Weekend Mom Uniform

Sep 29, 2013

Kid tested...mommy approved! This is the outfit I have pretty much lived in the past couple weekends. It happens to all be from Target. Have you been to Target lately? Well go, go right now. Normally when I go shopping I do not have time to look around, we play the how fast can we get in and out before someone has a meltdown game. But I had some time to kill after I dropped Ace off at school and Avalon was sleeping, and Pierce is so laid back that I thought shopping was in order. I had plenty of time to wonder around :)

So this is my mom uniform for weekend errands. Gray sweater, great for hiding spit up. Comfy jeans, and these are reversible!!! They can switch to a camo print if need be. These boots are super comfortable and give you magic athletic ability to be able to chase after a toddler in a parking lot. Throw on a necklace to make it look like you give a damn. And go home and pour yourself a glass of vino. These glasses disguise the amount inside, which could be a blessing or a curse. Drink responsibly!

*This is in no way shape or form a sponsored post. I am actually a Target addict. But hey if Target wants to throw a giftcard at me I will take it, I have diapers and wipes to buy soon. Target did you read that? Are you picking up what I am putting down? 


  1. You're such a hot mom! That's a gorgeous outfit! I'd have to be doing something important to get that prettied up. I LOVE that wine glass!

  2. Love the outfit! When I first saw it, I figured it would be out of my Mommy price range. Love that it is from Target, as I am a Target addict! I will be going on Tuesday and am going to check it out, especially the boots. I have been looking for a pair or great booties.

    Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments!!
    Becky @ mysweetmoose.blogspot.com

  3. I love that sweater. We don't have a Target, so I have to do online shopping if I want stuff from them and I just hate their website. It's so annoying for me to navigate for some reason.



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