Drugstore Beauty Haul

Feb 27, 2014

Its been awhile since I have wandered aimlessly among the beauty isles at Target, but a few weeks ago I did just that. I love trying new products, and I especially love finding products that can mimic some of my higher end favorites! Here are some of the recent ones I am loving! 

- This makeup bag is one of my more recent purchases, it is not from Target sadly, but it is from Forever 21 at the bargain price of $9.00!!! It is super cute, and who doesn't need lipstick? 

-I am a die hard L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara addict, but I decided to try out its sister L'Oreal Telescopic and can I tell you I am a huge fan!!! The wand is super skinny, but it lengthens and separates like a beast. I have very long lashes so mine can go from nicely separated to spider lashes in a flash, but two coats of this and I am good to go. 

-L'Oreal Silkissime Eyeliner is next on the list, this one is a great substitution for my MAC Longwear Pro eyeliner. It glides on so nice, and the plum color is a gorgeous alternative to black!

-BROWS!!! I have naturally blonde hair so my eyebrows are much lighter than my hair would lead you to believe. I found this NYX Brow Set and it can go toe to toe with my Bobbi Brown Brow Kit. The colors in this set give me just enough color without being too overpowering and making me look like my eyebrows are tattooed on, I call it a win!

-Hair stuff is pricey, so when I passed this new Suave Moroccan Hair shampoo and conditioner I said why the hell not? I normally use Kerastase Nutritive shampoo, but at 40 bucks a pop that can add up. I have only been using the Suave for a few weeks but it makes my hair feel the same way. I only wash 2-3 times a week, so I am always looking for a shampoo that doesn't add oil, but is able to get rid of all the dry shampoo and other products I stick on my scalp. This seems to be doing quite well. 

-Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, on the days I take the time to put on a face full of foundation, I need that to stay in place. This powder gives me face some make up longevity! I usually use Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder, but I really like this Rimmel alternative. And for the price it is amazing. I would not recommend this for anyone with dry skin though, I have combination skin and I moisturize like a fein so this works well for me. 

-Revlon PhotoReady Illuminator. This liquid highlighter really surprised me. Most of the drugstore highlighters I have tried make me look like I could work at Disneyland as a part time princess. Just too pink, too shimmery, too much! But this one is light and can compare nicely to my NARS Illuminator. I use this to highlight my cheekbones, and put a tiny dab on the inside corner of my eyes to brighten them up. I will use the crap out of this come spring time!

-Maybelline Color Sensation lipstick in Nude Lust. This is the perfect nude lipstick! I love a nude lip, and for spring it will be something I sport all the time. My favorite favorite favorite nude is Chanel Mythic, but since it has been discontinued I try to use it very sparingly! This nude lust though is a very close clone in my opinion. 

-NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair. I really like the Butter Gloss line and this pretty pastel pink is perfect. I have been layering it on the Nude Lust lipstick and it is the perfect combo. It is sheer enough to wear alone, but gives just enough of that peachy pink color. It reminds me of the Estee Lauder Pure Color gloss in Star Pink. 

Anyone have any make up favorites (doesn't have to be drugstore)? Anything I should be trying out? I will more than likely find myself in Target in about a day or so... I can't stay away too long or I start to twitch. So let me know what I should pick up!

That time our friends had us over for dinner

Feb 24, 2014

Over the weekend a strange thing happened in these parts...this family of mine was invited out for dinner! Normally we do the entertaining because well, majority rules and we just so happen to count as the majority vote. But this time our friends wanted to go out to dinner. Not only would it be my family of five, but their family of three, and a another couple (no children). When Chris asked if I thought it was a good idea I laughed-out-loud. Are you nuts? Not only have we done this a few times on our own, but I certainly didn't want to ruin anyone else's time. And most people go out to dinner to  take their time, enjoy their food, not see how fast they can inhale a three course meal! But I thought what the hell we could give it a go. 

As luck would have it we had a full day of fun filled activities and running around prior to dinner, on the way home to shit, shower, and shave all children fell asleep in the car. So we called our friends to tell them we might need to push this back a bit seeing as how waking these three sleeping beauties would be parental suicide. These three decided to sleep forever! 

