"Girl you crazy"

Jan 24, 2014

That post title is an exact quote from Ace! If I wasn't actually acting crazy this week I might have looked at him sideways…but he is right. This week I have been all over the place, and so this post will follow suit. 

Avalon is teething, or cutting two teeth rather (4 total now), which means she has now given me the equivalent of what I imagine to be a bed sore on the side of my hip from holding her all.the.damn.time. I am about ready to melon ball my eyes out if she does not stop waking up every other hour to just be held! Ya, no nursing, no sleeping……juuuuuust holding! (the first night it was cute, the fourth night it was hell). 

Ace is on a whole new level of not listening when it come to his independence of pooping. He insists on wiping himself with no less than half a roll of toilet paper and just flush flush flushing to get it all down, which results in flood flood flooding!!!! Not once but twice he did this to me to the point that I had to strap on my rain boots to rectify the situation.

But thanks to this time sucking thing called the internet I am able to get lost for a hours moment. Sharing is caring people….

Get familiar, because the mule is going to be springs must have shoe! Mom you should be thrilled…you have been rocking the mule non-stop since the 80's. This pair just happens to be on my wish list. But since Alaska has about four more months of winter I am in no rush to hit the add to cart

Staying on my money spending topic, I am super excited about Target's latest collaboration with Peter Pilotto happening February 9th. The plus side to living in Alaska is that no one cares about this. So I can roll up at two in the afternoon and all this stuff will still be there. You can see the full collection here

As if my love for Jenna Lyons and J Crew couldn't get any deeper…she details rooms in her home

Jessica wrote a funny yet truthful post about parenting practices that should just stop. 

Are you addicted to blogging? Don't lie to yourself you probably are. Erin will tell you why!

Now I am off to text the husband one million texts about nothing of importance but that will hopefully make him worry about my mental well being and come straight home from work…no don't go to the gym…do not collect two hundred dollars, actually hubs if you find an extra two benjamin's you can just hand it to me and no one gets hurt!

Cheers to the weekend!!


  1. Oh my!! Fun fun. The shoes and all. Not the "bed sore" from the baby. Hope that clears up all kinds of quick because... I understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.

  2. I don't know how I feel about the mule. Probably not going to be jumping on that. I can get behind that dress though, so cute.

    And Maddie is the same. Screams until she is held. And not just anybody can hold her, I have to hold her. I feel your pain.

  3. The collection at target is amazing!!! I'm in love.

  4. You have such great adjectives and analogies. "Melon ball your eyeballs out"....wow. I could have never thought of that.

  5. I don't know how you find time with 3 kids to dress so great. I can barely get out of pjs and I've only got 2!



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