6 Months Already

Nov 17, 2013

I meant to post this last week buuuut…life happened. Better late then never right? Well this little girl turned 6 months last week. How this happened already I have no idea…it just makes me realize how fast time is flying by. And since this little beauty doesn't get as much face time on this little blog as the boys, forgive me while I brag about my only daughter. 

My little Avalon Josephine where to even begin, you are such a dream baby come true! You are so quiet and patient in a house full of constant chaos. You are so content with just sitting and watching your surroundings. You have the sweetest disposition, which I can only hope you keep as your brothers will test your pretty little patience every chance they get. I feel like everyday you are doing something new and far beyond what you should be doing at 6 months. You have been crawling for the last  two weeks, and just last week you figured out how to climb the first couple stairs. I apologize for the gate that you now find at the bottom of that mountain, but safety first my dear. You are toping the charts at a whopping 19 lbs. You love eating solids and have taken a real liking to sweet potatoes. You refuse to take a bottle, which makes your daddy very upset as he would love to feed you at some point. And I too would love for you to take a bottle once in awhile since you now have two sharp little friends in your mouth. You are sleeping through the night as long as you are next to mommy. The second dad crosses into your territory of the bed you are not afraid to let him know. You are so in love with Ace and I think he is just as in love with you. Pierce on the other hand has yet to win you over…but he is a charmer so I feel like you guys will be close in the near future. 
The last 6 months with you have been nothing short of amazing. Now if you could just stop growing and stay this little squishy baby I would much appreciate it! 


  1. Awh what a sweetheart! Gorgeous girl!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! :) Happy 6 months!

  3. Avalon...wow what a gorgeous name!! She's such a cutie! Love your blog Kelsey, great to "meet" you! ~Charlene via astateofsunshine.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Charlene, I am glad you found me :)

  4. This is so sweet, she sounds like such a sweetie and super smart too! Can't believe she already crawling and climbing up stairs! My 9 month old also won't take a bottle (except to chew on it) and he has to be right up against mama at night (except he doesn't STTN, can Avalon have a chat with him??).

  5. I would love to have a quiet and patient child! But obviously you know my life right now with my bitchy three year old. Avalon is simply adorable!!

    Lanaya | xoxo

  6. I nominated you for a Liebster award! http://www.allthingsairforcewife.com/2013/11/liebster-award.html

  7. That little one is getting so big. And she is so cute.

  8. Grandma is a little late, but happy 6-months old! Having spent time with her she is AMAZING! I am so in love!!!



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