Random Ramblings on a Friday

Oct 24, 2013

Is it just me or has this week been creeping by at a snails pace? The husband has been gone which just adds to the slow tick tock countdown. He should be home in the next couple days, so that is a relief. But my head is all over the place, and so this post will be all over the place :)
Miss Avalon has started two exciting things this week. The first, starting solids!! Her pediatrician wanted to hold her off until she was 6 months, but this kid wanted to eat!! Everyone in the house was getting a little tired of her grabbing full plates of food and pulling them off the table. So we went ahead with a little rice cereal and apples. That first bite is always my favorite, my kids all made the same face. In the end she licked the bowl clean. Second, she is now mobile! Yep, low crawling like a champ over here. And she is fast!! Like turn your head for a second and she is across the room kind of fast. The boys are not as amused as she will take a toy from a brother before they can yell "MOM get the baby she taking my toys".
One thing we have been enjoying is watching the many visitors that we have been receiving at the house. Our house is pretty much the only one with outside decorations in our neighborhood, so it attracts the brave and curious. The other day I watched from the kitchen window as a group of kids walking home from school decided to walk up the driveway, they sent one lone ranger up to investigate. What this youngin did not anticipate was that, that giant spider up there is motion censored and will jump right out at you! She screamed and ran so fast...and I laughed so hard!! My kids helped put all this together so they think it is funny, and no so much scary. Then again they have never seen it at night...The UPS man is not fond of the spider. And since he is my life line to all things online shopping I have resorted to turning it off for him, feel special man in the brown delivery truck. 
The night before the hubs left he said, "let's bring the bean sac in". I had been dreading this moment, since we did not have the shrink kit to get it inside. If anyone owns one of these ginormous things you know how much of a pain it is to move. Well we knew it would be tough, but it took 45 minutes and a lot of running full speed to try and get this thing in the house. I don't think Chris and I have laughed so hard in a long time. Moving things will bring out the trailer trash mouth in everyone!
And finally this is the one place I am trying to avoid. The playroom! The kids destroyed it the other day and I have no desire to go down there and put it back together...

Randomness complete, my brain is fried. 


  1. I'm totally laughing over here!! Omg, where to even start...uhh the spider, AWESOME lol! And that's very nice of you to turn it off for the UPS guy, he IS pretty important! I was laughing before I even knew what the next pic was of that brown ball stuck in your hallway hahaha. I can imagine the laughs you guys had trying to move that thing. And thank you for being so honest and showing pics like this of your playroom! AND that you have no desire to go in and pick it up. That's pretty much what my living room looks like right now and I'm just ignoring it. Oh...and your baby is SO cute! My baby also started solids before 6 months on his own accord, he'd scream if we didn't offer him food when we were eating!

  2. Aww, starting solids: she is sooo cute with her little spoon! Good luck with this! The decorations look awesome, but the play room looks like some serious fun! I wish you'd find an opportunity for some quality rest soon ;)

    1. Thank you Laura! I day dream about rest in my future :) haha



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