Jurassic Park, meet my two year old.

Jan 28, 2014

Over the weekend we went to a "Frozen Game Day" at the Alaska Nature and Science Center. We thought this would be a great way to get the kids out of the house since we can't really play outside in the ice covered place we call home. The kids were all in rare form seeing as how taking them out these days is like letting zoo animals out of their cages. But this is the day I realized the profound difference between a four year old and a two year old.
Ace wanted to play all the games and look at all the dinosaur bones and animals. Pierce wanted to play fetch with the bones, and throw the "precious rocks" on the floor like he was playing hop scotch. Pierce also thought the strict NO RUNNING rule was more of a suggestion, as he used this place as the qualifying event to the toddler track olympics! Which he would win hands down because I could not catch him even if gold medals were falling from the sky.
Then we found this dinosaur dig place that was able to contain him for about 20 minutes while I caught my breath. Thank you to the genius who put this in the museum...I love you. Clearly you have children!
Then just as Ace was playing the fishing game with the very tiny pool filled with water, Pierce took the opportunity to qualify for the high dive event as well. He did a beautiful belly flop into that tiny pool of water which earned him a 10 from the judges. The judges being the 8-10 people around us giving us the death stare! Listen people I have a future olympian on my hands here, who am I to crush his dreams? Haven't you ever seen those P&G commercials? I am the glue holding this athlete together. Even though after he jumped in and realized how soaked he was he had a meltdown!
The days of me getting frustrated or embarrassed of my kids actions are over. Truth is they do grow out of these antics. Ace has severely calmed down in his four years of living. He is more curious with how things work, asking questions, trying to learn and absorb the world around him. So I know that this maniac of a two year old I have will grow and change, but right now he is a force to be reckoned with. I cannot help but laugh at some of the things he does even if they are utterly inappropriate and all together rule breaking. He is two and I can't blame him for viewing everything he encounters as an obstacle course. 
Avalon was a dream as usual, and after we tricked Pierce into participating in a cupcake walk, and me begging the high school girl running the game to just give him a damn cupcake so we could get him to the car even though he had technically lost twice, it all worked out. Which thank you high school girl for breaking the rules, I know it pained you, but one day you will remember that crazy mom who looked at you with such desperation and think....I am glad I helped a sister out!
Once we arrived home the fun didn't end...Avalon and I just got to watch from a safe distance while the boys wrestled their sugar high off. 

"Girl you crazy"

Jan 24, 2014

That post title is an exact quote from Ace! If I wasn't actually acting crazy this week I might have looked at him sideways…but he is right. This week I have been all over the place, and so this post will follow suit. 

Avalon is teething, or cutting two teeth rather (4 total now), which means she has now given me the equivalent of what I imagine to be a bed sore on the side of my hip from holding her all.the.damn.time. I am about ready to melon ball my eyes out if she does not stop waking up every other hour to just be held! Ya, no nursing, no sleeping……juuuuuust holding! (the first night it was cute, the fourth night it was hell). 

Ace is on a whole new level of not listening when it come to his independence of pooping. He insists on wiping himself with no less than half a roll of toilet paper and just flush flush flushing to get it all down, which results in flood flood flooding!!!! Not once but twice he did this to me to the point that I had to strap on my rain boots to rectify the situation.

But thanks to this time sucking thing called the internet I am able to get lost for a hours moment. Sharing is caring people….

Get familiar, because the mule is going to be springs must have shoe! Mom you should be thrilled…you have been rocking the mule non-stop since the 80's. This pair just happens to be on my wish list. But since Alaska has about four more months of winter I am in no rush to hit the add to cart

Staying on my money spending topic, I am super excited about Target's latest collaboration with Peter Pilotto happening February 9th. The plus side to living in Alaska is that no one cares about this. So I can roll up at two in the afternoon and all this stuff will still be there. You can see the full collection here

As if my love for Jenna Lyons and J Crew couldn't get any deeper…she details rooms in her home

Jessica wrote a funny yet truthful post about parenting practices that should just stop. 

Are you addicted to blogging? Don't lie to yourself you probably are. Erin will tell you why!

Now I am off to text the husband one million texts about nothing of importance but that will hopefully make him worry about my mental well being and come straight home from work…no don't go to the gym…do not collect two hundred dollars, actually hubs if you find an extra two benjamin's you can just hand it to me and no one gets hurt!

Cheers to the weekend!!

