Benchwarmer Post of Things I'm Loving

Oct 31, 2013

So I had every intention of posting the contents of this post yesterday, and having a recap of All Hallows Eve for today. But things rarely go according to plan in my neck of the woods so, indulge me with your acceptance of a this post as I throw out some of the things I am currently loving. 
These two products are currently the MVP's of my beauty routine. This Batiste dry shampoo is the best one I have tried, and I will be honest I have tried way too many!! Plus it is only $8.00. Also this one has a color tint as well, so there is no white residue for this mama! And it doubles as a root touch up for me. Since I am naturally blonde I have to dye my roots far too often or I look like I have gray hair. Which I actually might…but I refuse to find out. So I use this magic in a spray can. 

Next up this Josie Maran Infinity Argan Cream. I have combination skin and this cold weather in Alaska hits your face like a ton of bricks. So I use this on my more dry areas. I also use it on my kids for their dry knees and elbows. It is a-maz-ing and a little goes a long way!
This is something that is always on my must have list, my candle warmer! I rarely light candles in my house simply because I cannot trust myself to remember I have one burning, nor can I trust my children not to get ahold of the fire source, so insert candle warmer! This one is my very favorite. I buy one as a gift for just about everyone I know. Just ask my new neighbor, she brought me over some amazing food…I returned to her with a candle warmer. And yes that is a coconut candle burning in the fall. But this does not smell like a tropical candle, it is so warm and luscious I can't get enough, which is why I bought the remaining ones at bed bath and beyond. 

Last but certainly not least I am loving this clean playroom! Last week I posted a picture of the playroom in all of its destruction glory. But it has since been cleaned, organized, and back in working condition. Did it take me a week to do it? Absolutely. I had to wait for a day when all three kiddos took a nap at the same time so I had some guaranteed alone time down there to really put things back in their places. 

Well I hope everyone takes their sugar high and continues it through the weekend…because let's be real I know you had your kids "layout" all their candy so you could inspect the pieces you wanted :)


  1. I had NO idea you were blonde!!
    Your playroom is totally awesome!! I need to get us one like that.

  2. Ooooh good to know about the dry shampoo. I'm using a cheap one right now and the smell gives me a headache. And go mama for spending nap time cleaning up the playroom, it looks awesome! I probably would've wasted my time on Pinterest or something!



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