Weekend Mom Uniform

Nov 29, 2013

Well you know Thanksgiving was a huge success when you pull out your denim with the most stretch in them! My black friday shopping consisted of laying around while scoping out deals on my couch, with a box of my favorite cookies! I do not do hoards of people waiting in disneyland like lines for a deal. And surprisingly the online deals were really good, I am anxious to see what cyber monday brings to the shopping table. 

But this outfit served me well as I devoured these cookies, and made my way out for a coffee. This sweater is mens, and it is so super comfy! I got a small in it, and it does a great job of hiding my food baby. These jeans are one of my absolute favorites, as is this beanie that I have been wearing consistently for about a month now. And if nothing else…these cookies…if it was wrong to eat this whole box, well then damn it I don't want to be right!

Great Family, Good Food, Even Better Turkey Coma!

Nov 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and Halloween are probably neck and neck when it comes to my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving may be making its way to the top of the list because it is a holiday that revolves around family, and my kitchen! This is only the second year I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house and I love it! All the cooking and preparation is worth the ample amount of  L-tryptophan ingested that aides in a great nights sleep!
On wednesday we got a pretty decent amount of snow which made for a snowy welcoming to my father in law! 

These pictures look like they were taken at night, but really it was only 4:00pm. 
A nice little stroll…Alaskan style :) 
I love this picture so much! Three generations of the men in this family, and a whole lot of crazy testosterone walking around the mean streets of my quiet neighborhood.
Thanksgiving cooking started bright and early for my sous chef and I.
Just some of the food that we had…clearly it wouldn't all fit on the table. But man it was delicious!
Truly thankful for my kids outgrowing their picky eating habits, and broadening their horizons to consume a multitude of thanksgiving goodness!
I am also incredibly thankful for family that make the  ridiculously long journey to Alaska to come visit us. My kids treat every house guest as if it were going to be their last. They smother them with their insanity, they ask endless amounts of questions (which I have to translate from avatar to english). Pop has taken more naps on the couch then the kids! haha. But I am so happy that the husband was home to spend Thanksgiving with all of us lunatics! 

And now we have enough left overs to feed Ace's entire preschool for about a month! I know that it is now socially acceptable to break out the Christmas cheer and spread it loud for all to hear…but honestly I have no energy for that…blame it on the turkey because I know I am. 

What I Want: Home Edition

Nov 26, 2013

I am constantly adding things to my home collection. It helps that every time we move I have gained space. This happens by default when you keep adding children at the rapid fire pace that we do…

My never-ending obsession with horses has yet to include a horse head so this is high up on my list of next purchases. I have noticed over the years that everywhere we move my design aesthetic for my interiors changes and adapts to where I am living. Now living in Alaska I just want to drink hot chocolate out of that copper mug, while eating a warm homemade vanilla bean scone off of that bear plate. All while making multiple cups of coffee in order to scare my body out of hibernation mode while I wait for the sun to rise at about 9:35 every morning! Oh I can see it now…so hopefully santa ends up leaving me that big fat chunk of change in my bank account. 

Happy Early Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

Winter Clothes - Alaskan Style

Nov 21, 2013

So I am still very much a novice when it comes to this whole dressing for the cold thing. But I have gotten pretty good at getting the boys bundled and warm. I do this song and dance just about everyday and can now get both boys dressed and in the snow in about 40 minutes. Oh you think that is a long time? That is just the two of them…I didn't add myself and the baby into this equation. 

All of these items I own, and can vouch for their cold weather durability! When I moved to Alaska I had no idea what a base layer was…and was pretty sure a balaclava was a greek dessert! Little did I know that it was that hood pictured above, and that it would be essential for my kids when the temps get below 10 degrees. Thanks to the lovely people at REI for putting up with all my insane questions, and trying very hard not to look at me like I am crazy. I am pretty sure that a couple employees even talked a little slower when explaining things so me, as if I didn't speak english. But life's a dance, we learn as we go, as my good friend John Michael Montgomery once said. Please tell me someone knows that song…it is in the genre of country…look it up…listen to it…two step if you must!

Happy Day of Birth Husband!

