Just a Dusting…or More

Nov 12, 2013

Well we received our first significant amount of snow here in Anchorage. The weatherman called for a "dusting" of snow, I may not be from Alaska but I think what we ended up getting surpassed the "dusting" category…
As soon as Ace woke up he kept saying "come on dad let's go play in the garden". Ever since we moved into this house Ace seems to think because we have a fenced yard it is no longer a backyard but only a garden. So to the secret garden we went…
I have to say I love seeing my kids embrace the outdoors and Alaska as they have. I am happy they take more after their dad in that sense then grumpy old me!! The cold and I do not make a happy couple. We are like oil and water, day and night, chris brown and rihanna! No matter how hard I try we just can't seem to get it together. 

I seriously admire the mamas here in Alaska. When trying to get 3 kids in the car and Ace off to preschool, it takes me about 4 trips. First start the car and warm it up, then take each kid one by one to buckle them in, because if I let them out thinking that they will actually walk to the vicinity of the car I would have better luck herding cats, in the dark, like it is here at 7:55am. Then remember to bring the extra cold weather clothing Ace is required to have at school in order to go outside. While trying to do this I of course slip and fall on the ice that is on my driveway, which prompted me to send the husband a death threat via text message, to which he responded "you need to be taking more vitamin D". 
Here we have an older brother trying to convince a younger brother to pull him in the sled. But Pierce is not one for following directions…bless his independent thinking!
Winner winner! Ace pulls the sled for round one. And while they played like this for a couple hours, the husband did a whole bunch of shoveling. Avalon and I watched from a safe distance in the house with money well spent on heat! 


  1. I know it's kind of mean to laugh at your description of getting in the car... But I did just the same. I can almost picture it. :)

  2. hahahaha I definitely think that's more than a dusting! I was freezing this morning taking Maddie to the doctor and it was like 33 out. I can't even imagine Alaska.

  3. Bahaha ... a dusting. Holy hell! I wonder what your blizzard looks like?? LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. LMAO I'm dying!! I would've totally sent the same text message and my husband would've TOTALLY responded the same way. And "herding cats" and "Chris and Rihanna", you kill me. It's so crazy that it's still dark out at that time and all the extra stuff you have to do when you live somewhere so cold. When is it dark all the time? Isn't it like dark up there during some part of the year all day and night or at least most of the day?



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