the majority of our weekend was spent in the living room watching a kids movie marathon and breathing in each others germs!! Alaska dealt us a healthy dose of rain and wind so I didn't feel too horrible about hunkering down and flushing this sickness out of our systems.  

Happy Birthday Piercey Piercey

Sep 4, 2013

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet boy!! 2 years has never gone by so fast. Pierce you amaze me everyday with your kind words, your snuggly hugs, and your appetite :) I feel like we have such a close bond considering I was flying solo with you the last couple months of my pregnancy and the first few months of your life. You have added so much joy to this family. You are such a good little brother to Ace and an even better big brother to "baby adalon" as you like to call her. I love you more than words could ever express...I am blessed to be your mommy. Happy Birthday Piercey Piercey!

Shopping for the Kiddos

Sep 3, 2013

The time has come to buy the kids some fall clothing. I feel lucky right now considering Ace and Pierce share clothing even though they are a year apart. Pierce is kind of a beast of a child...no hand me downs for him. At this rate Ace will be getting seconds from his baby brother. I have learned to have fun shopping for all the testosterone that fills this house. Some things are for older boys, but I like them anyway. 


Middle row: pants/ fedora/ jeans/ shoes/ jacket

And I can't forget my baby girl!! This is my first year buying girl clothes. The abundance of cute girl clothing out there is overwhelming to say the least. I wasn't much for dolls or barbies growing up, but having a real doll makes playing dress up fun :)

baby girl

Middle row: outfit/ leggings/ shoespantssweater
Bottom row: hat/ hat/ fleece snowsuit/ snowsuit

Obviously living in Alaska we have to layer A LOT, this is pretty much the base layer. Snow jackets, hats, and gloves are not optional. 


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