Say What??

Sep 19, 2013

Well I have talked about the frustration that I experience with this toddler shenanigans...but I have to say that through all of this I think this has to be the funniest years. Two and three year old boys are characters!! Ace and Pierce definitely have their own personalities, but they have some great comedic timing whether they know it or not...
Here are just some of the one liners that had me laughing so hard this week:

Ace asked if we could pull out the paint at about 7:45 pm:
Ace: Mom can we paint circles?
Me: It's almost bed time so how about tomorrow?
Ace: WHAT WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME MOM!!! (storms off to his room)

After I walked down the stairs:
Ace: hey mom where were you?
Me: Upstairs
Ace: You go potty?
Me: Yep
Ace: Oh good want tickers or tandy?
Pierce has a love for phones so he is constantly "talking" to someone. 

Pierce: Hey pizza man
-Clearly no answer
Pierce: Uh I get peteroni and teese? wit dip
-Still no answer
Pierce: otay see ya

Pierce also has a great love for going to the bathroom and telling anyone that will listen.

Me: Oh Pierce you stink!
Pierce: ya I did poopy
Me: ok let's change you.
Pierce: otay nasty poop mom it like a nountain!
Clearly I am a bad influence on Ace.

Ace: Hey mom whatcha doin?
Me: Nothing, whats up?
Ace: Oh noting wanna go to the bucks? (referring to Starbucks)

While we were cleaning out closets this week and making piles of stuff to donate.

Me: I am not these don't fit anymore so we are going to donate them. 
Me: You can help me if you want and then we will go drop them off for other kids. 
Ace: Oh good then they can throw them away.
Pierce is sure that his birthday is all year long, or at least it is someone's birthday in the house. 

After we went for ice cream the other night.
Pierce: Oh mama I like ite cweam!
Me: Here you go.
Pierce: oooo tank you, Happy birdday to me happy birdday to me happy birdday to mama dada pierce adavlon mama dada pierce mama dada meeeeeeeeee. Happy birdday to me!!!!!! 

OK maybe you had to be there...but they all were funny! 


  1. Bahaha!! Oh dear!! SO freaking cute!! I love the stuff that V says sometimes. Like how did you even come up with that?!

  2. I love all the pictures I watch you all every morning

    Love Grandmom

  3. Too cute ... Reagan is on her play phone all the time. Always calling a grandparent too ... love it.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. Such cute pictures! I love listening to the silly comments kids make! :)

    1. And this was just the stuff I could remember...I need to get more on video!

  5. I love it! When my youngest daughter was that age, she would point to cars passing by going the other direction and say, "That's my friend!" At the time we lived in Phoenix... 3 million people. Six lane highway. THOUSANDS of cars passing by at the highest speed they could go... but that one random car was "her friend".... LOL

    1. Haha! We live in Scottsdale for 3 years and loved it! Both my boys were born there.



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