Weekend Mom Uniform

Nov 29, 2013

Well you know Thanksgiving was a huge success when you pull out your denim with the most stretch in them! My black friday shopping consisted of laying around while scoping out deals on my couch, with a box of my favorite cookies! I do not do hoards of people waiting in disneyland like lines for a deal. And surprisingly the online deals were really good, I am anxious to see what cyber monday brings to the shopping table. 

But this outfit served me well as I devoured these cookies, and made my way out for a coffee. This sweater is mens, and it is so super comfy! I got a small in it, and it does a great job of hiding my food baby. These jeans are one of my absolute favorites, as is this beanie that I have been wearing consistently for about a month now. And if nothing else…these cookies…if it was wrong to eat this whole box, well then damn it I don't want to be right!


  1. So. You're funny. ;) and I'm impressed you wear jeans at all! From the girl in leggings. Always.

  2. Cute. I wore very stretchy pants and a sweater. They are the comfiest things ever!
    My husband and a few of his buddies ventured out to Wal Mart around 10 am yesterday, they said the deals were not that great while I hit up the online deals for things not needed, but most definitely were wanted.

  3. Oh cookies.. I was definitely lacking cookings during my Black Friday shopping. That would have been the icing on the cake to shopping from bed.

  4. Love it! :) We didn't venture out for Black Friday but scored some awesome deals when we were out today. :)



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