Great Family, Good Food, Even Better Turkey Coma!

Nov 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and Halloween are probably neck and neck when it comes to my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving may be making its way to the top of the list because it is a holiday that revolves around family, and my kitchen! This is only the second year I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house and I love it! All the cooking and preparation is worth the ample amount of  L-tryptophan ingested that aides in a great nights sleep!
On wednesday we got a pretty decent amount of snow which made for a snowy welcoming to my father in law! 

These pictures look like they were taken at night, but really it was only 4:00pm. 
A nice little stroll…Alaskan style :) 
I love this picture so much! Three generations of the men in this family, and a whole lot of crazy testosterone walking around the mean streets of my quiet neighborhood.
Thanksgiving cooking started bright and early for my sous chef and I.
Just some of the food that we had…clearly it wouldn't all fit on the table. But man it was delicious!
Truly thankful for my kids outgrowing their picky eating habits, and broadening their horizons to consume a multitude of thanksgiving goodness!
I am also incredibly thankful for family that make the  ridiculously long journey to Alaska to come visit us. My kids treat every house guest as if it were going to be their last. They smother them with their insanity, they ask endless amounts of questions (which I have to translate from avatar to english). Pop has taken more naps on the couch then the kids! haha. But I am so happy that the husband was home to spend Thanksgiving with all of us lunatics! 

And now we have enough left overs to feed Ace's entire preschool for about a month! I know that it is now socially acceptable to break out the Christmas cheer and spread it loud for all to hear…but honestly I have no energy for that…blame it on the turkey because I know I am. 


  1. If I liked that type of food i would say it looks great! God bless family!

  2. It looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! :)

  3. Kelsey, the kids are so precious as are you and Chris. Your talent and creativity with managing three kids amaze me.

  4. I love to cook too! Even if it's only for the four of us. Leftovers for a week are my favorite part. I always double the amount of potatoes I make to be sure they last.

  5. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! I have to say that I am a bit jealous of the snow on the ground. I LOVE snow and can't wait to see how my 2 year old reacts to it this year. Happy Holidays! :)



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