Borderline Hoarding

Oct 1, 2013

I am beginning to think we are walking a very fine line between hoarding, and collecting, with furniture that is. I am sure many military families feel this way at some point. You move so often, and every house is different. You have 4 stainless steel trash cans in all different shapes and sizes because I mean you just never know which one will fit in the kitchen. You have every dimension curtain because windows come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how many times you move, you just can't part with that love seat that only seemed to fit through the door at that ONE house! But you just never know...

This is now the case with the boys bedroom in this new house. The stairs leading to their room curve in such a way that we cannot fit their headboards up there. They do not seem to break down. We thought that possibly we were just tired from moving furniture and that some fresh eyes could give us some perspective. So the husband called up some of his highly intelligent buddies to come take a look. One suggested we just "trim" the wall...another said we could get a crane and put it through the window. You see how none of this was helping? I revoked their speaking privileges and sent them all out to the deck to grill...haha!

In the end we knew what was shopping.
Ace was in charge of "testing" out the bunk beds and mattresses. 
He did a pretty good job if you ask me.
Pierce was in charge of providing free birth control to all the other people in the store in the form of the LOUDEST tantrum in the history of furniture shopping!!
Anchorage furniture stores come well equipped with a nice freight elevator for those "larger" then normal families who decide to bring the whole petting zoo out for some shopping. The boys actually thought it was pretty cool to ride the "weally weally big elelator". 

In the end we went with two twin beds instead of the bunk beds. This was after Ace made the statement "mommy I could fly off this bed like stuperman". Umm...negative child, twin bed it is. 

We now have three beds, mattresses, and box springs in the garage just waiting patiently for our next move to see if they will be lucky enough to make the cut. I am thinking at this rate I will have a big enough collection of house hold items to open a small furniture store. 


  1. those beds look awesome!

  2. hahah those suggestions were pretty funny! I'm glad you found something that will work.

  3. I might be the total opposite. Moving means EVERYTHING gets thrown away. If it hasn't been used, I'm not taking it with us. The only exception is our first table. We're currently using it, since our regular table doesn't fit.

  4. Hahaha ... twin bed is right! No superman jumps. LOL
    We are actually in the process of moving too and that means it's definitely time to purge!! WooHoo! My favorite and ONLY favorite thing about moving.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo



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