Sometimes we turn into children

Jan 20, 2014

The weather over the weekend was awful! At one point it was in the 40's, which sounds great and all but not when you have so many inches of snow melting and then freezing overnight. The roads were horrible, our driveway was one big ice rink, and just being outside was gross with all the mud. So we decided to make a day of it with indoor activities.
First we embarked on the ever so wonderful indoor bounce place. We got there right when it opened so we had free reign on all the big slides!! Chris and I should never be allowed to take our children to these places because we turn in to the biggest kids ourselves. There was a sign that said "no adults allowed except to help toddlers" well it just so happens that I have two toddlers and a baby…so boom! I got to jump right up on those slides and bouncers and show my kids how its done. Once other parents and kids started showing up the husband and I started getting some not so nice looks, and to those stuffy parents I say, lighten up!!! Avalon had no idea what to make of this place. She didn't want to be put down the whole time and my arm hit muscle failure about 30 minutes in, so that was fun. After about an hour Ace said "I'm over it lets go to the next place". Done and done!
The next place just so happened to be chuck e cheese. My kids can tell you that I am never one to go to these places. Germs freak me out…but I am trying very hard to live in the moment so when the husband mentioned this germ minefield I went in guns blazing. Guns being two purell bottles! We were shocked when we showed up and there were only two other families there!!! This kind of luck never happens to us, but man we were excited. We played in there. This is Chris's dream day if we are being honest. He was running around more excited than Ace. I was excited for my medium cheese pizza that I enjoyed all to myself while Avalon took a little snooze.
Ace kept saying "man this is awesome" "this is the best day". Hearing these little remarks made all the five minute hand sanitizing sessions worth it, kind of. But it was a pretty amazing day. There was not one tantrum!!! Not one! There were no potty accidents. There were also NO naps! Well except from Avalon, but she is the easiest child to cart around so she doesn't get added into this equation. But these boys man, they were just ridiculously fun. Sometimes as parents you need days like this, days to just get out of the house with no real plan. Ya it may not be something you absolutely want to do at the place you want to be doing it at. But the runny nose and cough I have now acquired is welcomed,  just seeing my whole family laughing, dancing around completely stress free was the best. 

After this fun filled extravaganza I required a very large cup of coffee to make it to bed time, where I slept like a rock. 


  1. What good ideas! I need to remember we have such disgusting places here as well! Whatever wears them out is spectacular in my book!! And it kinda looked fun. ;)

  2. We took our kids to Chuck E Cheese yesterday too. I hate that place but my daughter's been begging us to take her for weeks now, so we gave in. That bounce place looks like fun!!! I want to go to one! I would totally be jumping around in there!

  3. How fun!!!!! Parents are allowed to go on the bouncers here, and I always do. I may even enjoy it.

  4. We went to a bounce house one. My son cried the entire time. :/

  5. Lol "went in guns blazing" I REALLY shouldn't read your blog when my kids are asleep, I always laugh out loud. And that last photo I realized you have great bone structure :D Sounds like such an awesome day, I would love hearing my boys get that excited, you guys scored! I'm a huge germ phobe too. Some little snotty nosed child ran up to me the other day at a child's playground and grabbed one of our toys...I had to refrain from leaning back away from her and telling her to just keep the toy lol, ugh.



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