I am officially a parent!

Feb 2, 2014

Thats right, I wear the badge proudly! As of last week I am a parent, a parent that now has conferences about her children. Well actually just Ace, but it was my first parent teacher conference so I feel like this is a milestone. But it wasn't just a parent/teacher conference, it was more like a parent/ teacher/ student/ siblings conference. I travel with an entourage what can I say?
If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this picture, but it was the only one I was able to get to commemorate the occasion.

I was kind of nervous going in to it, I have never gotten a bad report when picking Ace up from school. His teacher has always said the best things about him, but frankly I thought she was lying. Ace is a very strong willed child. He is bossy, moody, stubborn, a control freak. But he is not any of those things at school. I mean obviously he is comfortable in his own home as he should be but I did not think there was this big of a difference. 

We were on the fence about sending Ace to preschool as a three year old. I especially was leaning towards no because that meant he was going to be away from me. But Chris made the most sense when he said that Ace does not get the undivided attention he used to now that Pierce and Avalon are here, Ace needs to have his own outlets as well. So preschool made sense. And can I tell you that in the mere five months he has been going he is blowing my mind. When we sat down with his teacher she showed me her evaluation of where Ace was when he first started compared to now, he is leaps and bounds ahead of where he was. He is writing his name, can count to 20, tying his shoes...the list goes on. Now, he goes to a super small school only seven kids in his class with a teacher and teachers assistant so he gets lots of individualized time. But I was not excepting any of that simply because if I ask Ace to count with me he says "I can't" or "I don't want to". So I was shocked. 

Now these are the things that I actually heard her say, or she put in wiring because while we were there I really couldn't hear everything she was saying with Pierce attempting to get in the fish tank "to see Nemo" or Avalon trying to steal the spotlight with her loud pitched squeals, or Ace yelling at Pierce for touching things in "his school". So honestly his teacher could have thrown out your son has serial killer tendencies and I would have been like, really? thats wonderful!! I don't think she said that, but maybe...

In the end I was just proud! This stay at home mom thing, or just parenting in general is a thankless position. I don't get a paycheck validating my hours spent, I am not up for any promotions in the near future. But what does make it all worth it is hearing from someone else besides a family member that you are doing a good job. That your child is not as dysfunctional as your life may be at times. He is adjusting to this crazy life that he did not ask to be apart of. And the biggest thing that she said that filled my heart with joy was "Ace is such a happy kid". This meant everything to me because I am not always the best mom, I have my days that I royally suck at this, but through it all my kid is happy and that is all I want for him. 

Now we will see if she accepts my registration paperwork for Pierce...she may not if she cares about that ginormous fish tank! 


  1. I was equally as excited about my first parent teacher conference too! The counselor actually offered to take our picture while we were having our "conference" with the teacher! And it is always nice to have someone else tell you that you're doing a great job!

  2. Glad to hear it went so well and that he is thriving! You don't royally suck at this. By the way. So nice to hear he is happy. Job well done you!

  3. What a proud moment! I might need to get on the ball with this tying the shoes thing and writing your name - at the rate we're going, Carter may be 13! ha :) Glad it went well!

  4. I'm so glad to hear that it went well!!! :)

  5. AH! That's awesome! What a proud mama you must be!

  6. How great! It's amazing how smart our little people are. :)



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