Eventually our outing got rerouted to our friends house instead. We did beg and plead to have them at our house because well my house is well equipped for about 10 children, but they said "no come here it will be fine" famous last words. Once the troops woke up we changed and headed out!
Hat: Vintage (similar) Top: Zara (old) Leggings: American Apparel Booties: Kate Spade (similar)

We entered their amazingly clean and organized home, welcomed with appetizers and beverages. The boys were abnormally shy, which our friends thought was so cute! Their 19 month old was so happy to see his friends and they all explored quietly for about 25 minutes. Then my kids got reaaaallll comfortable. Its funny because we pretty much own all of the same toys yet my kids want to have nothing to do with them at our house, but at their house they ransacked the place! Dumping out legos, taking out all the balls in the house, turning their sons bedroom into a scene from an FBI raid. I kept trying to follow behind them and pick up every little thing and put it back in its designated area, but there were four of them and one of me! All parents ate standing up while saying things like "no guys don't jump on that" "please don't feed the baby your dinner" "ok who spilled their juice on the carpet?". Chris and I are used to this chaos, this is everyday for us. But our friends...HA! We pretty much provided the best form of birth control for them. They would say things like "I don't know how you do this" "I am just tired watching you take care of them" "you have the patience of a saint".

The run down of damage:
-Avalon spilt a glass of red wine on their carpet.
-Pierce managed to put every single decorative stone into their indoor fountain.
-Ace took apart each and every wooden (display) toy in hopes that he could put them back together (he didn't).
-Pierce managed to lick just about every pita chip before quietly placing it back on the appetizer plate.
-My kids prompted the homeowners to move every decorative piece in their house to a high shelf.
-Ace managed to drop his popsicle no less than 30 times, and screamed in the horror of picking it up.
-Pierce locked himself in the guest bedroom more times than we could want to get him out. 

Did we have fun? Absolutely! It is always nice to get out of the house and have semi-conversations with people that have achieved a reading level. The kids stayed up late, had one too many popsicles, and were sure to sleep nice and sound. Their house on the other hand? Destroyed! Chris and I kept saying please just let us buckle the kids in the car and we will come back and clean everything up! They insisted no...I think it is was more to get rid of us than anything ;) 

Safe to say we will be returning to the norm and having people over here...where crazy is just another day in paradise!

The Alaskan Winter Games

Every winter there is a 10 day festival that goes on in Anchorage, they call this the Fur Rondy! All of downtown gets transformed into a winter playgrounds of sorts. There are sled dog races, carnival rides, outhouse races, running with the reindeer, and so much more! Over the weekend we decided to check out the snow sculpting contest. This is one of those things that fascinates me! Not only do these skilled people create something out of a block of snow...but they can withstand the cold for hours on end working on these master pieces! 
I can't even make a recognizable snow man, so this, this stuff just blew me away! Not to mention the abundance of tools being used in order to create these things! That is where kids and events like this don't mix! Ace and Pierce took one look at the huge ice destroying saw and thought....yep I need that! Pierce was running around saying "what the heck?" to each and every figure. Ace kept asking where the hot chocolate was located, and Avalon was bored to death so she slept the whole time. 
I mean these things are intense right? A little piece of orange tape does nothing but attract small children. The boys were just waiting for the second that Chris and I turned our head to run straight towards the artists and their snow art! 
In the end we bribed the little snow heathens with a trip to The Bucks as Ace likes to call it for some hot chocolate while the parental units guzzled down shots of espresso! I am telling you, it only takes a small outing in the cold to wipe me full of any energy! 

The Fur Rondy events will continue throughout the week so hopefully we will be able to catch a few more things! Even though inside I am secretly wishing for spring!! Ok its maybe not so secret...I am like a moth to the flame at this point, any hint of sunlight and I am mesmerized.

A day for my domestic side

Feb 18, 2014

Truth be told, my week is all messed up. Four day weekends always throw me off completely! Is it wednesday? Should it be thursday? Yet it feels like monday? I am sure I will get it together by friday!

