Christmas Tree Survival Plan

Dec 5, 2013

We put the tree up! This is super exciting for us because we never get the tree up this early. Call us parental grinches, but we are a put the christmas tree up after thanksgiving kind of family. And if the husband had it his way the tree would go up the week before christmas. But this year I begged for some early holiday cheer…for the kids sake of course. Chris knows just how annoying I can get, so he gave in after a day of my "jeez this room would look great with a big tree in it" or "wow look kids the neighbors have their tree up"….

My husband really should have been an actor instead of a solider because he "acts" like he doesn't want a tree or he isn't into the whole decorating thing, but once he gets a whiff of that noble fir, he turns into santa's little helper. 

There aren't many options when it comes to tree lots here in Anchorage. But we have gone to Bell's Nursery  two years in a row and loved their selection. 
I also really like this tree place because it is indoors and heated!!! I knew that Santa would be there and I figured this would be the perfect time to get all the kids a commemorative photo. When we walked in and saw Santa in his sleigh I asked Ace if he wanted to go see him, he replied "uh thats a negative mom". Monkey see monkey don't and Pierce said "I no want to eidder mama". I figured I could save the $24 since I can hear Ace scream nonsense anytime, I do not need to provoke him in front of Old Saint Nick himself. 
On the drive home we tried to decide how we would decorate the tree this year. Last year we did the whole colorful lights, and ornaments on only the top half of the tree. But this year with Avalon crawling and pulling herself up on everything we thought we would tone it down, as not to tempt her anymore with colorful hanging balls. 

Ace was all about the simple white lights and ribbons. He loves the magic of all things Christmas, which makes me love this time of year even more. Kids and Christmas just go hand in hand. They believe with all their hearts about every detail about this holiday. The significance of the tree, and the presents that will appear. The reindeer, the elves, the sleigh, the naughty or nice references. It is all so fun for them, and I take my job as Christmas cheerleader very seriously. We sing we dance we yell HO HO HO at the top of our lungs. Don't get me wrong this is clearly not the true meaning of Christmas, and yes I want my children to know the real magic of this holiday and why we celebrate. But I want them to enjoy the fun and be kids and be silly…I mean lets be honest I am not the model of seriousness over here. 
And there she is in all of her sparkly glory! I just hope that she can withstand my three crazy christmas fanatic children because man I enjoy the smell of her in the house! 


  1. Looking lovely! We tie ours to the window so the kids can't pull it over. Because I value their lives.

  2. Gorgeous tree! We're an after Thanksgiving family also, but it's like the day after. This would be WAY too late for me.

  3. beautiful tree!!! I've never done a real tree, and my husband reminds me every year that he grew up with real trees. I told him when he's ready to clean all the pine needles that fall off, then he can get a real one. Needless to say, we have two fake trees this

    1. Haha!! Ya the needles are most certainly an added tasks, and we usually find them somewhere in the house months after christmas...but what can you do?

  4. It looks beautiful! We are definitely doing a real tree next year. I'm so over this tree that looks small and insignificant in our new house. Rey would love decorating a real tree too.. though I am sure there would be a freaking cluster f... of stars somewhere on it - dammit!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. Just found your blog via a day of k... absolutely love your tree. we have a real tree this year and it's just magical!
    happy holidays!



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