Finally getting settled in...

Jan 21, 2014

Over the four day weekend the husband and I decided randomly on Saturday night at about 7 in the pm to purge our entire house! Yes, we have never claimed to be a very sane couple. And there really was no rhyme or reason to any of this. We did have a few boxes from our move (which happened 4 months ago) that were not unpacked, but nothing of any importance really. So we just started throwing crap everywhere! Once we started we just couldn't stop, I now know how my kids feel when they begin to tear apart the playroom, you just aren't satisfied until the whole place is a danger zone! That was us, just dumping boxes out, pulling things out of closets. We were like crazy people. Finally once there was no floor to be seen we looked at each other like…well now what the hell do we do? What was the point of all this? 

So we decided to get organized, throw out things we have been hoarding and really start to utilize all the space this house has. In the process we ended up sitting on the floor looking through old family photos, pictures of ourselves in middle school and high school (scary…really scary). It all lead up to the pictures of when we first met, pictures of Ace as a baby. We probably sat there for a good two hours just reminiscing. After putting together a huge box of memories we just sat there so content…so satisfied. Like after you eat thanksgiving dinner and you are just so fat and happy. That was us, I think for both of us in that moment we felt content with life. We realized how far we have come and didn't really care about how much further we have to go. All the things on our "bucket lists" just kind of disappeared. It took all the strength we had not to go wake up every child and just squeeze them! See I told you were don't really think things through…we were about to go wake up three children in the middle of the night just to hang out. 

We needed this little tornado of a cleaning session. All too often do Chris and I just go through the motions. He has his schedule and I have mine. We try to stay in our own lane, mostly during the week because that is when we fall more heavily into a routine. Routines are great and all when it comes to kids, but for us we need that extra bit of craziness. 

And now after three days of trying to put together the mess we were able to create in 45 minutes, I realized we got a good thing going here. Not a perfect thing, not always a happy thing, but a damn good one. I needed that reminder that in this family we fight hard but love even harder.
This picture clearly has nothing to do with this post, but it has all three munchkins together which is rare!

Sometimes we turn into children

Jan 20, 2014

The weather over the weekend was awful! At one point it was in the 40's, which sounds great and all but not when you have so many inches of snow melting and then freezing overnight. The roads were horrible, our driveway was one big ice rink, and just being outside was gross with all the mud. So we decided to make a day of it with indoor activities.
First we embarked on the ever so wonderful indoor bounce place. We got there right when it opened so we had free reign on all the big slides!! Chris and I should never be allowed to take our children to these places because we turn in to the biggest kids ourselves. There was a sign that said "no adults allowed except to help toddlers" well it just so happens that I have two toddlers and a baby…so boom! I got to jump right up on those slides and bouncers and show my kids how its done. Once other parents and kids started showing up the husband and I started getting some not so nice looks, and to those stuffy parents I say, lighten up!!! Avalon had no idea what to make of this place. She didn't want to be put down the whole time and my arm hit muscle failure about 30 minutes in, so that was fun. After about an hour Ace said "I'm over it lets go to the next place". Done and done!
The next place just so happened to be chuck e cheese. My kids can tell you that I am never one to go to these places. Germs freak me out…but I am trying very hard to live in the moment so when the husband mentioned this germ minefield I went in guns blazing. Guns being two purell bottles! We were shocked when we showed up and there were only two other families there!!! This kind of luck never happens to us, but man we were excited. We played every.single.game in there. This is Chris's dream day if we are being honest. He was running around more excited than Ace. I was excited for my medium cheese pizza that I enjoyed all to myself while Avalon took a little snooze.
Ace kept saying "man this is awesome" "this is the best day". Hearing these little remarks made all the five minute hand sanitizing sessions worth it, kind of. But it was a pretty amazing day. There was not one tantrum!!! Not one! There were no potty accidents. There were also NO naps! Well except from Avalon, but she is the easiest child to cart around so she doesn't get added into this equation. But these boys man, they were just ridiculously fun. Sometimes as parents you need days like this, days to just get out of the house with no real plan. Ya it may not be something you absolutely want to do at the place you want to be doing it at. But the runny nose and cough I have now acquired is welcomed,  just seeing my whole family laughing, dancing around completely stress free was the best. 

After this fun filled extravaganza I required a very large cup of coffee to make it to bed time, where I slept like a rock. 

