Gift Ideas for the Kids

Dec 3, 2013

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My boys aren't particularly hard to buy for, what is hard is to buy things that will last and keep their interest for more than 5 minutes. Also I have to get things that will work for both boys because inevitably they will switch ownership of each toy just about every hour. These are some of the toys that just might make it under the tree. 

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Avalon being the third child really has the toy advantage in my opinion. The boys pretty much have every toy in the newborn-12 month category. So for her first Christmas I really get to find things that I think she would be into. Teething is in full gear around here so anything to ease that pain is high on Santa's priority list. And this little girl loves anything that makes a banging noise…musical toys…check! 


  1. Great list! We have that drum instrument set and Letty still plays with it almost daily. Prepare your ears. ;)

  2. And hide the sticks. Those are weapons!!! Ouch.

  3. Lincoln Logs! I used to love those things.

  4. Love! You always post the best ideas. :)

  5. My son has that drum set and absolutely ADORES it!

  6. Great picks, Since my boys are all grown up I am out of the toy loop. Now I have some up-to-the-minute ideas for my grandson.
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    Barbara @

    1. I hope these help :) Thank you for stopping by!!



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