But the other day we I decided that we needed to do an inventory check of the house, as Director of In House Operations (thats the title I have given myself), or as many would refer to as a stay at home mom, it is in my job description to make sure we are running the house at its optimum level! Did that make me sound really professional? Ya? Great, thats what I was going for. Anyway there were many a things that we needed, insert Domestic Day! This day consists of running a stupid amount of errands with three children and a husband who will say no less than 30 times "can't you just drop me off at REI? Why do I need to go pick out a new vacuum?". But we are a ride or die kind of family!

So we went to way too many places, and you know that you are an adult when you are excited...border line giddy to buy a new vacuum! We had actually just bought a new vacuum a few months ago but it already dug itself its own grave! I couldn't blame it too much having to clean up after my children, but we did pay a pretty penny for it which upset me because it was supposed to be "the best" as in suck up a bowling ball type status. Nope, not in this house. So I did a bunch of research, read 100 too many reviews and decided on the new Shark Professional. Can I tell you that I have vacuumed about 30 times in 24 hours. I love this thing. I even sat and watched Avalon and Pierce dump out two bowls of cereal just so I could vacuum it up! People I have issues and clearly need a life....

Not only did we pick up a vacuum, but this post by Grace the baby guru convinced me to get a new humidifier for the boys room since Pierce seems to get such a nasty cough at night. So we picked up one of those, and these really cool eucalyptus tablets to put in the water. Problem solved, there has been no coughing for the last two nights! We picked up a few more odds and ends for the kitchen and made our way to the next place. 

The husband annoyed me convinced me to take him to REI so he could look at camping stuff. Who is he camping with is the real question? I sure as hell didn't get an invite, nor would I RSVP for that kind of party. Can you say bears? Ya...no bueno! He did tell me that "I would be great at camping because I have the whole no showering thing down" so on that note I kicked him and his sidekick Ace out of my car of un-showered goodness. The smarter bunch of us headed over to Rush to get a Thai Tea. If you live in Anchorage the little purple coffee hut on Northern Lights is worth a visit for some tea! 
Then we saved the best for last....TARGET! The earthlings were not to happy to be at the mothership that day, but mama was in heaven. And you know the saying, happy wife happy life! Clearly that saying holds no bearing in this house, just look at Ace's face pissssssed
On the way home small bladder Ace decided that he couldn't hold it any longer and had to pee that instant. We thought he could hold it, but once the screaming and sweating started we realized nature called and we should just let him out of the car anywhere to do his business...thus this picture was taken! Ace sure knows how to pick a background for a outfit pic! ha!!

On another note, mamas of toddlers I need your help! I am trying to decide on a toddler carseat for Ace. Avalon is about ready to pop out of her baby carseat and I need to transition her into a bigger one. Instead of buying another Britax Marathon seat, since we have two for the boys, I wanted to get Ace a toddler seat and give his to the babe. So anyone have a good suggestion? I have looked at the Britax Frontier, but anyone have another suggestion? Lemme know!

My uniform or Momiform

Feb 16, 2014

If you ask I will answer! Thus I have been asked "how to you get ready with three kids?". For me it took a little bit to get into a groove after having Avalon. And really I didn't have to start getting ready as often until Ace started school. That kind of forced me to get out of the sweat pants and back into normal clothes. So my advice is to simplify!
Blazer : Vintage Tadashi
Graphic Tee: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: AG
Boots: Hunter
Necklace: J Crew 

My usual outfit for taking Ace to school and running around with the kids looks like this. Blazer, graphic tee, skinny jeans, boots, necklace. To me throwing on a blazer gives off the appearance that A. I may or may not have showered but you'll never know. and B. I look like I put some effort into getting dressed. But the staples in this outfit are the blazer and boots. I can then just change up the tee to whatever I have clean, and same with the pants. This can then be changed up to leather leggings, distressed denim, or thick fleece leggings for those negative degree early mornings.

But for the most part this is my foundation! Once the snow and ice start to melt around these parts (which won't be for a few more months) I can then bust out some different footwear options. But for now I need some traction!

I put together some of my current favorites that can rotate into this equation. I hope this helped those that inquired...and if not...super sorry!

The true meaning of Valentines day!