The plague has reached the North

Jan 15, 2014

I would like to start by thanking our pediatrician for always shedding light on the fact that we live alllllll the way up in Alaska. Just last week he said, "so how is everyone fairing this flu season?" I told him so far so good. His response was "well it always makes its way up to Alaska last so if it is bad down below we are next". Thank you…thank you for all your words of medical wisdom!

So here I sit with Projectile Pierce and State the Obvious Ace as we battle through this plague of puke!

The other day started off as a normal Tuesday morning with the usual fights before we load up to take Ace to his mothership of preschool where he can fool everyone into thinking that he is the nicest sweetest most loving toddler in all the land. No one appeared sick at this time. We drop Ace off and I thought to myself, this morning is calm enough for me to get a coffee…BOOM. Projectile Pierce rears his ugly (but still very cute) head!! He said "mommy water came out my mouth". Let me just tell you, there is nothing worse then cleaning up chocolate milk that has attempted to be digested! I pulled over and cleaned up as best I could, but like the unprepared mother figure that I am, I had no towels, blankets, paper towels, nothing to really throw over him in order to prevent another episode from soaking into the crevasses of his car seat. So I wrapped plastic grocery bags around every exposed part of his body. Then I did my best to get him home as fast as possible through some freshly fallen snow-----which means it took for-ev-er! All I kept hearing was the crinkling of plastic from the backseat…

To my surprise as we pulled in the driveway the husbands car was home, I thought YES, he will surely be a dreamboat and help me out. Negative. I got Pierce in and heard "whoa did he throw up?" you bet your tight army ass he did!! Then faster than I could say help he was down the hallway saying "let me know when it has gone through all of you and I'll come home". That man…he is funny!
Thank the appliance making gods for the sanitize cycle on my washer….

Poor Pierce had to get loaded back in the car to go pick up his sure to be loving older brother. He slept the whole way which was a blessing. I don't know how he could sleep with the lingering smell of his stomach acid…but bless his nocturnal ways. As soon as I put Ace is the car he said "MOM WHAT IS THAT SMELL?" "Nope no way I not getting in the car it smells nasty". I took a second to gather my nice mommy thoughts…

The whole way home I heard, "mom are you kidding me this car smells" "what is wrong with Pierce?" "mom you need a candle in here". All I could think was oh my sweet baby Ace the flu does not discriminate….

Four day weekend you could not come fast enough!

Kids Clothes Roundup

Jan 14, 2014

Cowboys 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8
Cowgirls 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7

I love shopping for kids clothes, there is just so much cute stuff out there. I feel like I buy the most clothes for Ace because he actually leaves the house to go to school, and then those clothes get passed to Pierce. I can't really say they get "passed down" because both boys wear the same size in everything despite the age difference. And Avalon…who can resist buying little girl clothes? 

Its his birthday but I'll stress out if I want to

Jan 12, 2014

Yep, Ace turned four on Friday, and we celebrated with just our little family. I wish I could be that pinterest-y mother with cute hand made decorations, and table runners and straws and mason jars..the list goes on. But sad news…I'm not. Maybe one day, but Friday was not that day. Sorry Ace, mommy promises to get better at this domestic thing. But instead we kicked it old school with store bought party decorations and a grocery store cake!
But that is not the fun part. This birthday would have been a great one, even a fantastic one, if just one thing would have gone right. All Ace wanted for his birthday was this shark plane, THIS shark plane, that is it. He wanted it for Christmas but it was out of stock and he has made a point to tell EVERYONE that he DID NOT get the shark plane from Santa and Santa must not LOVE him because he DID NOT bring him the shark plane, are you getting the severity of this situation  or do I need to add more CAPS? So as any down right awful parent I signed up for the email notification of when the shark plane is in stock. I prayed, I crossed my fingers, I prayed some more, I was __ close to lighting a candle. And sure enough on Monday December 31st I get an email notification at 6:00 am that the shark plane is in stock. I jumped out of bed so fast ran down the stairs and ordered said magnificent shark plane AND paid $34.99 for 3 day shipping to ensure that we had this bad boy for Ace's birthday. Well on Monday the 6th four days before Ace's birthday a huge box arrives. I open it with such satisfaction and relief, only to see that IT IS NOT THE SHARK PLANE!!!!!! No toys r us sent us some helicopter crap. Seriously I screamed. This plane will be the death of me. So I called to see what my options were about getting this plane in the next 4 days. Well of course it was OUT OF STOCK again, and the customer service rep was not getting that I was about to fail as a parent to a toddler boy. Nothing, no option because there was no in store pick up for Alaska. Of course why would there be? So we attempted to make up for it by buying every other military like flying object. 

