Pyrah's You Pick Farm

Sep 16, 2013

On Saturday we found the most interesting thing to do...veggie picking! I never even knew that there were farms that allowed people to come pick their own vegetables!! For us this was awesome, we eat a lot of fresh veggies, and living in Alaska has made that a pretty expensive habit. But Pyrah's farm out in the valley is an amazing place to stock up on the freshest veggies. The husband thought this idea was weird at first..."what? we go and dig up our own veggies?" To me it sounded pretty dang amazing!! And the boys would be able to just walk around at their leisure and not disturb too many people.
This farm was beautiful!! The weather cleared up and gave us hours of sunshine and actual warmth to enjoy this family adventure. Once my husband starting walking around and filling up buckets the inner wanna be farmer came out in him and he was obsessed with picking every vegetable in sight!
The boys started out strong...picking and digging...filling up bags like it was Halloween! But that eventually faded and they figured out that eating the veggies was way more fun then picking them. They aren't ones for manual labor. 

Between the two of them they easily ate a half a pound of green beans, and snow peas. Pierce at one point decided to just sit down and eat what was around him instead of wasting time walking around. It worked out nicely for the little guy. 
I was on baby duty!
I was also the veggie spotter for farmer Dan over here. My husbands name isn't Dan but that is what I referred to him as on this particular day. haha!
We brought all of our bags and buckets of hand picked earthy goodness to this cute little cashier stand, where they also had homemade jams and salsa that we couldn't pass up either!! After a few hours of picking the kids were nice and full, and actually ASKING to take naps!!! Manual labor people, that is the answer!
The little kids fell asleep on the way home, and Ace is never to be considered a little kid, he is a "big boy" so he opted out of the nap. He did however want to sit in the front yard for awhile and enjoy the weather while munching on some carrots and humus! This was my kind of day. The kids were all a bunch of dream boats! They had so much fun wondering around the farm. They had us cracking up whenever they found a vegetable. "Mom, Dad I got one come quick!" "Hurry hurry guys we need to get this veggie before Pierce eats it" "Mom this one is covered in mud I still want to eat it ok?" Haha! This is a day we will never forget, at least as parents. We watched in amazement as the boys discovered new things. 

We got muddy, we got tired, and we got food!! 

*I kid you not we got more than 12 lbs of veggies for $11. Score!! Pyrah's your a thumbs up in my book. I wish we had found this farm earlier in the summer. 


  1. WOW!! This sounds absolutely amazing!! And for that price, you can't beat it! I've always wanted to do something like this, but we don't ever have anything close by for picking. Maybe pineapples in Hawaii.

    1. Haha! Pineapples would be amazing!! Or mangos!! There has to be a place to do that.

  2. This looks amazing! I'm really jealous haha.

    1. It was seriously so much fun, the husband thinks we need a farm now! haha

  3. oh my goodness, this seriously looks like so much fun. Fabulous pics, love. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :) xo

  4. I love Pyrah's. Picking fresh produce is one of my favorite things. And the location of this farm is amazing, the scenery is gorgeous.



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