All for one and one for all

Sep 8, 2013

This weekend was full of snot, tissues, hand sanitizer, crying, whining, coughing, darth vader breathing, and a bunch of laying around. Ace came home on Thursday from school not feeling well and by Saturday all kids were sick! Yesterday morning I woke up with a soar throat, but nothing like what the kids have been going through. 
When my kids are sick they come up with the oddest requests. Pierce pretty much stayed on the couch the whole weekend. He never wanted to move, no matter where I was in the house he would yell "MAAAAA COME HOLD MY DUICE FOR MEEEEE!!!!!" Hold your juice? You cannot be serious. 
Ace had a companion who was also sick, his monster backpack. Supposedly that thing had a fever, and needed a warm blanket and yummy smoothies all weekend. Ace was just as bad as Pierce with the demands, "MOOMMM I CAN'T REACH MY CUP" "Come wipe my nose" "I have to pee will you carry me?" 
They get this all from their father who turns into a 5 year old girl when he is sick. haha!
Poor baby Avalon was so frustrated all weekend. Her nose was so stuffy she had a hard time nursing for long periods of time :(  Once she did get full enough to fall asleep she did not want to be put down. So the majority of our weekend was spent in the living room watching a kids movie marathon and breathing in each others germs!! Alaska dealt us a healthy dose of rain and wind so I didn't feel too horrible about hunkering down and flushing this sickness out of our systems.  


  1. We just got over the same sort of sickness not too long ago! No fun.

  2. You deserve a medal for looking after 3 sick kids! I bet you were exhausted by the time they were well again (what will all that juice holding and all ;) ) x

    1. HAHAHA! Yes the juice holding is not for the faint of heart.



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