Then Ace wanted a Thomas the Train cake, I thought oh this one is so doable! I go to the store look through the book, Ace picks the one he wants. There is no one there to take a cake order, and all three nuggets were having a fit, so I took a picture of the page on my phone and figured I could just call it in. I mean I had the cake order number and everything. So I did just that, called it in. Explained to the lady it is the one in the book on page number 15, order number blah blah blah. She said absolutely, no problem, order was placed. I go to pick up the cake and IT'S THE WRONG CAKE!!!! I wanted to throw the cake against the wall and karate chop this lady. Can I catch a break please? I just want to give my first born child the birthday that he wants. So I had to place a new cake order and sweat buckets hoping that they would get it done in less than 24 hours. Don't think for a second that Ace wouldn't have noticed that it was NOT the cake from the picture. So i had to get at least one thing right. All day on Friday Ace was asking, "mom when can I open my shark plane?" "mom did you get the shark plane?". I almost bought that damn shark plane off ebay for $120, even though it is only 59.99 online. But he wanted this thing so bad. We just kept distracting him with other toys, and the whole day Chris kept singing "you can't always get what you waaaant….." That did help as you can imagine. 
I think in the end he had a good birthday. Cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the boys went to see a movie, and there was plenty of family helicopter flying with sound effects and everything. 

The words "shark plane" have now been banned from the house…

Links I'm Lovin

Jan 11, 2014

Who says you can't blog on the weekends? Here I am about to spout off a list of things I have found on the world wide web. Now throw your hands in the air…and wave em like you just don't care…or because maybe you really don't care…ha!
Kayla was nice enough to include me in not one but two collaboration posts on Babble.

I need to read more, who doesn't? This list just might get me started.

This article speaks the truth about women and friendships!

Is your wardrobe cool enough for 2014? Umm…thats a negative ghost rider.

Michele wrote an amazing wedding toast to her sister, such a beautiful truth about love and marriage.

Anyone else loving the cape trend right now? Kendi is doing right by me!! I bought this one from Gap we will see how it goes.

Miss Grace has single handedly fixed my limp root problem. Products bought, products tried, products liked!!

I am very much thinking about adding these products here and here to my kitchen.

This makeup tutorial is my new favorite!! The challenge now will be to somehow get it done in about 5 minutes or less.

A very very interesting account of how to fall in love written by two 8 year old girls.

The polar vortex was a crazy thing to read about, watch on the news, and see peoples social media accounts of it all. And here we were in the tundra sitting pretty at about 30 degrees!

I am a sucker for a sale and there are still many going on out there, Madewell, J Crew and Factory, Gap, Old Navy, and Zara.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are continuing the birthday festivities!

Happy Fourth Birthday Ace!

Jan 10, 2014

Happy Birthday little man!! This time has flown by, but I couldn't be anymore grateful for the amazing little human you are becoming. Throughout our daily craziness you were the first one to teach me about the greatest gift in life, that being unconditional love. Four years ago today you turned our world upside down in the most incredible way. I am so very honored to be the one you call Mom. You have a sense of independence that will go unmatched in this family. Even at such a young age you are so very passionate about everything you do. You are the protector, the humor, the adventurer, and the lover. We could not be any more proud to sit on the bench and watch you play this game of life, because lets be honest you are the one calling all the shots here :)

I want so badly to press pause on this day just to stretch it out a little bit longer so we can celebrate all that is Ace. But instead I am going to hurry upstairs and wait for you to open those big brown eyes so we can get this party started! I love you more than my next breath…Happy Birthday!

The stuff dreams are made of

Jan 9, 2014

Ever have one of those days that you just open your eyes and you know it's not going to be good? Not that you wake up in a bad mood…just that you have that feeling like it might have been a full moon and your kids turned into werewolves. Well that was yesterday! I got very very little sleep, I blame the fact that my husband chose a profession that allows him to jump out of perfectly good airplanes at all hours of the day. So I was up not only waiting to know he hit the ground safely, but also because I am a paranoid freak and think that every.little.noise means someone is clearly breaking into the house and I have no choice but to get up and turn on ALL the lights and ensure our safety is a go! This goes on for hours…its really ridiculous. But the husband got home in time for me to get 3 hours of solid sleep!

