The Treehouse Is Taking On Water!

Sep 23, 2013

So it would only be normal for this family to have some kind of craziness always going on. I do not think we go a week without something happening in this house that makes me think we are on the show Punk'd. I think I have developed a tick by constantly looking for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of the bushes and say GOTCHA! But alas...that is never the case. So here is the latest bunch of hoopla:
This is the treehouse, what we used to refer to as our dream house! Well we will not be living in this beautiful house tucked away in the mountains. No, no, no, the treehouse has some major roof issues that we have just recently been made aware of. With the insane amount of rain we have been having the treehouse sprung a leak, or a couple leaks. This was due to a crappy roof repair the owner had done. After trying to get this problem resolved immediately we were at a loss when no one was doing anything. A little back story about this house, we picked this house out while we lived in Georgia and prayed that it would still be here when we made the 2 week drive to Alaska. The owner did not want to let us sign a lease until we had seen it in person. Well the second we drove into Anchorage we found our way to the house, signed checks, picked up keys, and boom... dream house was ours for the next couple years. But that is no longer the case. The roof needs major repairs and I am not about to put my family through that much construction during the winter months in the tundra. So we opted out. Which means we needed to find a new house and fast because the husband leaves for a little bit in a few weeks. 

So I found a new in no way can compare to my beloved treehouse. But it does not leak! I will not stay up at night wondering if there will be a mold issue. Only problem is, is the husband has very limited time to help move. Also since this is a voluntary move there is no government help with this one. And I hate moving! Well I hate moving ourselves, we haven't packed or lifted furniture in years. But here I sit in the new house surrounded by a whole tornado of my own belongings. 

Once again just moving in couldn't go smoothly with three kids. The day I showed up to pick up the keys, turned into quite the welcome to the neighborhood. 

Yes this is a picture of a construction worker freeing my child from the downstairs bedroom. We were not in the house 10 minutes before Pierce locked himself in there. I was literally five feet away from him changing the insane amount of poop that was produced by Avalon when I hear "Mommy the door is locked!" Sure enough it was, and in all my attempts to get Pierce to TURN THE DOOR KNOB, he was too panicked to listen. He started freaking out which made Ace start yelling the obvious "MOM HE'S STUCK YOU HAVE TO HELP HIM." This all made me start to freak out, which made Avalon start get the idea. 

After the bobby pin in the door trick was not working I had to think fast as Pierce was losing it. Well when we were pulling in there was a construction crew right outside fixing the power lines. So I booked it out of the house and in the most calm panic stricken voice I said "I need someone to please help me, my son locked himself in the basement bedroom" These nice men grabbed their tool boxes and ran in the house. As one of them attempted to open the lock, the other got his power tools ready to take the doorknob off. And that is what happened, nothing would pop this lock open. Pierce was now even more freaked out because he heard mens voices that were not Daddy. After about 4 minutes of this, the knob was off and my baby boy was sitting on the floor just a ball of tears and snot. 

Ugh! This has never happened before so I was just a freak of a mom. I mean there was nothing in the room for him to get hurt on, but still. The fear in his voice just broke my heart. So we now have a shiny new doorknob with NO locking mechanism down there. And while we were at it we changed all the other doorknobs that had a lock. Minus the bathrooms. 

I was texting the husband while all of this was going on, and he said "Really Kelsey, you haven't been there 5 minutes and already something happens..." Just livin the dream over here buddy...livin the dream! 

Now we can laugh at it because I am a dramatic excuse for a human...but the move is semi complete. I already miss the treehouse tucked up in the woods, hanging off a cliff. I do not however miss the indoor waterfall...


  1. Oh goodness! How scary so glad the construction workers were nice enough to help.

  2. Hahahaha ... this is funny. Reagan has a lock on her door and thankfully even if she locks it I can still get in there by pushing a little more than usual. Really secure yes? Keep living the dream mama!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. haha! Kids man...never a dull moment.

  3. Aww.. I'm sorry about the dream house!! :/ I hate moving so much also. Having to do it all yourself must be awful! I get stressed out about doing it with the mover's help!

  4. Oh gosh, that is so crazy! Good luck with the rest of your move and hopefully it goes better!

  5. What a catastrophe! Sheesh! That treehouse did seem dreamy, not worth the leaking roof though.
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  6. Sorry about the treehouse!! Moving is no fun.

    hahah I'm glad someone was there to get him out!

  7. This would be my dream house too... minus the water.
    You drove to AK? Awesome! My husband and I just drove back from there in May after living there for 3 years. Isn't is a magical place?!
    Stopping by the say hello from Wildcard Wednesday!



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