Preschool Art and a Parental Dilemma

Dec 15, 2013

Over the weekend Ace had a Christmas themed art class at his preschool. I originally did not sign him up for it because I thought well the husband has the weekend off so I don't want to take time away from him. But then we found out that we would be getting snow dumped on us, so I figured Ace should have a chance to get out of the house.

His teacher had asked if I wouldn't mind coming in to take a few pictures of the kids and their craftiness. I said yes of course because I am almost 100% sure I am the only parent that has yet to be seen at just about anything…. I blame my other offspring.
Ace was so excited to show me their tree that had a present underneath it just for him! We have zero presents under our tree at this time. I am working on it though…procrastination is where I excel in life!

Truth is this is one of the first times I have been able to see Ace really interact with his teacher and some of his classmates. This is actually one of the first time I have been able to escape from the house without Avalon. So I jumped at the opportunity to get some one on one time with my biggest kid!

When I showed up to take pictures Ace ran up to me and said "mommy I made you something" I was pretty excited to see what it was. He handed me a little box wrapped in red paper. He said "open it open it". I did, and inside I found some fudge! Ace told me he made it all by himself, and the teacher praised his listening skills while making this yummy treat. But in my head I was thinking, please don't ask me to eat this. I know I know this sounds horrible and I am probably going to mommy hell for thinking it, but I was just a little leery as to what actually might be in this fudge…

Since Ace has been in preschool he has come home with more colds, flu, pink eye, you name it we have all had it. So I had so many germy thoughts going through my head. I mean did he wash his hands? Is this even your fudge or some other kids? Did you pick your nose while making this? Did you drop it on the ground and pick it back up and say "its not that dirty" like you do with your own food? But alas he said, "try it mommy". I cringed for a second but felt an enormous amount of pressure considering all his little friends and the teacher were looking at me. I took a tiny tiny bite and said "yum!! this is so good Ace. I am going to save the rest to share with daddy." Dodged that bullet!
They really did do some fun Christmas crafts, better then anything I could ever come up with to do, so I was happy that I was there to witness it. I was also so happy to see the other side of Ace, the good, listening side of him. I personally do not get to see it much at home. But man, I was overwhelmed with pride when I saw my kid in his class. All the hair I have lost over battling with this child is paying off in other avenues of life. 

Ace selected where his art pieces should be hung and we all obliged. These are the first homemade Christmas decorations of many to come I am sure, but there is something about these being the first that I think I will always cherish! So proud of this little dude.

This parenting stuff is an emotional roller coaster…

But if I come down with mad cow disease this week, or some crazy bird flu, it was the fudge!


  1. Awh that's fun! My mother still had all of our preschool ornaments. They become treasures of sorts.

    You need amoxicillin on stand by.

  2. So cute!!!!! I've become a bit of a "hoarder" with my daughter's art projects from school, church, play group...wherever....I have finally come to a place where I can throw things away without feeling an enormous amount of guilt!

    1. This homemade art is all new to me so---let the hoarding begin :)

  3. He is beautiful! I love the ornament. I have so many saved. Lol about the fudge I would have felt the same way!
    Merry Christmas
    Colleen in NJ

    1. Glad I am not the only one who is cautious about the fudge eating!

  4. LOL, aw you took one for the team tasting that fudge hahaha. That is so sweet and cool that you got to go to his class and focus on just him, I'm sure he LOVED that! This parenting thing truly is a roller coaster, especially the "firsts", I teared up at the end of your post and seeing his little ornament on the tree lol! Sooo sweet and they just grow up too fast. He's a handsome little guy btw.

  5. Are you dead yet?
    That is a freaking riot and I know exactly what you mean. Rey and her class were cutting yesterday {yes with scissors!! Three year olds with scissors in their hands!} I about died. The only thing I could think was who was getting stabbed, which finger was going missing and oh, honey -- do we really need to bring your scraps of cut up paper home?
    Holy hell.

    Lanaya | xoxo

  6. The collection of school made ornaments begins here. I have every ornament you ever made. Keep them, they will still fill your heart with love even when they are faded and 23-years old.

  7. Such a handsome man he is! His art is adorable. We have the same stockings!

  8. Bahaha! I'd totally be scared of the fudge too! There's no telling what could be in there! I used to love being able to spy on V a little while she was in class. She was totally a different person. A nice little quiet person that listened.
    I love your stockings!!



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