Avalon had a doctors appointment in the morning and I exhausted all avenues trying to not bring all three kids with me because I thought I had learned my lesson, but alas I was joined by all three musketeers. Getting them all dressed was hell, Pierce didn't want to wear his boots, Ace wanted to wear sandals, yadda yadda. Before we left I forced Ace to stand in front of the toilet until he felt the need to pee, this took forever but our pediatricians office is near our old house which is not near our new house. So jackets, boots, gloves, hats on. To the car to take jackets, gloves, hats off. We are in the car for about 7 minutes before Ace announces that he has to poop! REALLY! You just stood in front of the toilet for 10 minutes and didn't feel that urge then? I questioned him a few times and he insisted that he had to go REAL BAD. I turned around and headed back to the house to get him out so he could do his business. At this point we were going to be very late! I called the doctor to let him know because I didn't want to be those people holding up the waiting room. He assured me that we had time. Great, Ace is of the male population and does all his best thinking on the porcelain throne so it took awhile. Back to the car…off we went. 

I have learned that my children are great as long as we are in motion. Walking from the car to the doctors office, perfection-we are in motion. Waiting in the waiting room, horrible-not in motion. As we are making our way back to the exam room, perfect-once again we are in motion. Are you getting it? So we weigh Avalon, she is huge. A 7 month old 21 pound 28 1/2 inches kind of huge. But healthy as a horse! She did need shots so we waited….and we waited…and we waited until the nurse came back in. We have never waited this long, but they did warn me that they had a ton of sick little kiddos on the other side of the office. Ace and Pierce were starting to lose it, so I was forced to go all mary poppins on their butts and start pulling things out of my bag. I didn't go straight for the big guns just yet, I started with crayons and paper until Pierce started coloring on the wall. Then we went with a little race car action until Ace threw one in the trash. Then I was forced to pull out the iPad and chocolate…works every time. Silence. As we waited I took the opportunity to nurse Avalon, that's when I realized that I forgot to put breast pads in. Oh the glorious feeling of a shirt soaked in boob milk. The nurse came administered the shots and we booked it out of there faster then Ace could say I have to pee again!
Being the idiot that I am I decided that since we were on this side of town I might as well pick up the box the post office has been sending me notices about, as well as run through Target because, well, its Target. But no really we needed diapers and wipes. We went to the post office right next to our old house where the post master knows us quite well. He is so friendly and he said to Ace, "hey little man how are you" Ace replied "I have a butt hole". Wow! Great! Lovely! A simple "fine" would have been nice. Of course Pierce found this hilarious and started repeating "butt hole butt hole" all the way out the door. At this point I thought maybe we should just go home. But I knew I had about a handful of diapers left for Avalon so if she had a bomb kind of a day I might be out of luck. So I sucked it up and set my sights on Target. Once we got there I threw all children in one cart, used some threatening parenting techniques and walked through those automatic doors into the glorious warmth. I most definitely power walked my ass off to try and get through this excursion. Ace attempted to jump out of the cart every 10 seconds. Pierce poked Avalon in the eye no less than 8 times. Ace was sure to reprimand him by saying "Pierce you do that again and we will leave you here". We grabbed diapers and wipes and a few holiday scented candles that were on sale because thats necessary? As we are checking out Pierce reaches over and pulls a row of those iTunes gift cards off the shelf. I hurry to put them shove them somewhere back and turn around to pay. Ace asks for some form of candy and I say no and he yells "WHAT! why do you do this to me?" We make it to the car and as I am unloading Avalon I hear a horrifying crash…bye bye holiday candles, thank you Pierce. I buckled every last child in and made my way to the drivers seat and just sat there for a minute thinking maybe I should update my resume.

We make it close enough to the house for Ace to announce he has to pee yet again. Either this child has the bladder of a nine month pregnant woman or someone gave him a gallon of water as a sick joke!

---kelsey over and out----

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Jan 7, 2014

So since most of the country is in the midst of an ice age (somehow we in Alaska are not) I figured I would post a little treat that helps me out on the days that happen to be below zero! So jump on the Nutella train people…choo choo ride it…

Even if you are not a Nutella fan, I can promise you the hot chocolate version will rock your frozen world! 
similar mug here
-Cinnamon (or any topping of your choice, chocolate shavings, marshmallows, caramel, sea salt)

-I use 2-3 tablespoons of Nutella for every one cup of milk. Heat half the milk in a saucepan over medium high heat and add in Nutella. Once the Nutella has melted into the milk pour the remaining milk in and heat, stirring occasionally until heated through. 

