That time our friends had us over for dinner

Feb 24, 2014

Over the weekend a strange thing happened in these parts...this family of mine was invited out for dinner! Normally we do the entertaining because well, majority rules and we just so happen to count as the majority vote. But this time our friends wanted to go out to dinner. Not only would it be my family of five, but their family of three, and a another couple (no children). When Chris asked if I thought it was a good idea I laughed-out-loud. Are you nuts? Not only have we done this a few times on our own, but I certainly didn't want to ruin anyone else's time. And most people go out to dinner to  take their time, enjoy their food, not see how fast they can inhale a three course meal! But I thought what the hell we could give it a go. 

As luck would have it we had a full day of fun filled activities and running around prior to dinner, on the way home to shit, shower, and shave all children fell asleep in the car. So we called our friends to tell them we might need to push this back a bit seeing as how waking these three sleeping beauties would be parental suicide. These three decided to sleep forever! 

Eventually our outing got rerouted to our friends house instead. We did beg and plead to have them at our house because well my house is well equipped for about 10 children, but they said "no come here it will be fine" famous last words. Once the troops woke up we changed and headed out!
Hat: Vintage (similar) Top: Zara (old) Leggings: American Apparel Booties: Kate Spade (similar)

We entered their amazingly clean and organized home, welcomed with appetizers and beverages. The boys were abnormally shy, which our friends thought was so cute! Their 19 month old was so happy to see his friends and they all explored quietly for about 25 minutes. Then my kids got reaaaallll comfortable. Its funny because we pretty much own all of the same toys yet my kids want to have nothing to do with them at our house, but at their house they ransacked the place! Dumping out legos, taking out all the balls in the house, turning their sons bedroom into a scene from an FBI raid. I kept trying to follow behind them and pick up every little thing and put it back in its designated area, but there were four of them and one of me! All parents ate standing up while saying things like "no guys don't jump on that" "please don't feed the baby your dinner" "ok who spilled their juice on the carpet?". Chris and I are used to this chaos, this is everyday for us. But our friends...HA! We pretty much provided the best form of birth control for them. They would say things like "I don't know how you do this" "I am just tired watching you take care of them" "you have the patience of a saint".

The run down of damage:
-Avalon spilt a glass of red wine on their carpet.
-Pierce managed to put every single decorative stone into their indoor fountain.
-Ace took apart each and every wooden (display) toy in hopes that he could put them back together (he didn't).
-Pierce managed to lick just about every pita chip before quietly placing it back on the appetizer plate.
-My kids prompted the homeowners to move every decorative piece in their house to a high shelf.
-Ace managed to drop his popsicle no less than 30 times, and screamed in the horror of picking it up.
-Pierce locked himself in the guest bedroom more times than we could want to get him out. 

Did we have fun? Absolutely! It is always nice to get out of the house and have semi-conversations with people that have achieved a reading level. The kids stayed up late, had one too many popsicles, and were sure to sleep nice and sound. Their house on the other hand? Destroyed! Chris and I kept saying please just let us buckle the kids in the car and we will come back and clean everything up! They insisted no...I think it is was more to get rid of us than anything ;) 

Safe to say we will be returning to the norm and having people over here...where crazy is just another day in paradise!


  1. Hahaha! I loved reading this! For the longest time Eric and I were the couple with no kids so we always went to our friends homes! Our best friends are pregnant with their 4th now (crazy) and while we were visiting them about a month ago, we all went to dinner and Eric and I were DYING over how crazy it was with their 3 kids, plus a 4th on the way? I don't know if we could handle it! But it made our 1 kid look like an angel baby and was the best kind of birth control! But then again, our friends are amazing parents and can handle the crazy that comes with multiple kids! I hope Eric and I will be able to stay sane as we have more kids ;)
    p.s. You are gorg, momma!

  2. Hahaha this seriously had me cracking up! You guys are rockstars for sure!

  3. Yup this sounds just about right. On Sunday letty threw a ball at our friend's house. Red wine. EVERYWHERE. I used almost an entire pack of baby wipes but it came up. I wear mortification as often as I wear leggings.

  4. hahahaha
    gotta love the crazy!
    We have the basement and it's the only area with toys, that way if the kids destroy it nobody sees it.

  5. Oh my gosh....I have a select group of friends that I feel totally comfortable taking my kids over to their house and vice versa. I always feel like when I take our family over to a friend's house with no kids, I'm either A) scaring them out of wanting to have kids ever or B) they're relieved that their kids are grown and out of the house! Y'all survived!

    1. Haha! I am sure me and my little gang have scared many of couples, but our friends are super fun and know that our family is a ball of crazy :)

  6. Hahaha oh the things I have to look forward to :)

  7. Yep, four kids five and under over here. Entertaining (or being entertained) is always...interesting. LOL!

  8. Oh my gosh, toooo funny. I think one toddler is handful enough!!

  9. Your hilarious! Love that outfit too.

  10. HAHAHA! You're brave!! We used to go to one friends' house. I wasn't comfortable going anywhere else, because these guys already knew to have their decorations up and away from the girl. No one else knew what they were in for. At least your offered to do it at your place. LOL

  11. LMAO!!! Your kids crack me up, your boys are hilarious. Or maybe your descriptions of your boys are what are so hilarious, either way I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and your family's adventures, haha! Sounds like what a typical day and night would be for us too. My kids looooove to fall asleep when we actually have somewhere to be!



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