Finally getting settled in...

Jan 21, 2014

Over the four day weekend the husband and I decided randomly on Saturday night at about 7 in the pm to purge our entire house! Yes, we have never claimed to be a very sane couple. And there really was no rhyme or reason to any of this. We did have a few boxes from our move (which happened 4 months ago) that were not unpacked, but nothing of any importance really. So we just started throwing crap everywhere! Once we started we just couldn't stop, I now know how my kids feel when they begin to tear apart the playroom, you just aren't satisfied until the whole place is a danger zone! That was us, just dumping boxes out, pulling things out of closets. We were like crazy people. Finally once there was no floor to be seen we looked at each other like…well now what the hell do we do? What was the point of all this? 

So we decided to get organized, throw out things we have been hoarding and really start to utilize all the space this house has. In the process we ended up sitting on the floor looking through old family photos, pictures of ourselves in middle school and high school (scary…really scary). It all lead up to the pictures of when we first met, pictures of Ace as a baby. We probably sat there for a good two hours just reminiscing. After putting together a huge box of memories we just sat there so content…so satisfied. Like after you eat thanksgiving dinner and you are just so fat and happy. That was us, I think for both of us in that moment we felt content with life. We realized how far we have come and didn't really care about how much further we have to go. All the things on our "bucket lists" just kind of disappeared. It took all the strength we had not to go wake up every child and just squeeze them! See I told you were don't really think things through…we were about to go wake up three children in the middle of the night just to hang out. 

We needed this little tornado of a cleaning session. All too often do Chris and I just go through the motions. He has his schedule and I have mine. We try to stay in our own lane, mostly during the week because that is when we fall more heavily into a routine. Routines are great and all when it comes to kids, but for us we need that extra bit of craziness. 

And now after three days of trying to put together the mess we were able to create in 45 minutes, I realized we got a good thing going here. Not a perfect thing, not always a happy thing, but a damn good one. I needed that reminder that in this family we fight hard but love even harder.
This picture clearly has nothing to do with this post, but it has all three munchkins together which is rare!


  1. I love a good purge! And I'm kind of envious you have a husband who joins in on such a thing!

    All joking aside this is really sweet. It's hard to separate yourself from the everyday and focus on what you have. Which is awesome.

  2. I need to purge....I am just scared of what I may find! lol.

  3. Amen to that ... it's amazing how much you get into a routine and things just happen to go unnoticed. It's true that you have to fight for the good in everything and be aware of it too!
    Love you mama!!!
    Man I wish you lived here still!


  4. Sometimes we get so caught up in the here and now that we forget where we started. Loved this. And a good purge is always a good idea!

  5. There is nothing better than getting rid of junk and organizing! Makes everything better haha.

  6. My husband always wants to purge stuff in our garage until I remind him the 3 boxes that haven't been unpacked are his xbox and wii stuff. Then he's all like "aw, Nevermind...."

  7. Hurray, can you now come purge my 43 years of stuff gathering!!



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