Nov 19, 2013

Bora Bora 2008

 Happy Birthday Husband! (and for the record I really do call my husband, husband in real life and he refers to me as wife. I am not trying to conceal his identity).  Anyway, since I am not actually with you on your day of birth I will instead have to imagine what you were like waking up this morning. I have a feeling it went something like this...

You woke up to a sore right shoulder, a stiff left elbow, and a continued popping in your right wrist. To you, you feel like you are 40 instead of 27 because of the aches and pains your body gives you on a daily basis. But to me these are the aches and pains of an incredibly dedicated, and hardworking individual. I met you one week before you turned 19 and to literally grow up with you these last 8 years has been a whirlwind! You amaze me everyday. Life is most definitely an adventure with you!!

And man it could have started getting sappy there for a minute so lets just turn this train around and say that...I hope you have an amazing birthday! You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the laces to my sneakers, the cash to my bank account. That last one is muy importante as I have been unemployed for a few years now. The kids are excited to celebrate with you when you get home, and Ace said "I get him a present next year, like a backpack or some-sing" so you got that going for you :)

6 Months Already

Nov 17, 2013

I meant to post this last week buuuut…life happened. Better late then never right? Well this little girl turned 6 months last week. How this happened already I have no idea…it just makes me realize how fast time is flying by. And since this little beauty doesn't get as much face time on this little blog as the boys, forgive me while I brag about my only daughter. 

My little Avalon Josephine where to even begin, you are such a dream baby come true! You are so quiet and patient in a house full of constant chaos. You are so content with just sitting and watching your surroundings. You have the sweetest disposition, which I can only hope you keep as your brothers will test your pretty little patience every chance they get. I feel like everyday you are doing something new and far beyond what you should be doing at 6 months. You have been crawling for the last  two weeks, and just last week you figured out how to climb the first couple stairs. I apologize for the gate that you now find at the bottom of that mountain, but safety first my dear. You are toping the charts at a whopping 19 lbs. You love eating solids and have taken a real liking to sweet potatoes. You refuse to take a bottle, which makes your daddy very upset as he would love to feed you at some point. And I too would love for you to take a bottle once in awhile since you now have two sharp little friends in your mouth. You are sleeping through the night as long as you are next to mommy. The second dad crosses into your territory of the bed you are not afraid to let him know. You are so in love with Ace and I think he is just as in love with you. Pierce on the other hand has yet to win you over…but he is a charmer so I feel like you guys will be close in the near future. 
The last 6 months with you have been nothing short of amazing. Now if you could just stop growing and stay this little squishy baby I would much appreciate it! 

Girls Day at Ozarks

Nov 14, 2013

While my mom was in town we decided to leave all the boys to do boy things while us girls snuck out and went shopping. One of my favorite things to do with my mom is go to antique shops. And since we move so often in this family it seems like we always have a new place to explore. I have been wanting to go to this place called Ozarks in downtown Anchorage for quite some time and taking my mom was perfect. I really didn't think many places could compare to the vintage and antique shops in Georgia, but this hidden gem really satisfied my antique addiction. 
The pieces in here are a mix of new and old which I liked. The antiques are in great condition and so carefully handpicked. And the new pieces really compliment the old…and it all just works. 
They have quite the collection of signs…the one on the left may or may not have come home with me!
There is two stories to this antique safe haven so you really have to carve out some time to look at everything. I think I sent my husband one too many text messages with things I wanted to take home, which prompted his response of "get out of there before we have to file for bankruptcy". 
We spent close to 2 hours roaming around and I made a mental wish list of all the things I could see fitting into my house one day. Avalon slept the whole time!! She is such a dream baby to go out with. I had so much fun with my mom here, and it was good to get her out of my house before all the kids drove her to an insanity driven decision to stay at a hotel for the remainder of her trip! 

Just a Dusting…or More

Nov 12, 2013

Well we received our first significant amount of snow here in Anchorage. The weatherman called for a "dusting" of snow, I may not be from Alaska but I think what we ended up getting surpassed the "dusting" category…
As soon as Ace woke up he kept saying "come on dad let's go play in the garden". Ever since we moved into this house Ace seems to think because we have a fenced yard it is no longer a backyard but only a garden. So to the secret garden we went…
I have to say I love seeing my kids embrace the outdoors and Alaska as they have. I am happy they take more after their dad in that sense then grumpy old me!! The cold and I do not make a happy couple. We are like oil and water, day and night, chris brown and rihanna! No matter how hard I try we just can't seem to get it together. 

