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Oct 22, 2013

Conversations with these two are getting more and more interesting, and quite funny! Here are some of the latest...
-The other day we were playing and Ace was singing:

Ace: Ring around the rosey potcket full of posey asses...asses...we all fall down. 
Me: Uhhhh....

-While we are eating dinner the other night:

Ace: So mom I tink I wanna be naked.
Me: Naked? Right now? Why?
Ace: yes naked naked and free starts singing naked naked naked free freeeeeee.
Me: Hahahaha!
-Pierce is in the habit of crying over everything, but food cheers him up real quick:

Pierce: Waaaaah Waaaaah
Me: Pierce why are you crying?
Pierce: Don't talk to me I sleeping...
Me: Oh, you look like you are crying.
Pierce: No I not, I sleeping and you no talk to me...waaahhhh.Wahhhh.
Me: Ok so you don't want any banana bread?
Pierce: Ooooo nana bread mama dat is so awesome!
-Getting Ace ready for the Halloween festivities:

Me: So Ace are you going to say "trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat, if you don't I don't care I'll pull down your underwear"
Ace: My underwear? No they are all clean. 
Me: Touche' 

-While at Target with Pierce and Avalon:

Cashier: Hi buddy, do you like stickers? I have a couple stickers I could give you.
Pierce: Tickers? No no tickers you have monies?
Cashier: Money? No I don't have any money.
Pierce: Oh dat not good. I have candy den. 
Me: _________
-Driving home from preschool Ace dropped his snack:

Ace: Mom can you get my snack I dropped it.
Me: As soon as we stop, I am driving. 
Ace: You not driving I don't see a green light. 
Me: Just give me one minute.
Ace: A minute how long is a minute.
Me: 60 seconds.
Ace: Oh ok.....pause...sixty seconds mama get my snack please. 
Me: Ugh

-These two are free for conversations anytime, so call us up, although Pierce might charge you for talking to him!


  1. That is the cutest thing! I've got a 5 year old cousin and it's practically like talking to an adult, LOL. Love your blog, found you through the wildcard linky!

    XOXO, Carolyn @

    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. hahaha this is the cutest thing ever! :)

  3. Bahaha! Love it! They are adorable! I can't wait to have two that are speaking well!

  4. Congratulations Kelsey ... I featured this post today at Feature Fridays!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo



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