Easy as that!

If you are feeling really frisky whip up some homemade whipped cream to throw on top. Add some toppings, I like a dusting of cinnamon, but sea salt is another one of my favorites. Hopefully this heats your bones for a little bit :) 

The Back Story To Our Army Life

Jan 5, 2014

So I have gotten some questions about the army life we currently find ourselves in. I do not really talk about the army that much on this little blog because I don't really talk about it much outside of it either. But for the few people that have asked kind of how we got here and where we started nine years ago…this is for you!

I met my husband a few months after I started college, he was at his first duty station after graduating basic training. He had been at ft. lewis maybe six months before I met him. At this point he was an insanely unruly private with little inhibitions and a whole lot of adrenaline. Pretty much every parents nightmare when they send their daughter off to college in another state! But, he turned out to be quite the gentleman! Anyway he was enlisted throughout his deployment to Iraq, and upon returning to the homeland after 15 months he we decided that maybe he should try his hand at the life of a civilian. We got married three weeks before he deployed so we also wanted to give this marriage thing a real fighting chance. So he got out as a sergeant, and we were two 21 year olds against the world.
We moved to Scottsdale, AZ because Chris got accepted to Embry Riddle to study aeronautical science. In our heads it was going to be great! But, many many jobs weren't panning out, and he did not have his degree finished to fall back on. The economy crashed and we were left scratching our heads. As luck would have it Chris ran into a friend he knew from ft. lewis at the barbershop, this friend was now and AGR recruiter and told Chris all about it. It seemed like a pretty sweet gig compared to the unemployment train. So one thing led to another and Chris was off to recruiting school for two months. Even more luck was on our side because there was one recruiting position in Scottsdale available, that meant no moving was needed. Sweet!
I ended up getting a job shortly after, and the first day of said job I found out I was pregnant. Recruiting was a much different beast then regular army life. For the most part I was married to a civilian, but a civilian on numbers. There were early mornings, and long nights. There was a recruiting cell phone that never stopped ringing. But we were about to start a family, and we were both still full time students on top of everything. So recruiting was much much better then another deployment. We had the freedom to travel and the time to finish school. But after graduating with his degree Chris knew he wanted something more, there were things left unfinished from when he left the infantry. Goals he had yet to meet, and for some crazy reason he was yearning for the suck! So he sat me down and we had a looooong conversation about becoming an Officer. There were packets to submit, tests to take, and not a lot of time to do it in. The day we found out Chris's officer packet was accepted we also found out that we were excepting baby numero dos. I was freaking out because my due date was right in the middle of OCS (officer candidate school). But this was something we had already committed to do, Chris had worked hard to get to this point and I wasn't about to let my fears of giving birth by myself get in the way of our future. So Chris was released from recruiting as a staff sergeant and off to officer school and Ace and I stayed in Arizona waiting for  Pierce's arrival. This period was really tough, we had very limited communication, I had no idea how or if I would be able to tell Chris when I was having this baby. But Pierce was born on labor day (quite fitting) 2011 while Chris was on the phone with me standing outside a barnes and noble in Columbus, GA. He graduated about a two months later and came home to us, only to pack up our house and road trip it right back to Georgia a week later.

Once we got to Georgia there was no slowing down, Chris jumped right into IBOLC, then Ranger School, then Airborne School. It is all kind of a blur those 10 months. I absolutely loved our time in Georgia, to me it went by so fast. I am sure for Chris days and weeks would just drag on. But once he graduated from Airborne we had 2 weeks until we left for our journey to Alaska. 
Here is where Chris' real time as an officer began he took a platoon for a year and life was kind of turned upside down as we juggled welcoming a new baby and adjusting to this phase of our lives. The dust seems to be settling now, which we are all thankful for. 

Obviously this is the most condensed version of the last several years, but it gives you and idea of where we started and the many different roads we took to get to this point. I know this is not everyones path in the military, we have kind of had to navigate our own way. But in the end Chris has always based his career decisions on what is best for our family, and we will continue to do just that. So who knows what the next 5, 10, or 20 years looks like. 

Short….sweet…and to the point…ya? 

