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Dec 5, 2013

So Chris returned to work yesterday after two weeks of leave (vacation). I was bummed to say the least. I love having that man home, an extra set of hands goes a long way when it comes to this crazy bunch. Not to mention he is not easily phased by the cold unlike my wuss of a self, so he was able to take the boys out to play almost everyday! And as much as I try to play with the boys…dad is a superhero, and mom just doesn't make the same noises while playing trains and helicopters…
But one thing I do know how to do, is deal with Ace's one million tantrums over not wanting to eat breakfast. I swear this kid goes on a hunger strike every other day. Or he requests outrageous things for breakfast like…sushi…olives…caesar salad. Yes these are all wonderful things for him to eat, expect it is 7:00am and we need to be to school by 8. He settled for 3 bites of oatmeal…whatever I tried. 
I think I lived off of coffee alone seeing as how Avalon decided that sleep was her nemesis the night before, and she woke up every.two.hours. That has not happened since she was just weeks old. The husband got so annoyed with it that he went down to the guest room to sleep. If thoughts could kill…death. 

I definitely have some kind of routine when it comes to the daily grind. I mean at least in my head it resembles a routine, I am sure to others it looks like chaos. But the kids eat at certain times, nap a certain times, play and whatever else so that I am able to get a load of laundry in, or the dish washer unloaded. But when Chris is home routine and order go right out the window. There is no cleaning being done, it is pretty much a family frat house and we just try and pack in as much fun as we possibly can before dad disappears into the army abyss.  So my house looks like a dump, it probably smells, there are missing juice cups that I am sure I will find under the couch, there is crap everywhere. 

Play hard…mess even harder!
The kids annoyed each other and Ace made it very clear to me that I was annoying him by repeating the same phrases all day, "please be nice" "no fighting" "keep your hands to yourself" "share share SHARE"…fa la la la la LA LA LA LA!!!!

I am thankful it is a short week for the husband, and he will grace us with his "fun parent" presence this weekend :)


  1. looks like you have fun with those 3.

  2. Ahhh.. I feel ya! Whenever Mike's home for more than a weekend the house gets out of hand and so do our schedules.

  3. Family frat house. Haha I like that!

  4. It makes such a difference to have an extra pair of hands around the house! The first day home alone with the kids after my hubby went back to work after leave was crazy! I forgot how to do things on my own! You're a supermom

    1. I hear ya! When we combine our energy we almost match the boys…plus a few cups of coffee :)



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