Its his birthday but I'll stress out if I want to

Jan 12, 2014

Yep, Ace turned four on Friday, and we celebrated with just our little family. I wish I could be that pinterest-y mother with cute hand made decorations, and table runners and straws and mason jars..the list goes on. But sad news…I'm not. Maybe one day, but Friday was not that day. Sorry Ace, mommy promises to get better at this domestic thing. But instead we kicked it old school with store bought party decorations and a grocery store cake!
But that is not the fun part. This birthday would have been a great one, even a fantastic one, if just one thing would have gone right. All Ace wanted for his birthday was this shark plane, THIS shark plane, that is it. He wanted it for Christmas but it was out of stock and he has made a point to tell EVERYONE that he DID NOT get the shark plane from Santa and Santa must not LOVE him because he DID NOT bring him the shark plane, are you getting the severity of this situation  or do I need to add more CAPS? So as any down right awful parent I signed up for the email notification of when the shark plane is in stock. I prayed, I crossed my fingers, I prayed some more, I was __ close to lighting a candle. And sure enough on Monday December 31st I get an email notification at 6:00 am that the shark plane is in stock. I jumped out of bed so fast ran down the stairs and ordered said magnificent shark plane AND paid $34.99 for 3 day shipping to ensure that we had this bad boy for Ace's birthday. Well on Monday the 6th four days before Ace's birthday a huge box arrives. I open it with such satisfaction and relief, only to see that IT IS NOT THE SHARK PLANE!!!!!! No toys r us sent us some helicopter crap. Seriously I screamed. This plane will be the death of me. So I called to see what my options were about getting this plane in the next 4 days. Well of course it was OUT OF STOCK again, and the customer service rep was not getting that I was about to fail as a parent to a toddler boy. Nothing, no option because there was no in store pick up for Alaska. Of course why would there be? So we attempted to make up for it by buying every other military like flying object. 

Then Ace wanted a Thomas the Train cake, I thought oh this one is so doable! I go to the store look through the book, Ace picks the one he wants. There is no one there to take a cake order, and all three nuggets were having a fit, so I took a picture of the page on my phone and figured I could just call it in. I mean I had the cake order number and everything. So I did just that, called it in. Explained to the lady it is the one in the book on page number 15, order number blah blah blah. She said absolutely, no problem, order was placed. I go to pick up the cake and IT'S THE WRONG CAKE!!!! I wanted to throw the cake against the wall and karate chop this lady. Can I catch a break please? I just want to give my first born child the birthday that he wants. So I had to place a new cake order and sweat buckets hoping that they would get it done in less than 24 hours. Don't think for a second that Ace wouldn't have noticed that it was NOT the cake from the picture. So i had to get at least one thing right. All day on Friday Ace was asking, "mom when can I open my shark plane?" "mom did you get the shark plane?". I almost bought that damn shark plane off ebay for $120, even though it is only 59.99 online. But he wanted this thing so bad. We just kept distracting him with other toys, and the whole day Chris kept singing "you can't always get what you waaaant….." That did help as you can imagine. 
I think in the end he had a good birthday. Cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the boys went to see a movie, and there was plenty of family helicopter flying with sound effects and everything. 

The words "shark plane" have now been banned from the house…


  1. Oh man how frustrating! You are such a good mommy. And at least the cake situation worked out. Next time you should have a friend from the lower 48 pick up plane and ship it to ya. ;)

  2. Ohhhh you damn shark plane!

    At least he's adorable and you are one great mama to try and do it all right. Even when the universe decides it's not gonna happen.

    Also, my husband sings that song to Emma all.the.time. She totally loves it, not.

  3. I will never utter the words "shark plane" lol it is giving me anxiety now haha. I'm glad everything turned out though, you rock Mom! :)

  4. Oh goodness, I'm sorry nothing went right. Hopefully the cupcake for breakfast made up for it all. :)

  5. Soooo.....I did a whole "Sweet Shoppe" birthday party for Dannika's 2nd birthday party....complete with pinterest inspired home made decorations, personalized water bottles....I was not a pleasant person to be around the days leading up to the party and the minutes leading up to it cause I was obsessing over everything. I've never done a party like that since. For her 3rd bday, we took her to Disneyland (since we lived right up the road from it)....and for her 4th bday, we booked a party table at the Rainforest Cafe, and all we did was show up with a cake and they took care of everything. Seriously....I HATE PINTEREST MOMS! lol

  6. OH NOOOO!!!!!!!!! Omg, YOU are an awesome mama and all of those customer service people SUCK!!!!!!!! What the heck?! How could they mess up the order and send you some helicopter crap? And then the cake too? You held it together very nice though it sounds like. And I would say that his birthday still turned out pretty dang good, can't go wrong with cupcakes all day and a movie! I laughed at loud too at what Chris was singing, hahahaha. Oh, and I am SOOO not a Pinterest mom either. My poor kids! Their party is in a couple weeks and it's going to be pizza and dollar store decor, woot woot!!

  7. I hate pintersty moms! Dammit .. they put me to shame!
    OMG, I would have gone in guns blazing, damn the karate chop! What a nightmare. At least Ace will always have next year. The Shark Plane will be a distant memory by then too.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo



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