Feb 14, 2014

Lets travel back in time to my freshman year of college, more specifically my Sociology class. This was one of my favorite classes, the professor was wildly entertaining and she made each and every class interesting. One particular class happened to fall on Valentines day, I have mentioned before that Chris and I don't celebrate the day. Not in a oh we hate the day and everything associate with it, no. We just kind of don't do anything for it...and we are cool with it. We both love love, and more power to everyone who celebrates.

Anyway back to this class. At this time Chris and I had known each other for about four months, we were strictly in the friend zone. We both knew we had strong feelings for each other but we are weird, maybe I will elaborate more on that at another time. But I am sitting in this class when our  professor asks "does anyone know the meaning behind Valentines day?" Some guy in the back of the class yelled out "hallmark holiday", another girl said "Saint Valentine". But both were very off according to the prof. No, she then drew a sideways heart on the white board. We were all very confused. She said "have you ever looked at a heart? Have you noticed it looks like a females vagina". People I can't make this stuff up. A room full of 18 year olds were stunned! I thought what is this lady on today? A vagina? But then sure enough she went into detail, suddenly this sociology class turned into anatomy class real quick! She went so far as to hand out a packet about the origin of the heart and how it is based off of a women's vagina. Now I have since looked this up and found many conflicted articles, so I am not sure where she got her information. But as the class went on she said "so now every time you write down I <3 You on this Valentines Day, it is really like saying I Vagina You". I couldn't wait to tell Chris all about this class when he got off work that day. I mean my 18 year old self just found this so hilarious!! Who am I kidding my 26 year old self still finds it funny.
So I told Chris all about it, showed him the little class hand out and we had a good laugh. Now fast forward a bit to a few months later in our friendship and Chris came with me to my Anthropology class. No he did not go to my college, nor was he enrolled in this class. he simply just joined me in the class that particular day. I can say I didn't pay attention at all that day. There was just something about having him with me that was oh so distracting. As I was trying to take notes on some indigenous group of people he took my notebook and pen and wrote something down. When he passed it back to me it said "I vagina you". I mean could it have been anymore romantic? HA! That was the first I love you that was shared between the two of us. I kept that notebook! And to this day whenever we miss each other, or need a good laugh to end an argument we will throw out a... I vagina you.

Great story right? So now on this day of love every time you say or read the words I love you, you can think of this! Your welcome.

9 months...no problem

Feb 12, 2014

Avalon is 9 months today!!! I cannot believe it. I am excited and sad at the same time. She is doing so much that I am really starting to realize that she is not so much a baby baby anymore. She is so talkative, in that baaa baa baa and maaaa maa ma kind of way. She mastered crawling a few months ago and has been standing on her own for about 3 weeks. Over the weekend she decided to get brave enough to take two unassisted steps. She landed the first one and as she attempted the second she fell (we aren't counting these as her actual first steps, but we did document the occasion). So walking is on the horizon. She so badly wants to keep up with the boys, and she cannot take it when they are able to get up and walk out of a room. But soon enough she will be doing it too. 
She is a great eater as you can tell by her chunky little thighs! Yummy chunky babies!! She is over the whole spoon fed food thing, unless it is yogurt. She likes her food in its natural state. So she has been eating whole carrots (steamed to soften), avocado that I just cut into thick strips, pears, apples, bananas, whole wheat bagels, melon, pasta. Pretty much she will eat anything. Such a blessing! Not so great is her new sleeping habit, which is to wake up as much as possible. She isn't currently teething, she doesn't even want to nurse when she wakes up. She just wakes up screams a little bit and then goes back to sleep. But it is juuuuuust enough to drive you crazy!
So the other day I decided it was time to add her to the wall on the living room. About a year or so ago I made large canvas prints of the boys to hang up and I realized that their pictures were both taken at 9 months. So I figured I would wait and do Avalon at that age too. I am by no means a photographer, but since I have a new camera now I decided to try my hand at some pictures. I didn't use a professional photographer for the boys' pictures so I didn't go that route with the princess either. I liked how they turned out though...now I just have to find time to get a print blown up and put a canvas together, and find an antique frame to go with it. So she will probably make it on the wall by the time we leave Alaska!
Dress is from Gap, the Paddington Bear collection and I love it! I bought it a little big so she could actually wear it out of the house this summer. It is a 12-18 month with only a little room to grow, so hopefully she doesn't get too much bigger before then, or if Alaska wanted to grant us some warm weather sooner...I'll take it!

