My Outing Must Haves

Sep 17, 2013

Learning how to go out with three young kids is a challenge! When I first started venturing out with all of them, alone, (it took me a while to get the courage) I ended up forgetting so many things. Now I have a few staples that I leave in my diaper bag or my car at all times!! Hopefully this helps some other mamas out there. 

KicKee Pants Outfit: This brand is by far one of my favorite brands for baby outfits. They are so incredibly soft, they wash well, and there are so many styles to choose from. They are a little on the pricey side, but they are so worth it. 

Swaddle Blankets: Everyone and their mom loves these swaddle blankets, and in this house we are no different. Enough said.

Infant Seat Cover: If you live in a cold weather place this is an absolute must have!! Your baby stays nice and warm, and you do not have to worry about them kicking off a blanket, just zip them up and go. 

Burt's bees ointment: Avalon has super sensitive skin, and this is the only diaper cream I have found that works on her. It is an all purpose cream, which is even better. 

Manual Breast Pump: It never fails that Avalon will sleep most of the time we are out of the house, for an over producing milk cow like myself, I will most likely need to pump. This little device has helped me a many of times :)

Diaper Bag Insert: This is probably my favorite thing ever! With three kids they just don't make diaper bags big enough to hold all my crap, unless I want to carry a duffle bag. But, they do make non-diaper affiliated tote bags. I just put this bad boy in any bag and it works!

Straw cups: My boys hate "sippy cups" hate them with a passion. They will only drink out of a straw and these cups are great! Literally take and toss. They are super cheap, but work wonders!

Animal Toy Tube: Ok, this is something I always keep in my diaper bag. I only pull it out when the boys are about the lose their minds while we are out. 

Fold Up Potty Seat: So Ace is an OCD germ freak!!! He would not go to the bathroom in public before I got this seat. It comes in a little carrying bag so you aren't putting a dirty thing back into your bag. It wipes off easily, and in my opinion it is genius! 


  1. I need a manual pump for the same reason!

  2. My son is so picky about his cup I have to carry ours around everywhere also!!
    I would love if you would come link up with us today and follow along!

    1. Kids and their cups...its like another limb!

  3. I always have to have a straw cup too!!!!! Haha.

  4. Great list! I used the manual pump as well and it was a life saver. Also the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are on my list for the next baby! :)

    1. Yes the blankets are key! Although my kids hated to be swaddled after about 3 weeks. But they are still great all around blankets.



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