I seriously admire the mamas here in Alaska. When trying to get 3 kids in the car and Ace off to preschool, it takes me about 4 trips. First start the car and warm it up, then take each kid one by one to buckle them in, because if I let them out thinking that they will actually walk to the vicinity of the car I would have better luck herding cats, in the dark, like it is here at 7:55am. Then remember to bring the extra cold weather clothing Ace is required to have at school in order to go outside. While trying to do this I of course slip and fall on the ice that is on my driveway, which prompted me to send the husband a death threat via text message, to which he responded "you need to be taking more vitamin D". 
Here we have an older brother trying to convince a younger brother to pull him in the sled. But Pierce is not one for following directions…bless his independent thinking!
Winner winner! Ace pulls the sled for round one. And while they played like this for a couple hours, the husband did a whole bunch of shoveling. Avalon and I watched from a safe distance in the house with money well spent on heat! 

Military Ball…Geronimo!

Nov 10, 2013

Last Thursday was military ball for my husbands battalion. It was a semi last minute decision for me to go because I did not think I would have anyone to watch all the kiddos. But luckily my mom came to our rescue, and offered to watch the kids not just for the ball…but for the night!!! What!!! So who were we to not book a hotel for the night and stay out of the house? 

Actually I was an anxious, paranoid mess hours leading up to the ball. Not that my mom is not capable of watching my kids, I mean she raised 5 of us. But I have never spent a night away from any of my kids unless it was to pop out another one. Ace actually said "mama where you going tonight?" I told him daddy had a work party and that grandma was going to have a sleepover with him. He said "Oh ok so you having another baby?" NO NO NO…not on my agenda for the night. 
I bought my dress months ago before I ever had a plan to go to the ball or not, I just knew I had to have this dress. Then came shoes and accessories…my shoes might have been my favorite part. 
Going to a ball in a new duty station is always interesting, especially if you are a semi uninvolved spouse like myself. Three kids does not lend very much mix and mingle time. So the ball was a bunch of shaking hands and kissing babies if you know what I mean. But my husbands guys are so fun, and I always love hearing about my "work" husband compared to my "home" husband. 

The speaker at this ball was probably one of the best I have seen yet, Vincent Speranza is an amazing man, with an even more amazing story. Listening to him speak was like listening to all my Italian grandfathers telling stories. They just inspire you…whether you are in the military or not. And it sure as hell fills you with pride when you look over and see your husband in uniform. 

Military balls are very different for me now a days, compared to the ones I went to when my husband and I were 18. Now as soon as 9 o'clock rolls around I am yawning, and have seen just about enough drunk people and cleavage to last me a good long while. 
As soon as the festivities commenced the husband and I headed to the Whale's Tail at the Captain Cook Hotel downtown. It is a cute little wine bar that has great appetizers, and a really cool wine tasting setup. I happened to not drink at all…but the hubs tried out some wine while I ate a ridiculous amount of smoked mac and cheese (which I highly recommend to anyone who goes there). Then we retired to our room where I spent the entire night thinking about my kids, and getting up every few hours to pump. Pure romance if you ask me!! Haha
I wish we could say that we slept in and really took our time before getting home to the nuggets, but that would be a lie. After 4 years of having at least one child in bed with us, we are conditioned to just getting up before 7 in order to drink coffee before we have diapers to change. Well this morning we still got up early…but with no diapers. We headed over to Snow City Cafe for some crab cake eggs benedict's  and stuffed french toast!! It was amazing to say the least. 

We were pretty sure that we needed to get home quickly after I received a text from my mom that said "okay, how do you go to the bathroom? I have been holding Avalon for 8 hours, not to mention I have a caffeine headache" I laughed so hard…and preceded to order my mom a very large coffee :)

We made it home to find all three children very much alive, with the older two pissed and betrayed that we had left them. But we figured all parents need a break once every four years right? So thank you thank you grandma for giving up your sleep and sanity for 16 hours, pencil us in for another night out in 2017 okay? 

