Prepare for the worst hope for the best

Jan 1, 2014

Is it sad that this is our family motto? My husband has conditioned me to always prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best! Kind of a glass half empty to walk around with right? I have to say that this little motto has gotten me through some of the toughest situations though…So with this new year I am always hoping for the best. With every new year Chris and I take a minute to look at what we overcame the year before, and let me tell you over the last nine years together we have gone through some shit  stuff! And with every year my husband will tell me "well if you can make it through this year, you can make it through anything". It's true…our life is filled with twists and turns. Just when I think we are getting comfortable some earth shattering crap comes through the door. This year will undoubtedly be no different, the husband will leave for training, we will have to make choices as a family about our next move with this mistress I like to call the army, the list is already long.

I am not one for resolutions…I just don't want to set myself up for failure. So I come up with helpful ideas, I just throw them out there and if they stick great! If not, oh well. This year I just want to be more present. Instead of planning and looking to the next state we will move to I want to be content with where we are, here in Alaska. We will never be back here again when we leave so I do not want any regrets. I mean I had a baby here, this place will be part of us forever, so I need to stop counting down the days to leaving and embrace the time we are here.

Drink more water! Isn't that everyones goal? Well I am just throwing that out there…..H20 is good for ya…who knew?

With three kiddos doing anything for New Year's is laughable! So we get dressed up to stay in our house, eat dinner, and probably fall asleep before 10. Party animals!!! But it is nice, there is no pressure to be festive and the kids can make their best attempt at staying up past nine. Avalon and I were snuggled up and passed out before 10 so whatever happened in this house after that will never be spoken of again, all I know is that the husbands skis were in the living room when I got up this morning? Carpet skiing?

All in all 2013 was a good year….
We added this amazing little doll to our family and she could not have been more welcomed!
2014 should be a riot with these three!

Buckle up this family is refreshed and ready for another trip to crazy town!!


  1. Great life motto. Remember our family motto: Life is an adventure! And you my dear have been adventuring!

  2. When are you guys supposed to be moving? Enjoy the rest of your Alaska time. Honestly, I've really only heard great things from people who have been stationed there.. Aside from the temps and snow..
    I'm jealous that you got to sleep early. We were at a friends house slowly dying.. LOL
    Have a great 2014!

  3. It's so hard to be in the moment and focus on the now. I'm constantly looking forward. If you find any tips do pass on. ;) happy new year!!!

  4. We live with that same motto, you just never know what to expect.

  5. happy new year! I think this is definitely the motto for military families. You never really know what to expect. I hope 2014 brings good things your way!

  6. Great motto!! Happy 2014, what a sweet family you have!!! :)

  7. Right there with you, girl! Being more present and drinking more water, it would be amazing if I could conquer those two lol. Cause YES, we're just pressing fast forward on a movie to get to what we think are the better parts, when we're already in a good part!! Did I lose you there? Sorry :D Love these, and I seriously wanted to eat your baby girl in that pic! Those arm rolls and cheeks! Too adorable :) Hope you guys have a great 2014!



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