Life Lately

Oct 9, 2013

  • What can I say...Avalon got the good hair genes in the family!
  • Ace has been teaching Avalon all about trucks, and trains, and school buses. She is learning a lot, like how each and every one of them tastes. 
  • This is how Pierce does laundry, instead of folding he likes to just smash the clothing with his head. Why didn't I think of that? Folding is completely overrated. 
  • With all this rain and wind we have been experiencing there has been lots of family movie watching. Avalon didn't really enjoy this one...

  • I asked Ace to get the clothes off his bed for school, he came down with this ensemble instead. He said "mom I not like those clothes I gunna wear this".
  • Avalon is riding in style these days. Dump truck all the way. 
  • Is that a moose? Yes it is. We watched him try to get passed the cars and into the gate but something spooked him and he ran the other way into the lowes parking lot. 

Four day weekend for us!!! 


  1. I miss seeing moose every day, especially the ones that used to hang around our apartment every morning when I was going to work.

  2. Are Moose mean? That is crazy; Alaska crazy! And these kids....what can I say, beautiful, simply beautiful!

  3. That Moose seriously cracks me up!!



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