Children's museum, three cups of coffee, success!

Feb 10, 2014

The husband returned late friday night or I guess technically saturday morning, but time and I are rarely on the same page. All I know is I had no idea when he was going to come home so he nearly got himself killed when he snuck in the house and set off a musical toy which prompted me to grab a weapon from the arsenal and go into mama bear mode. He screamed I screamed we kissed and made up! 

So Saturday I had every intention of taking the kids out of the house so Chris could get some much needed uninterrupted sleep. But by golly that man is a glutton for punishment as he probably slept for two hours before embarking on a trip to the children's museum with us. His only request was that we stop for lots and lots of coffee. Three cups to be exact! Play on player...

The last time we tested out the children's museum in Anchorage we had only lived here for about a week. We were desperate to seek shelter from the cold and it was a disaster! One that has taken me a year to get over before attempting to go back. This time happened to be a little more successful!
The children's section of this museum is not very big, at least in comparison to the other museums we have visited in Arizona and Georgia. But my kids happen to get bored and start causing havoc in record time so many other children may actually find enjoyment out of these exhibits. 
The one and only thing that held their attention for 8 solid minutes was the snapping turtle and baby alligators. Ace was determined to let every one know that one baby alligator was "dead no he not sleeping mom he dead". He was not dead...at least I hope he was not. But detective Ace was trying all means to figure it out..."wake up adigator wake up" "you hungry? wake up" "HEY HEY GET UP". Nothing worked so Ace lost interest and was on to the next thing. 
Pierce climbed on that spinning table thing no less than 10 times, every time we would point him in the direction of something else he would find his way back. And does anyone else's kid have an insane attachment to a inanimate object? Pierce and these superman rain boots have metabolized into the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Never to be apart! I have tried hiding them because to be honest they smell at this point. But if there is one thing I have learned in this parenting game, it is to pick your battles. And I am not superman's kryptonite that is for sure! 
Right about the time Chris's three cups started to kick in the kids had had enough of the designated children's section and decided to explore the rest of the adult part of this place. This is where the more athletic parent comes in handy. When Ace runs one direction, and Pierce decides to take the stairs its every parent for themselves. Chris ran after Pierce since I had the stroller and was able to cut Ace off before he darted into classroom full of art students. We met back up on the second floor where I saw Chris but no Pierce. 
I wasn't sure how a child wearing 5 lbs of rain boots was able to out run my husband...but bigger mysteries have gone unsolved. We found Pierce having a very thought provoking conversation with a bear! I wish I had recorded it because we were dying. Best part was when he said "please don't eat me otay?". 

We spent maybe an hour here, and it was not the parents choice to leave. Ace and Pierce came to an agreement that they were bored and needed a sandwich from the bakery. These kids man are high maintenance when it comes to taking them out... but it doesn't matter because DAD IS HOME!!!! 

Forget the pity and just party

Feb 5, 2014

And I mean party in the most stay at home mom of three kind of way! It is no secret that my husband is gone a lot, as most military spouses can relate. Chris and I have probably spent more time apart than we have together. I don't want to say you ever get used to it because you don't, but you do just accept it and move on. There is nothing you can do to change it so kicking and screaming won't help. Trust me I did all that in the beginning, getting upset does nothing besides put you in a funk for the duration of the time spent apart. So for me and my sanity I have to embrace the time I have alone. I am definitely one of those people that needs my space, my husband is the same way, so time apart has always proven to be healthy for us. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and fonder and fonder.... 

So let me point out some of the positives to having a husband who is gone for weeks or months...

High on my list is the fact that I use this time to not give a crap about shaving my legs! I mean even when my husband is here he is lucky if I get both legs shaved. While in the shower I am lucky to get one shaved before a child threatens war. My husband thinks this is hilariously gross...but I call it insulation, it is cold up here, I'll take all the extra warmth I can get. 

