Weekend Mom Uniform

Oct 26, 2013

sweater (on sale)/tee (on sale)/pants/ shoes/hot cocoa

This is my "the husband is coming home from the field" outfit. I mean I can't let him see me in the sweatpants I was wearing before he left right? Because let's be honest I have been wearing my black college sweats that my husband loathes and swears he will burn after every pregnancy. Little does he know that I keep them tucked away in an undisclosed location...that's a lie they are usually in the laundry room, which is an undisclosed location as far as the husband is concerned. 

But onto this outfit shall we? These are glorified sweatpants just kicked up a notch with some leather accents. So that borders the line of actual pants right? Right. And since it has been in the 30's here in the north pole/ I mean Alaska it was time to bust out the salted caramel hot choc-o-late! 


  1. Loooove that sweater! I need to go on a shopping spree.

  2. Lol your writing cracks me up! Love this outfit, especially the sweater!!! I have my eyes open for a sweater just like that, they look so cozy.



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