Grandma to the rescue

Nov 6, 2013

My mom touched down in Alaska yesterday, and we could not be more excited!! We have a visitor from the outside world! Woo Hoo. Alaska can get pretty lonely when you are so far away from family and friends, and your husband is gone more than any one would like. 
Grandma wasn't in the house 5 minutes before the boys had books, and toys for her to play with. When my mom initially made plans to come visit she did not know that she would be embarking on playing part time nurse to three sick kids! But luckily we are passed the fevers, and ER visits…and on to antibiotics, drops, and eye creams. We have the assembly line of medication giving down to a tantrum throwing science!
Grandma gives the best back rubs!! And to Ace who has been sick for a week now, all of grandmas undivided attention is needed. I remember these back rubs growing up, and they are probably one of my favorite memories. This woman possesses some kind of magical sleep inducing powers that I clearly did not inherit. 
And grandma is way more fun when it comes to bath time…she lets them splash until there are towels on top of towels covering the floor. She sings fun songs that make absolutely no sense, but the boys think they are hilarious. 

And me…I get to finally be a spectator in this sport I call my life. I also was able to drink a full cup of coffee this morning without having to heat it up in the microwave 5 times. PLUS and this is a big PLUS, I got to go to the bathroom alone! No audience of small children opening the door, or banging on the door with hockey sticks. Alone…like my own little fortress of solitude!

Grandma's are amazing…amazing...

Add to the Wish List

Nov 4, 2013

I am constantly adding things to my wish list, it is like a rotating door over here. I will add, take off, sometimes add again. But I have found that for me I will add things to my wish list, then come back to them after some time and end up deleting the things I thought I would just die without…ok that was a little dramatic. But you get the point. Having three kiddos doesn't exactly allow me to shop until my little addict hearts content. So wish listing is my friend…

These are some of the recent items I have added…will they end up in my closet? Only time will tell.

There were more Tricks than Treats

Nov 3, 2013

Alrighty…late Halloween post here we go. I wanted to post this the day after Halloween but I was trying to get all my kids on the same page of healthy.

Ace woke up on Halloween with a 103 fever! He was coughing, he didn't even want to wake up. Obviously I kept him home from school, which did not go over well once he realized it was Halloween and he had his school party. But there is always next year. He pretty much slept the whole day which only made me realize how sick he was because nothing keeps this kid down.

Then at a early 4:30 in the pm our door bell rings, surely this cannot be trick or treaters already!!?? Low and behold a little fairy princess and mickey show up at my door. I was still in my pajamas, I also had NO candy yet. Yes I was procrastinating since the days leading up to Halloween I was dealing with a sick and extremely angry teething 5 month old. So I politely said, can you hang on one second while I grab the candy? In all actuality I went into the diaper bag and grabbed some lollipops I keep in there for emergency outing purposes. Then I quickly texted the husband saying WE NEED CANDY ASAP! To which he did not respond to until 6:00! So that was more of a trick than a treat.

I felt horrible that Ace was sick, but he did get to dress up earlier in the week for a Halloween party so I didn't feel like he was completely missing out. 
As soon as the husband got home we quickly transformed him into this magnificent piece of man gorgeousness!! 
Ace was feeling a tiny bit better at this point and wanted to put on his costume to hand out candy at the door. My poor baby, nothing breaks a mothers heart more then feeling completely helpless while your kids are suffering.
Pierce on the other hand will always be the life of the party! This kid had every person cracking up at the door. He would say "hi hatty haddoweennnnn" " You can have two candies" "You hear me two candies" "otay tank you come again". Or my favorite of the night "uh you have to say twik or tweat pease". Haha!

No child was harmed in the taking of these pictures, so no need to report us to CPS or Rick Grimes for your Walking Dead fans. Avalon was completely asleep during this picture, so no harm no foul!
We had so much fun handing out candy! Trick or treating in Alaska is quite the experience. Thankfully there was no snow, but it was 30 degrees out! Parents actually drive their kids door to door, so there was just a line of very slow moving cars on our street for about 2 hours. Our house was indeed very scary, and some parents looked at us like we were crazy. But hey, you only live once, and we take every opportunity to laugh and have a good time as a family. 

I hope everyone had a spooktastic Halloween. Time to get into Turkey mode gobble gobble!


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