The true meaning of Valentines day!

Feb 14, 2014

Lets travel back in time to my freshman year of college, more specifically my Sociology class. This was one of my favorite classes, the professor was wildly entertaining and she made each and every class interesting. One particular class happened to fall on Valentines day, I have mentioned before that Chris and I don't celebrate the day. Not in a oh we hate the day and everything associate with it, no. We just kind of don't do anything for it...and we are cool with it. We both love love, and more power to everyone who celebrates.

Anyway back to this class. At this time Chris and I had known each other for about four months, we were strictly in the friend zone. We both knew we had strong feelings for each other but we are weird, maybe I will elaborate more on that at another time. But I am sitting in this class when our  professor asks "does anyone know the meaning behind Valentines day?" Some guy in the back of the class yelled out "hallmark holiday", another girl said "Saint Valentine". But both were very off according to the prof. No, she then drew a sideways heart on the white board. We were all very confused. She said "have you ever looked at a heart? Have you noticed it looks like a females vagina". People I can't make this stuff up. A room full of 18 year olds were stunned! I thought what is this lady on today? A vagina? But then sure enough she went into detail, suddenly this sociology class turned into anatomy class real quick! She went so far as to hand out a packet about the origin of the heart and how it is based off of a women's vagina. Now I have since looked this up and found many conflicted articles, so I am not sure where she got her information. But as the class went on she said "so now every time you write down I <3 You on this Valentines Day, it is really like saying I Vagina You". I couldn't wait to tell Chris all about this class when he got off work that day. I mean my 18 year old self just found this so hilarious!! Who am I kidding my 26 year old self still finds it funny.
So I told Chris all about it, showed him the little class hand out and we had a good laugh. Now fast forward a bit to a few months later in our friendship and Chris came with me to my Anthropology class. No he did not go to my college, nor was he enrolled in this class. he simply just joined me in the class that particular day. I can say I didn't pay attention at all that day. There was just something about having him with me that was oh so distracting. As I was trying to take notes on some indigenous group of people he took my notebook and pen and wrote something down. When he passed it back to me it said "I vagina you". I mean could it have been anymore romantic? HA! That was the first I love you that was shared between the two of us. I kept that notebook! And to this day whenever we miss each other, or need a good laugh to end an argument we will throw out a... I vagina you.

Great story right? So now on this day of love every time you say or read the words I love you, you can think of this! Your welcome.


  1. Hahaha "I vagina you'?! AMAZING!

  2. Wow this is great! That was the first 'I love you'!? Hysterical. I mean. We could all get along so well in real life. My kind of humor. My kind of humor.

  3. I'm totally telling Mike this when he gets home! hahaha

  4. I always thought the heart looked like a butt. So mature, I know. :p

  5. I will forever remember this blog post. I vagina it.

  6. Oh my gosh....this is the most hilarious thing I've read today! I will never look at I <3 you the same ever again...



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