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Dec 30, 2013

Our weekend was quite uneventful…or maybe just uneventful to our standards. Saturday was filled with packing and cleaning in order to get rid of all things Christmas. Not that we don't enjoy the holiday but our tree had been dead for some time and it felt like a huge accomplishment to get rid of it, and pack up all the decorations in one day!!

So Sunday we decided it was a time for all parties involved to get dressed and get out of the house and into some crisp cold air. The only thing we could come up with was going on a walk, we like to live on the wild side over here! I wish going on a walk involved just grabbing the kids, loading the stroller and off we go. But alas, it entails rounding up any and all winter gear, getting base layers on every human, tracking down matching boots, and topping off the baby. So while all the winter wrangling was going on Pierce was having fun playing with a sleeping bag, clearly harmless right? Negative. We are still scratching our heads as to how he did this, but somehow he slipped or tripped or something and fell and hit the back of his head on the floor heaters. I heard a scream and came running to find my little dude holding his head. I convinced him to let me take a look, and at the preliminary glance I thought yep ER here we come. I called the husband over for a second opinion and he agreed that he could probably use one stitch to keep it together. Well somewhere in my brain I thought, one stitch I could just butterfly that baby and avoid putting Pierce through the trauma of the ER. So I traveled back in time to all those years I worked closely with many different large animal vets, and cared for too many of my horses getting hurt and decided I could handle this one. And we did, we cleaned that little wound out, reassessed the situation, bribed Pierce with enough chocolate to hold still while I cleared away some hair to apply the butterfly strip. He did great!! 

We thought we should just scratch the walk idea and watch Pierce to make sure he didn't have a concussion, but in true Pierce fashion he said "c'mon guys lets go lets go". I figured we should probably get him out of the house and keep him distracted so he didn't mess with the back of his head, and give that butterfly stitch a fighting chance. 
It was such a beautiful late afternoon/ evening, which up here is at about 3:00 pm. The sun sets at 3:45!!

 This is how you take an evening stroll in Alaska…kids on a sled…baby in a backpack!
We took the kids to Kincaid Park in south Anchorage, the trails are easy for the kids, and the views are amazing!! Not to mention there are so many trails that we can go there are goof off without bothering any REAL winter enthusiasts. 
In the end, he didn't want to go home. This kid is such a trooper. I can say with complete confidence that if a head wound had happened to Ace we would not hear the end of it. We would most definitly be sitting in the ER waiting for a "real doctor" to check him out, all while he is telling anyone who would listen that he broke his head and could possibly need a new one. But Pierce…not Pierce…he lives by the you only live once philosophy and would never waste a moment not smiling!! 

So here's to going out with a bang 2013, literally a bang on the noggin!


  1. Ah!!! Kids! They give my heart attacks. The ER is so traumatic. Glad you could fix it up and that he's such a good patient! What a view for a walk. Might be worth the cold.

  2. I love winter walks, especially in Kincaid Park.

  3. Glad you could fix your son up instead of making that dreadful trip to the ER! The photos are beautiful too!

    1. Totally!! And surprisingly the butterfly stitches have stayed in place the last 2 days!! Just call me Dr. Crazy!

  4. Way to go Dr. Mom! I totally would have flipped out. Glad you were able to save him the trauma of an ER visit and he cooperated with you.
    Wishing you and the family a very happy 2014!

  5. Lol that's so awesome. I mean, his attitude and your attitude! And what a gorgeous walk, holy crap! I'll think of you guys next time I'm complaining about how much work it is just to go out in our front yard. Finding shoes and clothes for everyone is enough to drive me insane, and I'm working with normal temps lol. Hope you guys have an awesome New Year!! :D

  6. Replies
    1. I agree, this is one of my favorite places!



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