Girls Day at Ozarks

Nov 14, 2013

While my mom was in town we decided to leave all the boys to do boy things while us girls snuck out and went shopping. One of my favorite things to do with my mom is go to antique shops. And since we move so often in this family it seems like we always have a new place to explore. I have been wanting to go to this place called Ozarks in downtown Anchorage for quite some time and taking my mom was perfect. I really didn't think many places could compare to the vintage and antique shops in Georgia, but this hidden gem really satisfied my antique addiction. 
The pieces in here are a mix of new and old which I liked. The antiques are in great condition and so carefully handpicked. And the new pieces really compliment the old…and it all just works. 
They have quite the collection of signs…the one on the left may or may not have come home with me!
There is two stories to this antique safe haven so you really have to carve out some time to look at everything. I think I sent my husband one too many text messages with things I wanted to take home, which prompted his response of "get out of there before we have to file for bankruptcy". 
We spent close to 2 hours roaming around and I made a mental wish list of all the things I could see fitting into my house one day. Avalon slept the whole time!! She is such a dream baby to go out with. I had so much fun with my mom here, and it was good to get her out of my house before all the kids drove her to an insanity driven decision to stay at a hotel for the remainder of her trip! 


  1. The wine sign is pretty much perfect. And that bottle chandelier? Sheesh. That store spells trouble.

  2. for some reason this place reminds me of my gma's flower shop that she use to have b/c it wasnt just a flower shop it was something like this too. gawd i miss her :(

  3. I so want to check this place out! It looks awesome!!

    1. It is aaaaa-mazing!!! You have to go!

  4. I freaked out for a second. Ozarks is an area(?) in Missouri, and I would have been slightly upset that I JUST missed you.
    I need a sign like that. I might be able to make my own chandelier, if you give me a few weeks. LOL

  5. I need that wine sign like for real. I love your sweater btw!

  6. We had such a great day, and my little princess, was just that, a princess. Next time I am in Alaska we are taking a shipping box to this store!



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