Take Me To The Top…. Of Mt. Alyeska

Dec 1, 2013

While my father in law was in town we decided to show him the very majestic side of living in Alaska, and that is taking him to the tallest point we could, without actually having to hike. That is when the aerial tram at Alyeska came in handy. 

One of the most beautiful places I have seen while in Alaska is the mountains in Girdwood, and more specifically Mt. Alyeska. It doesn't hurt that there is a beautiful resort at the bottom of this mountain. 

 I have to admit we sure know how to pick the days to leave the house…it was about -12 out and being the pure geniuses that we are we decided that today would be the day to venture to the top of this 2,300 foot mountain. 

The tram is a pretty quick ride to the top, and the kids made for some great entertainment to the other passengers. They were running and jumping up and down to stay warm. And of course there is nothing cuter than a 2 year old screaming "mama mama woooooow that a big nountian". Or when your 3 year old projects to everyone that he has to "pee like a race horse". 
Once we got to the top we discovered that the only warm places were the bathrooms so we divided into our God given genders and booked it. We warmed our eyeballs up so that we were able to blink again, and ultimately take in the view. It was beautiful up at the top!

My father in law was freezing! Freezing!! Avalon was the warmest out of all of us…as she should be. But man I was jealous of her happy squeals as I was asking Chris if I had boogers stuck to my face because I couldn't feel a thing. The boys enjoyed a quick snowball fight before the tram came back to pick us up. 

While we were waiting a couple from Colorado asked where we were from, we said "oh we live here" the looks on their faces were hilarious! They said "really, like all year around?" "yep all year around". We explained that we were Army, and that brought on question after question for the husband to answer, while I kept the boys from attempting to stick their tongues on every piece of metal on this entire tower made of metal!!!! 

Fun times with the traveling circus! 


  1. Yup. Much prettier than when I visited that mountain. Must be all that snow. But I did have sufficiently moist eyeballs though. ;) fair trade?

  2. Gorgeous view, yes. Would I ever do it? Only if I was in a thing like Avalon. haha
    That is too cold!

    One time while on the plane Emma yelled "Mommy! I just farted!" she had headphones on and I'm pretty sure the whole plane heard her. haha

  3. Wow this place looks absolutely amazing!

  4. Great photos. Looks like you had perfect weather too - clear skies and sunshine! Love Girdwood.

  5. I'm am shivering looking at these photos. Jeebus! It is an amazing view though! Thanks for lovely photos. Now I'll never have to go visit myself.

  6. Wow, I wouldn't even know how to dress myself or my children for temps like that, holy cow!! The view is AMAZING, it doesn't even look real. I have GOT to go to Alaska!!! I would probably die there but it's just so beautiful. Avalon looked soooo cozy! Geez I'm feeling cold just looking at these pics lol.



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