Say What?

Dec 12, 2013

These little posts about the conversations with my kids are probably my favorite, and at the request of my husband this week here the are zingers that I could remember. Or some of the ones I got on video :)

You can check out the other interesting things my stand up comedians have said right here and here.
As I was trying to explain to Ace why he needs to be nice to Pierce.
Me: He looks up to you, you are his older brother.
Me: Yes, older just like the big brother.
Ace: No mom I Ace okay. Just Ace. No older. 

As Ace was throwing a tantrum on the stairs.
Me: Ace can you please calm down, and get off the stairs. 
Ace: Nooo I tannot calm down I freaking out!
 Grocery shopping with my spawn.
Avalon: crying
Pierce: Mom adalon is crying she need boob milk.
Me: ......uhhh.....

Ace woke up from his nap early.
Ace: Can I wake up Piercey?
Me: No lets give him 30 more minutes.
Ace: what! tirdy minutes? whats that mama you speakin spanish?
As we are all playing in the living room:
Ace: mom I so proud you know how to make a baby.
Me: oh ok thank you son!

Randomly Ace walks up to me:
Ace: hey mom want to give me a kiss so I can wipe it off?

After Ace woke up from his nap.
Ace: can I wake avalon up?
Me: no way.
Ace: yes I gunna wake her up, I want to.
Me: no ace let her sleep she is a baby, babies need lots of sleep.
Ace: hold on I go get the snow blower to wake her up. its nice and loud!
(as you can see Ace like to make my life a hell of a lot easier...)
Pierce has entered the stage of I would rather scream about everything then take a moment to tell you exactly what I want. So half of my day is like one big game of tantrum charades, I lose every time. Or maybe Pierce is the one losing since I can never figure out what he is screaming about and end up giving up before we get to the bonus round of the game.

At least they keep me laughing right? Hopefully this weekend will be filled with laughter on mother natures part as we are supposed to get feet of snow as opposed to inches. So I am planning on making this soup, and these cookies to keep us warm.


  1. Oh kids. So funny yes? Us stay-at-home moms need to take what we can get. If you make the cookies they are a lot more fun to bake with a side of wine. ;)

  2. He's freaking out MOM!!!
    Hahaha these little guys are so smart!

  3. Hahaha! These are hilarious. I live when kids tell random things like "boob milk" in public.

    1. I feel like that is the most PG thing they have said in public.



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