Another positive is how many less loads of laundry there is. Chris changes clothes probably three times a day between gym clothes, his uniform, and bumming around the house clothes, it starts to add up. So when he is gone my washer and dryer get a much needed break. And I am usually able to get all the other loads of laundry that have been sitting in piles, folded and put away without having to worry about whether or not there is clean tan colored anything for G.I. Joe. 

Food! I am driven by food. My husband is too...he can out eat a family of 12 so when he isn't here all the food is mine. Well, I do throw some the kids' way every once in a while but for the most part its all mine. Chris is the healthy eater out of the two of us. My overeating carb habits actually drive him crazy, so when he is home I try to make more "healthy" choices, except for Sunday dinner. I will never substitute any healthy version of Italian food on a Sunday. My grandmother would curse me from her grave if I ever altered Sunday sauce, pasta, and sausage. Plus we are Italian's we eat...its just what we do. So when Chris is gone I indulge in all the chocolate, pizza, french fries, and I'll throw a banana in there for good measure. I am like a bear preparing for hibernation! Then when the husband returns he likes to make fun of how I am now back in healthy eating hell. (side note- my kids take after their father, they would rather have a bowl of apples and strawberries over chips and dip).
Sweats...I am a great lover of all things fashion as you can tell by my instagram. But I love me a good pair of comfy sweats. One pair in particular are a pair from college that are faded, stretched out thanks to three pregnancies, and ripped at the bottom. Chris loathes these sweats, he has tried to throw them out before, but I will not let that happen. So when he is gone I live in them. And after an incredibly frustrating day of solo parenting I can plop myself down on the couch after the kids are in bed and eat a medium pizza while watching endless amounts of trashy reality tv.

Not to mention I get a king size bed shared with Avalon to myself, so I sleep in a star position completely stretched out, I am just trying to take up as much room as possible. And I don't have to get woken up at some ungodly hour by the worlds loudest siren for an alarm clock. 

But one of the biggest positives for me at least, is that I genuinely appreciate when he returns, not just for the sake of an extra set of hands. But I am bored without him here, our house is like a party with no music. It sucks...but we try to make the best of it. And he comes home with outrageous stories, and I always have a good tale or two to tell. Then every waking moment is devoted to the kids until the next time the calendar pops up "Chris leaves".

Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Rockin Everywhere!

Feb 3, 2014

Shall we talk products? Why not right? I will try any beauty product once or twice, I am like a guniea pig when it comes to this stuff. If you have a beauty post out there, link me to it because my husband just loves to support my spending habit! But through all my clinical trials I have found some products that I consider to be my must haves. Do I think they will work for everyone? No idea...

1. Queen Helene Masque- I have been using this mask on my face since I was in high school. My mom used to put it on my face and I thought it was so gross. But now I try and use it a couple times a week. It keeps my face feeling silky and smooth. Plus side is it scares the crap out of my kids when I put it on! And for under $5 how can you beat that?

2. Miracle Skin Transformer- This bottle is a little on the pricier side, but the effects are totally worth it in my book. This one is a two-fer for me. It is loaded with vitamin C so it makes your skin bright and glowy, but it is also the best primer I have found. I use it on a daily basis, but I put a little extra on for the days I actually put make up on. It makes your face super smooth and your foundation just glides on. I use such a small amount that this bottle has lasted me well over 6 months. 

3. Tomas Self Tanning Spray- I cannot say enough about this spray! I use this on my face before I apply my make up just so I don't look like death walking around. It is super light weight, does not clog my pores at all or make me break out. It is the most natural self tanner I have found, no jersey shore effect for me!! Plus, I live in Alaska my skin hasn't seen a splash of vitamin D in over a year. I could easily be an extra in a Twilight movie with the pasty color of my skin if it weren't for this can. 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo- I have talked about this stuff before, but I really am an addict. It is $8 and it comes in so many different shades. The brown helps hide my dirty blonde roots before I have a chance to hit up my super high class salon known an my Downstairs Bathroom. It does have a slight smell to it, but if my husband hasn't said anything about it I deem it okay, Lord knows he has an opinion about ever.y.thing. 

