A day for my domestic side

Feb 18, 2014

Truth be told, my week is all messed up. Four day weekends always throw me off completely! Is it wednesday? Should it be thursday? Yet it feels like monday? I am sure I will get it together by friday!

But the other day we I decided that we needed to do an inventory check of the house, as Director of In House Operations (thats the title I have given myself), or as many would refer to as a stay at home mom, it is in my job description to make sure we are running the house at its optimum level! Did that make me sound really professional? Ya? Great, thats what I was going for. Anyway there were many a things that we needed, insert Domestic Day! This day consists of running a stupid amount of errands with three children and a husband who will say no less than 30 times "can't you just drop me off at REI? Why do I need to go pick out a new vacuum?". But we are a ride or die kind of family!

So we went to way too many places, and you know that you are an adult when you are excited...border line giddy to buy a new vacuum! We had actually just bought a new vacuum a few months ago but it already dug itself its own grave! I couldn't blame it too much having to clean up after my children, but we did pay a pretty penny for it which upset me because it was supposed to be "the best" as in suck up a bowling ball type status. Nope, not in this house. So I did a bunch of research, read 100 too many reviews and decided on the new Shark Professional. Can I tell you that I have vacuumed about 30 times in 24 hours. I love this thing. I even sat and watched Avalon and Pierce dump out two bowls of cereal just so I could vacuum it up! People I have issues and clearly need a life....

Not only did we pick up a vacuum, but this post by Grace the baby guru convinced me to get a new humidifier for the boys room since Pierce seems to get such a nasty cough at night. So we picked up one of those, and these really cool eucalyptus tablets to put in the water. Problem solved, there has been no coughing for the last two nights! We picked up a few more odds and ends for the kitchen and made our way to the next place. 

The husband annoyed me convinced me to take him to REI so he could look at camping stuff. Who is he camping with is the real question? I sure as hell didn't get an invite, nor would I RSVP for that kind of party. Can you say bears? Ya...no bueno! He did tell me that "I would be great at camping because I have the whole no showering thing down" so on that note I kicked him and his sidekick Ace out of my car of un-showered goodness. The smarter bunch of us headed over to Rush to get a Thai Tea. If you live in Anchorage the little purple coffee hut on Northern Lights is worth a visit for some tea! 
Then we saved the best for last....TARGET! The earthlings were not to happy to be at the mothership that day, but mama was in heaven. And you know the saying, happy wife happy life! Clearly that saying holds no bearing in this house, just look at Ace's face pissssssed
On the way home small bladder Ace decided that he couldn't hold it any longer and had to pee that instant. We thought he could hold it, but once the screaming and sweating started we realized nature called and we should just let him out of the car anywhere to do his business...thus this picture was taken! Ace sure knows how to pick a background for a outfit pic! ha!!

On another note, mamas of toddlers I need your help! I am trying to decide on a toddler carseat for Ace. Avalon is about ready to pop out of her baby carseat and I need to transition her into a bigger one. Instead of buying another Britax Marathon seat, since we have two for the boys, I wanted to get Ace a toddler seat and give his to the babe. So anyone have a good suggestion? I have looked at the Britax Frontier, but anyone have another suggestion? Lemme know!


  1. Get the boring stuff over with. We got Letty a Safety 1st Summit because it converts into a booster. Moving on up.

    Why don't kids enjoy shopping days as much as we do? There is nothing to fear. And normally if target is involved it means something from the dollar section. So. Suck in that lip soldier and enjoy yourself. Seriously.

  2. I don't know of any good carseats but we do love the Britax brand. And you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo! The no shower comment could have come from my husband too, haha! Except for I would have made him sleep on the couch ;)

  3. You my friend, are gorgeous.
    Emma has the Graco Argos 70, we are big believers in extended rear facing which she rear faced until almost 3 in a Britax Marathon then bought the Argos. It is a forward facing only seat, it harnesses up to 70 lbs which we plan to do because I'm a crazy car seat lady. Then turns into a belt positioning booster up to 100 lbs then a backless booster up to 120 lbs. I love it, it's a skinny seat which is nice when I'm stuck in the middle between her and the baby.

  4. Ok seriously, you are gorgeous and always have the best outfits!

  5. I'm a crazy vacuum person. I spent $1200 on mine, but so far I haven't killed it. And I even suck up stuff that I should probably just pick up by hand.
    Our humidified has been a life saver, but I've pretty much killed that. We need a new one.

  6. Every time my husband vaccuums he says we need a new one but we never get one. I don't see the problem. Lol

  7. Avalon is THE prettiest name ever. Oh my goodness. Your children are precious, and your outfits are to die for! I hope I'm that chic when I become a momma!

  8. To hell with REI! Kyle bitches like a teenage girl when I "request" that he runs errands with me. What could you possible need/want at REI dude?! You're always working!

    I will definitely hit RUSH next time I'm in town.

    We totally traded our Dyson Animal for the Shark Professional about a month ago. I haven't stopped vacuuming since. It's love.



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