Calling All Fun Moms!

Jan 2, 2014

It was brought to my attention the other night that I have "lost that fun feeling". Not necessarily as negative as it may sound…but after thinking about it, its true! The other night at oh about seven in the pm the husband decided to get the boys bundled up and go outside to sled in the backyard and make a snow fort. I looked at him like he was crazy! Its 17 degrees out…not to mention we are rounding the corner to bed time, and um…the sunsets at 3:45 so you can imagine the pitch black backdrop that is our backyard. But he said "they just look like they need to get out and have some fun", spoken like the true fun parent!! Who am I but the crusty old mom to say no…so out they went. 
I could hear their happy squeals and deep belly laughs from inside. It made me happy that they were happy, but it also made me think that there was a time of a few years ago that I was the one coming up with the fun spontaneous ideas. So somewhere between child 1, 2, and 3, I lost my edge! 
I used to be a consumer of life if you will, I was adventurous enough to try anything. I was that person that if you dared me to do something…consider it done. I was fearless…

Then I popped out baby number one and a wave of anxiety filled my atmosphere where fun was once occupied. I worried about every.little.thing when Ace was born. And I think that feeling has intensified as the years have gone on and we have added two more kids. Sure motherhood is not going to be all night ragers and sporadic trips to Vegas, but does that mean I have to be a fun sponge all the time? Do other moms feel this way? They have to I imagine. 
I can see why the hubs wants to do these things with the kids, he wants to make memories that they will talk about when he is gone for days, or weeks, or months. I am the constant in their lives….the disciplinarian, the chauffeur, the doctor, the butt wiper, and the one who possess the magical kiss that can stop a boo boo dead in its tracks. But damn it I want to be the uber fun parent too! Is there a fun mom for dummies book out there? Not a crafty mom book…a bad ass down right fun mom book, filled to the seams with ideas of letting go of the paranoia and inviting in the excitement. That is what I need.
I did however let Avalon eat handfuls of snow that I tracked in…not sure if I get a gold star in the fun mom department for that one, but she liked it despite the coldness on her razor sharp chompers. 

I think bringing back that fun feeling goes hand in hand with my idea of being more present this year. Just live in the moment, stop planning so much for tomorrow and just have fun, I am beginning to see these toddler years fly by with the boys and I want them to have memories of mom out there playing around too! Not just my voice haunting them in their dreams saying "no, stop fighting, don't bite your brother, please don't sit on the baby, for the love of all things holy who put this (insert item) in the toilet?" 

You feel me?


  1. I feel ya. There is strength though in being the constant. You're necessary. Which you obviously know. From one un-fun mom to another. I figure the play-doh I got them for Christmas makes up for the un-fun part. Yeah? ;)

  2. I feel the same way!!!! My husband is the "fun parent". Especially in the winter here since I hate the snow and cold. He's always the one taking my daughter outside to play in it. I feel like some days, I let my daughter watch entirely too much tv.

    1. Dad's man….they get all the luck!

  3. I am right there with ya, girl! I have so much anxiety and I just worry too much when it comes to the girls. It's horrible, it's definitely a huge thing I want to work on.

  4. This is exactly what I need to do. Honestly, I'm so absorbed with just trying to get day to day life without killing anyone, that I don't even think about fun.

  5. I always think of good ideas & then my husband does them. He is much happier dragging them to the pool or park than I am. Sometimes I feel like I'm the boring parent too. Maybe I'll work on it this year.

  6. Once again .. HELL to the NO with the SNOW!! I would have stayed in doors too!!! LOL




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