Calling All Fun Moms!

Jan 2, 2014

It was brought to my attention the other night that I have "lost that fun feeling". Not necessarily as negative as it may sound…but after thinking about it, its true! The other night at oh about seven in the pm the husband decided to get the boys bundled up and go outside to sled in the backyard and make a snow fort. I looked at him like he was crazy! Its 17 degrees out…not to mention we are rounding the corner to bed time, and um…the sunsets at 3:45 so you can imagine the pitch black backdrop that is our backyard. But he said "they just look like they need to get out and have some fun", spoken like the true fun parent!! Who am I but the crusty old mom to say no…so out they went. 
I could hear their happy squeals and deep belly laughs from inside. It made me happy that they were happy, but it also made me think that there was a time of a few years ago that I was the one coming up with the fun spontaneous ideas. So somewhere between child 1, 2, and 3, I lost my edge! 
I used to be a consumer of life if you will, I was adventurous enough to try anything. I was that person that if you dared me to do something…consider it done. I was fearless…

Then I popped out baby number one and a wave of anxiety filled my atmosphere where fun was once occupied. I worried about every.little.thing when Ace was born. And I think that feeling has intensified as the years have gone on and we have added two more kids. Sure motherhood is not going to be all night ragers and sporadic trips to Vegas, but does that mean I have to be a fun sponge all the time? Do other moms feel this way? They have to I imagine. 
I can see why the hubs wants to do these things with the kids, he wants to make memories that they will talk about when he is gone for days, or weeks, or months. I am the constant in their lives….the disciplinarian, the chauffeur, the doctor, the butt wiper, and the one who possess the magical kiss that can stop a boo boo dead in its tracks. But damn it I want to be the uber fun parent too! Is there a fun mom for dummies book out there? Not a crafty mom book…a bad ass down right fun mom book, filled to the seams with ideas of letting go of the paranoia and inviting in the excitement. That is what I need.
I did however let Avalon eat handfuls of snow that I tracked in…not sure if I get a gold star in the fun mom department for that one, but she liked it despite the coldness on her razor sharp chompers. 

I think bringing back that fun feeling goes hand in hand with my idea of being more present this year. Just live in the moment, stop planning so much for tomorrow and just have fun, I am beginning to see these toddler years fly by with the boys and I want them to have memories of mom out there playing around too! Not just my voice haunting them in their dreams saying "no, stop fighting, don't bite your brother, please don't sit on the baby, for the love of all things holy who put this (insert item) in the toilet?" 

You feel me?

Prepare for the worst hope for the best

Jan 1, 2014

Is it sad that this is our family motto? My husband has conditioned me to always prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best! Kind of a glass half empty to walk around with right? I have to say that this little motto has gotten me through some of the toughest situations though…So with this new year I am always hoping for the best. With every new year Chris and I take a minute to look at what we overcame the year before, and let me tell you over the last nine years together we have gone through some shit  stuff! And with every year my husband will tell me "well if you can make it through this year, you can make it through anything". It's true…our life is filled with twists and turns. Just when I think we are getting comfortable some earth shattering crap comes through the door. This year will undoubtedly be no different, the husband will leave for training, we will have to make choices as a family about our next move with this mistress I like to call the army, the list is already long.

I am not one for resolutions…I just don't want to set myself up for failure. So I come up with helpful ideas, I just throw them out there and if they stick great! If not, oh well. This year I just want to be more present. Instead of planning and looking to the next state we will move to I want to be content with where we are, here in Alaska. We will never be back here again when we leave so I do not want any regrets. I mean I had a baby here, this place will be part of us forever, so I need to stop counting down the days to leaving and embrace the time we are here.

Drink more water! Isn't that everyones goal? Well I am just throwing that out there…..H20 is good for ya…who knew?

With three kiddos doing anything for New Year's is laughable! So we get dressed up to stay in our house, eat dinner, and probably fall asleep before 10. Party animals!!! But it is nice, there is no pressure to be festive and the kids can make their best attempt at staying up past nine. Avalon and I were snuggled up and passed out before 10 so whatever happened in this house after that will never be spoken of again, all I know is that the husbands skis were in the living room when I got up this morning? Carpet skiing?

All in all 2013 was a good year….
We added this amazing little doll to our family and she could not have been more welcomed!
2014 should be a riot with these three!

Buckle up this family is refreshed and ready for another trip to crazy town!!


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