There were more Tricks than Treats

Nov 3, 2013

Alrighty…late Halloween post here we go. I wanted to post this the day after Halloween but I was trying to get all my kids on the same page of healthy.

Ace woke up on Halloween with a 103 fever! He was coughing, he didn't even want to wake up. Obviously I kept him home from school, which did not go over well once he realized it was Halloween and he had his school party. But there is always next year. He pretty much slept the whole day which only made me realize how sick he was because nothing keeps this kid down.

Then at a early 4:30 in the pm our door bell rings, surely this cannot be trick or treaters already!!?? Low and behold a little fairy princess and mickey show up at my door. I was still in my pajamas, I also had NO candy yet. Yes I was procrastinating since the days leading up to Halloween I was dealing with a sick and extremely angry teething 5 month old. So I politely said, can you hang on one second while I grab the candy? In all actuality I went into the diaper bag and grabbed some lollipops I keep in there for emergency outing purposes. Then I quickly texted the husband saying WE NEED CANDY ASAP! To which he did not respond to until 6:00! So that was more of a trick than a treat.

I felt horrible that Ace was sick, but he did get to dress up earlier in the week for a Halloween party so I didn't feel like he was completely missing out. 
As soon as the husband got home we quickly transformed him into this magnificent piece of man gorgeousness!! 
Ace was feeling a tiny bit better at this point and wanted to put on his costume to hand out candy at the door. My poor baby, nothing breaks a mothers heart more then feeling completely helpless while your kids are suffering.
Pierce on the other hand will always be the life of the party! This kid had every person cracking up at the door. He would say "hi hatty haddoweennnnn" " You can have two candies" "You hear me two candies" "otay tank you come again". Or my favorite of the night "uh you have to say twik or tweat pease". Haha!

No child was harmed in the taking of these pictures, so no need to report us to CPS or Rick Grimes for your Walking Dead fans. Avalon was completely asleep during this picture, so no harm no foul!
We had so much fun handing out candy! Trick or treating in Alaska is quite the experience. Thankfully there was no snow, but it was 30 degrees out! Parents actually drive their kids door to door, so there was just a line of very slow moving cars on our street for about 2 hours. Our house was indeed very scary, and some parents looked at us like we were crazy. But hey, you only live once, and we take every opportunity to laugh and have a good time as a family. 

I hope everyone had a spooktastic Halloween. Time to get into Turkey mode gobble gobble!


  1. That is a sweet zombie make up job!!!

  2. I love your costumes!!! Amazing! :)

  3. Loooove your costumes lol. That is seriously so sucky about Ace, poor little dude :( We weren't sick on Halloween but we are now, fun times. And I'm super impressed that you even answered your door since you were totally unprepared, and then to go grab the backup candy in your diaper bag!

  4. Both of you look AMAZING!!
    I'm glad that the little ones were feeling better that evening.



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