Winter Clothes - Alaskan Style

Nov 21, 2013

So I am still very much a novice when it comes to this whole dressing for the cold thing. But I have gotten pretty good at getting the boys bundled and warm. I do this song and dance just about everyday and can now get both boys dressed and in the snow in about 40 minutes. Oh you think that is a long time? That is just the two of them…I didn't add myself and the baby into this equation. 

All of these items I own, and can vouch for their cold weather durability! When I moved to Alaska I had no idea what a base layer was…and was pretty sure a balaclava was a greek dessert! Little did I know that it was that hood pictured above, and that it would be essential for my kids when the temps get below 10 degrees. Thanks to the lovely people at REI for putting up with all my insane questions, and trying very hard not to look at me like I am crazy. I am pretty sure that a couple employees even talked a little slower when explaining things so me, as if I didn't speak english. But life's a dance, we learn as we go, as my good friend John Michael Montgomery once said. Please tell me someone knows that song…it is in the genre of country…look it up…listen to it…two step if you must!


  1. As I was reading your graphic title my daughter hit play on her iPad of the shower scene from Elf. I say it's fate. Forty minutes to me seems pretty much an act of God. And I'm cold just reading this post. I thought I could handle it. I used to live in Maine. But then you said ten below and you lost me.

  2. I can't even handle that 10 degrees nonsense. That sled is pretty awesome though.

    Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. ;)
    Love me some country!

  3. Freezing cold weather makes it SO hard to pull a cute outfit together sometimes! That chillin hat is awesome!

  4. I'm definitely not good at dressing for cold either!

  5. God help me if we ever have to go to Alaska. Or anywhere with snow.... I don't know how to dress for the cold & I'm even worse when it comes to the kids. 40 minutes is insane!!!



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