5. Egyptian Magic Cream- Abracadabra! This stuff lives up to its name, it really is magic. I am without a doubt obsessed with having soft skin. And up here in the tundra the cold turns you into an alligator. This lotion is amazing. I would seriously throw down with someone in the store if there was only one bottle left. Like I would go into Walking Dead Rick Grimms mode on someone I love this stuff so much! I use it head to toe, and even on my kids. It is oil based so if you don't like the feeling of using oils on your skin, this is not for you. Since moving to Alaska I haven't found it in a store, but I have heard you can buy it at Costco so I am going to look next time I go. 

6. Cetaphil Face Wash- I have combination skin, and this is the only cleanser I have found that does not accentuate my dryness or my faces love for grease. I have tried many cleansers but some are just too harsh and others don't leave my face feeling clean. This stuff has yet to let me down!

7. Josie Maran Argan Infinity- I have mentioned this product before as well, but it really it a great multipurpose product. Another oil based product, man I really like oils no? I also love olive oil if you're interested...anyway...I use this in my hair, on my face, and my cuticles. Oh and I also use this on Pierce because he has some really dry patches of skin that need extra love and attention. It also helps with inflammation so I put this under my eyes for those days when teething Avalon tries to suck the little bit of youth my face is hanging on to. 

So do me a solid and let me know some of your favorites, or just beauty remedies in general, give this stay at home mama something to do during nap time :) 

* I mean I could do more productive things during nap time...but the thought of all those possibilities will throw me into a tailspin!

I am officially a parent!

Feb 2, 2014

Thats right, I wear the badge proudly! As of last week I am a parent, a parent that now has conferences about her children. Well actually just Ace, but it was my first parent teacher conference so I feel like this is a milestone. But it wasn't just a parent/teacher conference, it was more like a parent/ teacher/ student/ siblings conference. I travel with an entourage what can I say?
If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this picture, but it was the only one I was able to get to commemorate the occasion.

I was kind of nervous going in to it, I have never gotten a bad report when picking Ace up from school. His teacher has always said the best things about him, but frankly I thought she was lying. Ace is a very strong willed child. He is bossy, moody, stubborn, a control freak. But he is not any of those things at school. I mean obviously he is comfortable in his own home as he should be but I did not think there was this big of a difference. 

We were on the fence about sending Ace to preschool as a three year old. I especially was leaning towards no because that meant he was going to be away from me. But Chris made the most sense when he said that Ace does not get the undivided attention he used to now that Pierce and Avalon are here, Ace needs to have his own outlets as well. So preschool made sense. And can I tell you that in the mere five months he has been going he is blowing my mind. When we sat down with his teacher she showed me her evaluation of where Ace was when he first started compared to now, he is leaps and bounds ahead of where he was. He is writing his name, can count to 20, tying his shoes...the list goes on. Now, he goes to a super small school only seven kids in his class with a teacher and teachers assistant so he gets lots of individualized time. But I was not excepting any of that simply because if I ask Ace to count with me he says "I can't" or "I don't want to". So I was shocked. 

Now these are the things that I actually heard her say, or she put in wiring because while we were there I really couldn't hear everything she was saying with Pierce attempting to get in the fish tank "to see Nemo" or Avalon trying to steal the spotlight with her loud pitched squeals, or Ace yelling at Pierce for touching things in "his school". So honestly his teacher could have thrown out your son has serial killer tendencies and I would have been like, really? thats wonderful!! I don't think she said that, but maybe...

In the end I was just proud! This stay at home mom thing, or just parenting in general is a thankless position. I don't get a paycheck validating my hours spent, I am not up for any promotions in the near future. But what does make it all worth it is hearing from someone else besides a family member that you are doing a good job. That your child is not as dysfunctional as your life may be at times. He is adjusting to this crazy life that he did not ask to be apart of. And the biggest thing that she said that filled my heart with joy was "Ace is such a happy kid". This meant everything to me because I am not always the best mom, I have my days that I royally suck at this, but through it all my kid is happy and that is all I want for him. 

Now we will see if she accepts my registration paperwork for Pierce...she may not if she cares about that ginormous fish tank! 


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